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Kip Herriage on money wealth freedom

March 1st, 2010

Listening to Kip Herriage, co-founder Wealth Masters International, I was intrigued by a statement, “You can save USD 200,000 by repaying a 20 year loan in 8 years.” Wow, I thought, we let so much money slip out of our hands without even realizing it!

Next he says taxes will go up and if you want to minimize your tax liability lawfully you must empower yourself with the strategies of the top 1% of the elite. That way there is no jeopardy while getting in control of ones financial plan with a wealth accelerator program (WAP).

The WAP further teaches how to protect assets, restore credit rating and make for personal growth. As a holistic package it it also covers concepts behind masterminding mindset and having great health. This is thus a 4-tier product platform for serious entrepreneurs… creating wealth and success in others.

The program will mold your concepts of money and wealth, demonstrating how to give back and be part of dynamic wealth creation driven by one’s personal vision.

Speaking on the importance of personal vision Kip relates the observation of the man in the boat. “When you cross a river you have to remember to step out of the boat. Likewise, you can’t expect what served you in the past to do for the future. Your personal vision shapes your future… so be living in that rather than in events that got you till where you are”, he says.

To meet one of the beneficiaries of Kip’s incredible tips on money wealth freedom, drop in your details here.

Carbon Copy Pro spreads to India

September 21st, 2009

CarbonCopyPro, ranked among the top internet marketing education companies, based in USA, has established its leadership in India. Through CCPro’s India representatives Carbon Copy Pro is now in 162 countries worldwide enabling budding entrepreneurs to learn internet marketing as they work from home.

Home based business opportunities are many, especially on the internet, but Carbon Copy Pro’s online business model is unique. The company has a proven business system for anyone from corporate executives, college professors, teachers and work at home moms, to doctors, accountants, architects, business owners and corporate CEOs. Anyone can plug themselves into the online business system which operates at 3 levels.

The starting point (level 1) is the application kit which enables serious applicants only to be members of the ccpro community. For applicants a 30 day student program opens out online, to study the basics of web2.0 marketing. With the help of their business mentor they can develop their business strategy and internet marketing plan. Applying is a risk-free investment of about $50. If the application is disapproved the money is credited back. Also if the applicant is not satisfied with the student program online and / or the material received by courier, they can opt out with a refund.

Level 2 is where entrepreneurs can earn while they learn. With an investment of $500-700, Carbon Copy Pro and its affiliated companies issue materials to practically apply the internet marketing education using the ccpro business system known as Business-in-a-Box (BiB). A BiB owner learns to use internet to market any product worldwide. The BiB investment gives:

  • a customized website with branded domain name
  • access to top tier internet marketing coaches
  • access to a huge online back office and support
  • an automated site response management system
  • a relationship and database management system
  • access to over 500 man-years of online business techniques
  • multiple streams of income through various affiliate products

The subscription to all these services is about $200 per month. Obviously revenue generation is substantially higher since Carbon Copy Pro’s entrepreneurs have found it a highly profitable business operating system since 5 years.

At level 3, the ccpro business owner can associate with WMI, Wealth Masters International, which is the world’s top-tier wealth education company. With the knowledge of internet marketing of the quality CarbonCopyPro delivers, its associates can market anything online. However WMI’s M1 consulting products  – in financial planning, tax planning, asset management, credit repair and associated areas – are in high demand in the current recessionary times.

WMI also arranges offline speaker conferences for specialized investing training, addressed by the who-who of global business and industry. These are M2 and M3 consultant engagements. It has a compensation plan for its associates that helps generate passive residual income through leadership empowerment without being a multi-level marketing plan. For any entrepreneur planning high return on investment, WMI’s M1 consulting status is the starting point. BiB is only preparatory. An appropriate investment outlay is $3000-4000.

Carbon Copy Pro internet marketing education and WMI’s financial planning products & services can be accessed at

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