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What path to Success? Business or Spirituality?

November 2nd, 2010

Any self-help book will promise you great success if you work on your self. Personal development is the key it seems. But there are two main paths of personal development. One is business and the other is spiritual. Are they in conflict with each other? Watch this video…

The answer is easy to visualize if you look at yourself as a bird. To fly you need two wings. One is material and the other is spiritual. You need both in balance.

How does one balance these two seemingly diametrically opposite ends of a personal goal spectrum? That is achieved by standing at the point of convergence. And that point is by operating from a mentality of abundance.

What does abundance have to do with either you say? Great! Abundance in business means preparing a mindset to work with lots of people for lots of activity. Oil companies, telecom companies, retail chain do this all the time. And the larger they get, the more the abundance manifests. But it starts with an initial visualization… that Sam Walton or Bill Gates or Thomas Edison had.

At the other end is spirituality which always builds people up to the point of merging with the divine energy. The oneness of the individual spirit with that of universal consciousness. This is basically seeking to tell spiritual practitioners that abundance is all around and all you need do is tune your mind to be one with it.

Now neither approaches asks you to bet on horses or rob a bank. Both approaches ask you to focus on the larger, abundant picture. And that is my submission about the purpose of personal development. Work it in the direction of abundance – using either or both routes – and success is bound to be yours.

In a book called Arrive At Success on networking and spirituality the author describes this confluence in great detail. David Writer interviews him in a short video on The Success Book here.

Living the Dharma

August 17th, 2010

From the magazine ‘Dharma Nectar’ Vol 28 / 2009, I quote the head of the Kagyu sect of Buddhism, Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje, on the following about “Living the Dharma”…

Generally when most people try to practice Dharma, or say that they practice Dharma they sometimes understand it as a ritual, something that you do with your body, your speech, or through special actions or activities. And if that is the case, then you need to devote special time for that activity.

However if you look deeply, the Dharma is not only that. Dharma is not a ritual. It is not something you do with your body and speech. It is actually something that transforms your mind.

You do not need to find special time for this kind of Dharma practice. You can do this form of practice even while you engage in your profession, your work. It involves reflecting on your aspirations, your way of thinking, and how you can act and react. When you change that, along with how you relate to other people – through your reactions and connections – you become aware of what you are doing. Examining that and then working in this was is, I think, a very important kind of Dharma Practice.

In my life I feel that I am becoming increasingly busy. I feel that the time I have for sadhana practices and meditation is steadily decreasing. These days I meet many people and try to help them. My practice generally revolves around my way of thinking and how I actually live my life. I try to live my life with the intention of benefiting other beings. I look at my mind and my intentions, and see whether or not my priority is the happiness of others. At this time that is essentially my main practice.

When I was young I spent a lot of time reciting prayers and doing meditation both morning and evening. Each time I would spend about one hour on these prayers. However these days I meet many people with whom I make loving connections.

Therefore when I am awake, when I am eating, or even when I am asleep, I think about the people who I meet. These people appear in front of me, whether close to me or within my mind, and so I feel that I am not separated fro them. Therefore I feel that my practice, “living the Dharma”, is more vibrant and filled with direct feelings. It is not like simply doing prayers when one does not have living people to connect with. So the practice I do nowadays has become alive and real because I am directly dealing with people who are actually there and with whom I have a relationship.


Are you sharing your networking business plan with someone everyday? In the above quote, replace the word ‘Dharma’ with ‘Network marketing’ and you have the recipe for spiritual & business success from the enlightened one himself!

For more on the nexus between spiritualism and network marketing read this book

Buddhism and Network Marketing: Success Principles

August 7th, 2010

To assimilate the first four articles in this series, please start here.

To generate Boddhicitta (the mind of enlightenment) is like climbing up a flight of stairs. We must begin slowly at the foot of the stairs. Much like your position when you enter network marketing.

It does not matter whether you have been incredibly successful or an utter failure in the past. As a networker you start at the bottom of the stairs and everyone has true equal opportunity.

Can we make it to the top? We have to think.

With the progressive stages of practice we still need to consider whether the basis and root of practice accord with the Dharma. Likewise as a networker, unless our practices accord with the universal principles of success, making it to the top is questionable.

So what are these universal principles of success? The Sakhya school’s Oral Pith Instructions of renunciation say, “Those who still have attachment to this life cannot be qualified as practitioners.” From this we can see that being free from attachment to this life is the correct attitude in Dharma practice.

