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Using Twitter For Business

May 27th, 2009
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When the Personal Computer was invented, the Mainframe Giants scoffed at it, considering the PC undeserving of their attention. Where is the PC today? Everywhere.

Same with Twitter. Do not make the mistake Goliath made. The hottest marketing strategy right now isn’t Google Adwords… It isn’t Yahoo Pay-Per-Click… It isn’t YouTube … And It isn’t FaceBook…

It’s Twitter – a website that has about as many DAILY hits as there are people in California ! (in the 30,000,000+ /day range).

So what’s in it for you?

There’s a gentleman out there in Twitter-Land who has figured out a formula for twitter… with this formula he has been able to use Twitter to generate leads for his business. And he’s revealed it at a webinar held on 27th May 09, Wednesday!

Now this gentleman has more than 60,000 followers following him on his main Twitter website… that means that every time he posts a tweet on his Twitter page, potentially 60,000 people following him are reading whatever he has to say. Sound powerful? Consequently, he is generating an endless amount of leads from the hottest website on the net today… and is showing YOU how to do that! He also reveals how to turn these leads into new associates in YOUR BUSINESS… have I got your attention now?

And yes, almost forgot… He’s generated up to $10,000 PER DAY from TWITTER using this secret formula… And as a personal favor he agreed to share it with us at this webinar!

So how do you get a recorded copy of it? Pop in your details and get ready for training on Internet Marketing like never before:


PS: Here’s a 2-minute prelude I recorded in Feb 09 when I began to understand some tricks 🙂

If you’re on YOUTUBE, this is MUST-READ

May 11th, 2009

Are you using YouTube ???

Well if you haven’t noticed yet, YouTube is on the rampage right now and is looking for any and all types of "suspicious" activity so that they can shut YOU down!

And get this…

If you are in network marketing, online sales, direct sales or promoting a product, then you are about 100x more likely to get your YouTube channel suspended!

And I’ll tell you something… watching years of hard work just being torn out from under you with NO explanation by a uninformed employee at YouTube can be heart-breaking to say the least.

Imagine… having hundreds of videos with extremely valuable content, getting 20-30 leads per day from your YouTube channel, hundreds of thousands of video views, thousands of subscribers & friends, and all of your marketing websites included a little personalized YouTube video of yourself… and then one day logging in and ITS ALL GONE!

Its quite a scare and a gut-dropping horrible feeling.

Well, we can show you how you can work ‘right’ on YouTube so that you never have to experience this feeling… a huge webinar recording is available FREE!

Get the best insight from the biggest and brightest YouTube marketers on how to get around YouTube and build a solid presence and leadflow from your YouTube channel

Pop in your details below:


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