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Selling Online Part-time May Not Make You Rich But Could Be Fun

October 17th, 2012

Every time you turn on the television you see promotions on how you can make money online is sweeping the nation. People need to have something to fall back on with the national economy being what it is today. Many civil service jobs that were sought by many for job security are not being eliminated because of budget cuts and newer technology.

The best way to sell something is to have a good understanding of it. When choosing what you want to sell make sure you have used it and love it. You can’t be a good salesman if you can’t endorse the product. You could research what the best selling product is on the Internet for a home business but that is time consuming and everyone else is probably thinking the same thing.

Selling books online sounds like it could be a fun business. You would need to have a good supply of books on hand, which on the average I believe most people do. Once you read a book though unless it is a classic or a how-to book, like the best gardening book which describes various plants and where to place them for best results then do you really need to keep them forever?

There are numerous online book service websites that will help you sell your books. All they need is the ISBN number to list it on their website. If and when the book sells they let you know. That is not really the way I would want to do business with someone. Some people may enjoy shopping like that but wouldn’t you rather know a little about a person before selling to them?

Sell books on your own website. Make it match your personality and have fun with it. By giving the visitors a brief description of the books that would show that you are knowledgeable about the books and that you care enough to share that information. You will not have to include a description on some of the self explanatory titled ones like ‘Best Golf Instruction Book‘.

Make your website something that they will want to add to their favorites list. If possible have the option to enter a chat room where they can request certain books they have been looking for. Other people in the room may be able to suggest where the book can be found. That way you could all be helping each other and your website is just the gathering spot for them to meet. Being in business is to make money but it should also be to help people. Nothing brings a person back to a place of business faster than customer satisfaction.

Obviously this is not advice to get rich quick. But you’ll make new friends and you will be doing the public a service that most businesses have forgotten about. You’ll be having fun and you will be networking which is a great doorway to new opportunities. Another plus of having your own business is that it’s a tax write-off. Any deductions we can find when doing our taxes is going to be a good thing.

How to market online?

September 26th, 2009
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Marketing online has grown faster than everything on the planet in the last 12 months. New people are finding markets online and business opportunities for marketing online are growing. So here’s a brief insider report on how to market online and tips on online marketing.

How to Market Online

For a beginner, online marketing is about using an hour or two everyday to make money online. How? Various ways. A post on how to do online business on this site explains. Broadly, you could:

Start selling products online : There are various training programs on internet business available to find your customers and connect with them. That is what web2.0 is about. Here’s a reliable program.

Be a marketing affiliate : In case you do not have any product to sell, you can represent some companies and learn to become an internet marketing professional. This book trains you at home .

Join an MLM company : Distribution of goods and services has gained a huge fillip with online connectivity. As MLM is about empowering consumers, opportunities in this area abound.

Run a lead marketing system : Anyone marketing online needs a training and operational system to be successful. Why? Because the systems available with corporations are not available to home business owners. So people who work at home must use systems that you could operate and/or market. In finance, online trading is an example. And here’s a customizable system for network marketers .

Get a data entry job : These are the type of offers companies make to outsource posting mails, filling forms, doing surveys, transcribing, writing, designing etc. Here you work from home but don’t really run an online marketing business.

That said, let’s look at some things you should know…

Tips on Online Marketing

To market online, knowledge of internet marketing is a must. This is possible to learn with a good coach. It is much like learning car driving. Once you learn well, you can drive any car on any road. Likewise you can market any product anywhere online!

However, since the online market has grown so fast, a lot of business offers have mushroomed. Not all are garbage, so here are 5 key questions to ask yourself:

  1. In which of the 5 categories above is this offer? Do you want to pursue that category?
  2. Is there a live person making you the offer from their website? Call them or search them on google / facebook and connect with them. Don’t just go by what friends recommend… they might not have done any background checking either.
  3. Can you find at least 2 good references about the people and companies involved on the first page of google? There will be many ‘scam reviews’ by competitors, but a good internet marketing company will have at least 2 good reports on itself, right?
  4. Is the opportunity customizable… meaning can you build YOUR reputation with it? If not, you might make some money but in the long run it won’t add up to much.
  5. And finally, how much is the investment? Typically anything free is useless… as in real life so on the internet. However, an ideal investment would allow for a trial and a refund. Honest internet business people believe in winning trust above making money. Use that to your advantage!

In conclusion, there is a lot of money in online marketing . Learn how to tap into it and your own market online will always be up!

Track and split-test your site to improve conversions

May 29th, 2009

If you are driven by The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords you’ll want to keep in mind the words of top internet marketer Jim Edwards, "Tracking and testing is the solution to attract more visitors. Every serious online business owner eats, sleeps and breaths targeted traffic to their website. They spend the most money and time trying to attract first-time visitors to their sites in hopes of generating new sales and subscribers. But, believe it or not, it’s easier to increase your income by simply selling more of the visitors you already get than trying to chase down more traffic."

You can now have access to a system that’s proven to attract more visitors… the Add2it Go-To System … probably the most overlooked and underutilized, but certainly the most powerful strategy for increasing sales and opt-in subscriptions. Jim says, "If you spend any time or money on advertising, you must start testing and tracking." Simply put, ‘tracking’ means you measure the effectiveness of each individual advertising source you use to promote your business.

For example, if you advertise in email newsletters, you should know how effective each newsletter ad rates compared to all the others in terms of sales and subscribers generated. This enables you to know whether an ad makes or loses money. Testing means you constantly look for ways to improve your ads in small, incremental amounts that add up over time.

The most common (and effective) tests you can run are A-B split tests, which pit two variables against each other to determine which converts more lookers into buyers. Split testing headlines, price points, and guarantee periods make, from my experience, the best places to start testing.

The reason testing and tracking can double your profits (or more) lies in the power of small, incremental improvements. Lets say, for example, you decide to do a series of split tests on a website that currently converts 1 in every 100 visitors (1% conversion). You test, headline, price, guarantee and a payment plan. If each of the 4 tests yields a .25% increase in conversion, you would not see an increase in sales to 2% (4x.25%), but actually an increase to almost 2.5% since each improvement builds on the last!"

So how about getting started now? Click to access a system used by millionaires to become millionaires.

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