As to the criterion for having abandoned this life we have to generate genuine aversion to the eight worldly concerns. And they are: Gain, Loss, Fame, Disgrace, Praise, Blame, Pleasure and Pain.

“What on earth!” you say. What am I in network marketing for if not gain, fame, praise and pleasure? Isn’t this what I bear all the pain and disgrace for? For they are temporary while gain, fame, praise and pleasure are permanent for a successful networker. How can I forsake these four foundations and where does that take me?

Well, here’s the good news. Network marketing is not about generating Boddhicitta. It is thus really an easier option to living a full life.

The success principles here are about (1) Giving – give without an expectation of return. (2) Clearing – clear up the things you don’t want to make room for the things you do want. (3) Creative visualization – create a clear mental picture of what you do want and speak it into existence by writing it down and repeating twice daily. (4) Enthusiasm – be one with the God within. Enthusiasm comes from the latin root en-theos (God inside).

These are the four universal success principles that apply to every successful network marketing professional. For more on this read my book on network marketing success at

With inputs from ‘Dharma Nectar’ Vol 24 / 2005

Buddhism and Network Marketing: The Third Jewel, ‘Sangha’

August 6th, 2010

To catch up on the first three articles in this series, please start reading here.

Strictly speaking the term Sangha refers only to the assembly of people who have attained certain levels of realization. However the Buddha said that when there is a gathering of four bhikshus it is equivalent to having the Buddha present and it can be called a Sangha a respected so.

This is much like associating with network marketing leadership at weekly and monthly meetings or events. Or even a home meeting of four or more networkers constitutes a pretty picture of network marketing in a positive spirit and moving ahead.

“The Sangha are our spiritual friends on the path to enlightenment”, says the 17th Karmapa of the Kagyu sect. “As I learned from the Chinese classic Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art Of War’, friends are as important as comrades in times of war. We will need to depend on many friends throughout our lives and it cannot be overstressed that we especially need assistance from our Dharma friends (read as, network marketing community), lifetime after lifetime, as we walk the path toward the attainment of omniscient Buddhahood.”

If we do not maintain pure thoughts and good conduct even if we are in the company of a holy being we will be unable to benefit from it. On the other hand if we have a bad companion but are diligent practitioners with mindfulness and correct views, we will not be influenced by his bad habits and could even earn some merit from the situation!

Now if you look at how this applies to network marketing you will notice that nobody becomes successful alone. It is by leaning on a Sangha and respecting principles of teamwork alone does one continue to build teams.

Three core principles of such teamwork are Edification, Counseling and No Crosslining. Attending more and more meetings makes it clearer and clearer how the Sangha plays its role. The Dharma creates the inner awakening through CDs and books. While the Buddha is the mentor and the ‘blossoming’ that he facilitates.

These are the three jewels and how they play their parts. Click here to keep company with successful network marketers and gain expert advice. In the next article I will explain four Buddhist lineage practices – four common foundations… are they common really?

Buddhism and Network Marketing: The Second Jewel, ‘Dharma’

August 5th, 2010

In case you missed the first two articles in this series, please start reading here.

The Dharma is very important because although we take refuge in the Buddha, he does not have the power to save us from samsara by pulling us up with his own hands. If this were possible he would have done it and samsara would have been emptied a long time ago. We have to walk the path ourselves and achieving the ultimate liberation is completely down to us.

Similar is the case with network marketing. While the systems and companies are set up to ensure success, few people succeed because it calls for taking personal responsibility for your business. You don’t ‘join’ network marketing… you ‘own’ a networking business. And then you ‘teach’ others the process to ‘own’ theirs.

Let me tell you a story related by the Dharma Nectar magazine. Once upon a time there was this master who had many disciples, monasteries and Buddhist institutions and his Dharma activities spread far and wide. People would come around to ask him questions even on the most trivial matters. The master was quite troubled by this and as time went on the master was only solving people’s problems.

Some disciples were worried and asked him, “Master you are so busy these days… if your activities continue to prosper won’t you have more headaches?” The master replied, “It’s still manageable… one day if I get tired of it I’ll move to Mount Everest.”

Matters did not improve so he moved to Everest but since it has many tourists they soon became disciples and troubled him with lots of questions. The master thought… all right then, I’ll move to the moon. However more and more foreigners began to land on the moon and what made matters even worse was that along with disciples now there were a multitude of strangers as well! Eventually he became internationally renowned!

Finally the master thought of a solution. He told his students “The real guru cannot be found outside of you. The real guru is always present in your own mind. So if you have any questions ask your inner guru.”

