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December 28th, 2009

During the course of a dialog with Bob Proctor today, I arrived at this disease that 99.999% (I reckon with reckless abandon) of Internet users suffer from. Even as I write, I am formulating my real thoughts on the subject, so your comments will help develop this into a better disease definition.

Bob’s question was simple. "What can you choose to reason out today?" And my answer was, "well, I’m baffled by the number of people who find subjects that interest them online but they don’t click on them for more information". There must be a real reason for such behavior.

There is so much information available online that even one with a voracious reading appetite like mine feels quite wary of getting more past my eyes. Personally, after a point, the eyes and the brain don’t connect, so all reading is a waste of time. Zero assimilation. Is that the nature of this disease?

Some thoughts come to mind… Is that information-overload-phobia? Or is it junk-mail-phobia? Or is it couldn’t-really-be-bothered-phobia? Or is it something else? All in all, it’s a click-o-phobia that seems to afflict everyone.

Click-o-phobia arises from a low level of consciousness vibration . Why? Because it is based on fear, mistrust and lack. Fear of the unknown. "If I click, the next page will waste my time. I don’t have time or money for it." And this might be the subconscious response even if the link in about how to make more time and money !

Did you click that? Click now. It will open in a new window. It’s a video. It won’t bite you. It won’t sell to you. It will teach you through voice and pictures what I learned in 3 years. It will save you 3 years! Doesn’t your conscious mind think that’s worthwhile? Is your subconscious vibrating low? Did you click yet? No? Just demonstrating how deeply inflicted you might be by click-o-phobia!

Your comments… 🙂

Oneness with wealth: Comments

May 6th, 2009

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