That’s how the master solved his problem once and for all… and so did the Buddha, by leaving us his precious teachings – the Dharma.

The Dharma is representative of the Buddha. When you listen to the Dharma teachings it is equivalent to the Buddha speaking directly to you. Just like when you plug yourself into a network marketing training program you get yourself the path to the inner guru.

This is the key to duplication in network marketing… which leads to ‘international recognition’ and eventual success. Plug yourself into online network marketing education now! And move on to read about the third jewel (Sangha) and its secrets…

Buddhism and Network Marketing: The First Jewel, ‘Buddha’

August 4th, 2010

In case you are joining in now, please click here for the first article of this series.

In many of the teachings of the Buddha recorded in the sutras as well as in other texts by later masters, there are two major causes and conditions possible when we take refuge (adopt Buddhism). They are Fear and Faith.

Likewise in network marketing one would start professional networking because of Fear (of not having an alternate life income source) or Faith (either in the form of a personal dream or a conviction that network marketing is to the distribution industry what machines were to manufacturing and computers were to information exchange).

I think what I have written in brackets deserves a more detailed explanation.

You see the biggest revolution of the 19th century was mechanization – the industrial revolution – and fortunes were built. In the 20th century it was information and its dissemination that held the key to business growth and prosperity. Bill Gates and the Google duo are living testimony of the impact. Now, when products are made and their information is available online, the next major revolution can only be in the way these products are reached to the consumer. And the direct-to-consumer model finds favor with both the manufacturer and the consumer. It’s a win-win where the consumer makes the distribution margin and the manufacturer saves on advertising and gets unflinching loyalty.

This model is enabled by the creation of consumer networks (with a b-quadrant mindset) and that’s why network marketing is the 21st century revolution on the make.

Coming back to the ‘taking refuge’ part, what are the objects of taking refuge?

The three jewels – Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha are our objects of refuge.

The word Buddha in Sanskrit refers to ‘blossoming’ or expansiveness. In the same way that the Buddha went through the stages of the path from an ordinary being, we ordinary people can also achieve the same result by following his example.

‘To become enlightened’ means to purify mental afflictions and habitual behaviors. And this is exactly what network marketing mentors also insist! “Look inside… the power of the mind is limitless”. “You can change the way you live by changing the way you think”. Purify mental afflictions and habitual behaviors. Listen to Kiyosaki on networking… and go on to read about the next jewel (Dharma) and its secrets…

Buddhism and Network Marketing: An Introduction

August 3rd, 2010

I am starting this series of five articles while residing at the centre of Kagyu Buddhist activity at the Dharma Chakra Centre in Rumtek, Sikkim, India.

What brings me here?

A search for things you might not be particularly interested in (Qigong for instance). But what will fascinate you, as it did me, is the amazing similarity Buddhist philosophy has with network marketing principles and activities.

Why would this be interesting?

Because Buddhism is one of the few world religions we can put a date to, and the way it has – over a few centuries – created a silent revolution in spite of ups and downs, factions and fragmentation, it can only serve as inspiration for what I believe is the biggest revolution on the planet – Network Marketing. And we will be alive to witness (and possibly participate in) all of it!

What is network marketing is beyond the scope of this article though you could click the ink to learn more about it.

What is Buddhism? Well it is a doctrine of life practice that evolved from the teachings of Lord Buddha around 6th century BC and has grown as a religion though it is largely a philosophy with rituals and practices. Buddhism aims to bring benefit to countless sentient beings without differentiation – much like network marketing.

Buddhism originated in India but because of changes in the times and conditions it prospered in other places, particularly China, where it permeated and became an inseparable part of Chinese culture. Pretty much the same way, network marketing is embracing that region.

There is a saying, “The more the Dharma permeates, the more obstacles arise”. This means that in countries where the Dharma is more prosperous demonic obstacles arise even more! This is what happened in China, but fortunately through the great courage and conviction of the lineage forefathers (you might be one of them in the network marketing industry), all the obstacles were removed and the true Dharma lineage has survived.

In the next article I will bring you the three jewels of Buddhism and how you take refuge in them in a way very similar to how you’d go about successful network marketingClick here to access it.

Oneness with empowerment: Comments

May 6th, 2009

This post is created to save your comments about the page on Empowerment .

Thank you for your feedback!

PS: Wondering how some people have their picture posted alongside their comments? Go to and signup free… upload your picture… now every gravatar-compatible blog you leave a comment at will automatically carry your pic 🙂

The B-quadrant phenomenon

April 28th, 2009

It was Robert Kiyosaki who opened my eyes to the fact that there is life in the B-quadrant. Through all my education I had learned from Employees (E) or Self-employed (S) people and therefore that defined the boundaries of my limited view of possibilities.

Kiyosaki also explicitly ‘roadmapped’ for me how to learn to move to the B-quadrant and how a network marketing system can be applied to daily life to change one’s mindset forever. In his book, ‘Cashflow Quadrant’ he presents four options that any of us can choose, to drive our life. They are as seen in this diagram… please take a few moments just to read through the quadrant details and absorb them fully…

Now the question to you is, why are most people (90%+) in the left quadrants? And why is most of the world’s wealth (90%+) controlled by the right quadrants? The answer is EDUCATION. Very few of us get educated by (and stay in an environment of) B-quadrant people (Business Owners with 500+ people).

So on the left we are stuck with the knowledge the ‘limits’ our thinking, ‘victimizes’ our outlook and prevents our abundance. The good news is this mindset can change in the company of network marketers, who typically follow a system and the successful of whom are definitely B-quadrant people.

The good news is, anyone can befriend them, if open and willing to make a 180-degree switch… by ‘surrendering’ to a team and a system that one can get for just a few hundred dollars.

Notice, I have used the words ‘limits, victim, abundance, mindset, surrender’ to draw the attention of those spiritually inclined. B-quadrant people are high on the vibratory scale and their quality of connection with the higher consciousness is amazing. I make this observation after studying many such people and urge you to take spiritual elevation as another reason to move from left to right.

In the left quadrants people work alone. In the right, it’s all about teamwork. In fact Kiyosaki is blunt in stating, "poor people work, rich people network." This is another critical switch one needs to make… of NOT being the expert worker… deliberately pushing down the ego… and setting a network of higher energies in motion! Watch this 7-minute film to really appreciate how your keys to success lie on the right side…

Mindset is everything in business as it is in life. You may also call it attitude… and it is all about how we think and respond, whether we are a corporate tycoon, a downsized employee, a home business mom, a student or whatever. Developing the B-quadrant mindset can change everything about your perspective forever. And should you choose to do that, rest assured you have my team to hold your hand on your journey!

So have a good time exploring more about the b-quadrant . And remember to pop your details on the ‘Success ‘ page so we can begin dialog.

How to do online business?

April 17th, 2009

The Internet isn’t as complicated as we think it to be. If you get a hang of a few easy business concepts, online business is simple and fun!

For starters, let’s be sure that it is worth spending your time learning somethings. Because the Internet is not just another communication option anymore. It was originally just that… first only for the defense (70’s – arpanet)… then for education (80’s – ernet)… then for businesses (90’s – b2b)… then for customer-oriented business (b2c)… now for anyone (c2c – not just on the computer but on any mobile gizmo) and soon it will be an embedded chip on our shoulder and everyone’s aura will be connected 🙂 !

So this medium is like a sixth element and knowing how to use it – and better still, profit from it – is like harnessing water or fire! Sounds crazy, I know… but hey, look around you. There are 3 types of people:

  • those who make things happen
  • those who watch things happen
  • those who wonder what happened

Using this site, you will be in the top class. So is it worth prioritizing some time for this? To my knowledge, no one has put the use of time as well as Steven Covey in the Urgent-Important matrix.

Now it is recommended to spend 70%+ of your life in Quadrant II and less than 10% in each of the other quadrants if you really want to get anywhere other than the mortuary end. These are the 5 things that are Important-but-not-Urgent in Q2.

  • Preparation
  • Planning >> critical
  • Prevention
  • Relationship building
  • Personal development

Shall we examine them one by one, relative to this site and your new-found ‘business life’?

Preparation: What is required of an online business person?

The first thing we need is the right ‘mentality’. Does business mean some kind of ‘lottery’ to you… or does it stand for a process of building up something from scratch, methodically, and with commitment. If it means the latter, please read on… else, you might want to be on the DoOnlineLottery kind of site.

Having said that, I do understand, you might be here to make money faster than off-line… and you probably will. My intent was only to brush off the get-rich-quickers. That you are around, let’s just understand that we’d need to start planning for our business life and prioritize some budget to pick some product/s and plug into some system/s that will get our business/es into the cyber-world.

And that was important… Any F*R*E*E kind of stuff is an exercise is self-consolation and a waste of time. A free business is not getting money from anywhere, so what’s it going to pay you? Obvious but often overlooked. I wonder why people love to ‘feel busy’ evaluating freebies 🙂 (Quad IV stuff).

Here’s an article that would perhaps be good to read before you move on

Planning: What types of online businesses are possible?

Essentially there are 5 slots into which any online business available for individuals (c2c) would fall:

1. Direct Sales

This is easy to relate to. The internet has cut too many ‘middle-men’ out of the equation. Any company has a product or service to sell. They have researched it, produced and packaged it and now need you to market it. Since you like commissions, you master the ways of selling it online and presto, get paid for it! Examples are many but some meaningful opps are ebooks , google courses , wealth education , home business solutions etc. Clickbank is also a good place to find products to promote and ebay is an age-old market place.

If you are selling your own products or services, that too would fall under this category.

2. Affiliate

Somewhat similar to direct sales, affiliate-ships help you to a web page that could be customized with your name and some details. They typically work for:

It is easy to see that you would need some or many of these as you go about your online business professionally, so bookmark this page.

3. Multi-level

The genius of distribution modeling, multi-level networks pay off pretty well for people who do not quit. The biggest problem with MLM is, it is easy to get in and so it is easy to get out. But if you work a networking business professionally – like you might if you had your life-savings invested in it – nothing can pay better. Here’s a must-read article to grasp what you might be missing .

There are many off-line network marketing opportunities, for which online means are great to communicate, establish relationship and keep contact. And there are many pure online MLM business too like chattotext , gdi , evp , me2everyone etc.

Anywhere you hear the word ‘x-by-x matrix’, you know it’s an MLM. If you are open to understand this, nothing does it better than the videos here . Be patient there are lots of them… but in a few minutes a day, they will set your concepts good for sure (and for free because this is the creator’s tribute to the industry).

4. Systemic

What a system is needs to be understood and the article here will help . All I’ll say is, systems do more than just lead marketing mlm , and a business opportunity seeker in mlm can lead effectively as an internet marketer / online business owner. Many systemic online businesses are found in finance and day trading also.

5. Data-based

The opportunities here are more c2b than c2c, so customers can do data entry type work for companies to get paid. Surveys, transcriptions, translations, mturk, writing opportunities, form-filling works are the type of ventures that fall into this category of online business. Less business and more work actually, but that’s what keeps a large number of people in their comfort zone 🙂

Prevention: … is better than cure … says it all

Instead of creating Quadrant I crises, preventing problems can give you more time for other Q2 stuff. Online, this would mean better education for instance. Use of systems . Belief in your coach . All of which serve to ‘sharpen the axe’ and prevent losses.

This last reference is obviously to the story of the woodcutter who spent a full day cutting one tree. The wise man told him to sharpen his axe… "by doing so you will cut four trees in the same time." But our man did not do that. Why? He thought he had no time to sharpen his axe!

Are you thinking that way? Are you mostly fire-fighting for survival and therefore minimizing your productivity? Maybe you want to review 🙂

Relationship building

This is where the rubber meets the road. MK Gandhi said, "A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so."

You build relationships online and relationships build your business. Period. Of course you can advertise… all the talk about craigslist classifieds, banners, pay-per-click (PPC) and stuff. But all that only leads to the start of the relationship. And that is the business owner’s main focus.

On Web2.0 (the interactive c2c web), there are many forums and chat places… there are also huge hang-outs like facebook and myspace. What do you do here? Build relationships! Imagine these as social parties. You get into the room, make some friends and invite them to your home (your blog) or to office (your business site). Simple. Just as you would behave off-line, behave online. Again, I wonder why many people don’t. Perhaps it is the Q1 addiction taking over. And that brings me to the last point.

Personal development

Nobody trained most of us for business. Especially not for big business, which the internet is perfectly capable of. So I urge you to start this journey with Robert Kiyosaki. His book, Cashflow Quadrant, is the most profound treatise on how to think for life – with or without a business. And if you are going to be with it, even more critical to know 🙂

Building both, vision and relationships, requires reading. ‘Skill with people’ by Les Giblin; ‘Questions are the answers’ by Alan Pease; ‘The magic of thinking big’ by David Schwartz; ‘Secrets of the millionaire mind’ by Harv Eker; ‘You can heal your life’ by Louise Hay; ‘Personality plus’ by Florence Littauer; ‘eMyth’ by Michael Gerber; ‘Piano on the beach’ by Jim Dornan; ‘Made in America’ by Sam Walton; at least start with these.

Books will stretch your mind to the level of the author. Why compress it with inane negative newspaper input when you can blossom with books and make your business bloom alongside effortlessly?

So practically, where do you start? Click here and get on to a fantastic journey! All the best!

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