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How To Know Your Posts Are Being Read On Social Media

November 26th, 2012

Tracking your posts on your social media channels can be quite tricky. But there are specific tools you can use to discover whether your posts generate some interaction from your target readers. There are many thousands of posts on the internet from different social media channels including yours. It will be extremely tricky to track them all, but you need to use several techniques that are more efficient than simple bookmarking. One of the social promoting tips is to hire a social media manager. Not merely will you be well placed to get an effective social media specialist, but you also get to have someone who will carefully track all your posts for you.

If you've a social media manager handling your posts from different social media channels it'll be much easier. It is going to be tough to sense if your posts are basically being read by your targeted readers. Nonetheless a social media manager can use different tools so as to decide whether or not you are able to make interactions with your audience. One actual tool is a social media editorial calendar. Although this can not provide any solid evidence about your posts being read, a social media calendar will help you manage and plan diverse posts on different social networking websites at different time durations all throughout the day. Once you are able to plot the topic and time variables, this will allow you to understand and visualise patterns to determine what will and won't work out.

Though using social media for business is popular, not all entrepreneurs have time to monitor their social media activities. For busy female entrepreneurs, social media manager for female entrepreneurs can noticeably help find posts and other social media activities. A social media manager will have the resources to not only hunt down posts but to organise social media activities like posting and promotion. Depending on the plan of action of a social chief, he or she can make a tracking spreadsheet apart from the social media calendar.

A tracking spreadsheet will help you visualise stats to see what days prove to be highly productive and what days show a great decrease in activity. If you're tracking down your twitter postings, you can make a particular twitter spreadsheet with columns for the date, number of re-tweets, number of fans, number of messages, and your additional notes. Put all the correct information in the right column and the following week; indicate your assessment on your discoveries for the week. If you don't have the resources to do all this, it is going to be really convenient on your part if you can have a social media strategist to do it for you instead.

Tracking down your posts to varied social media channels as well as your other social media activities will allow you to determine if your promotional campaign is really clearing. Although it won't essentially tell you if someone is reading your posts, you may be able to track down the number of visitors that took a glance of your post by visiting the social media platform. This in turn will give you an idea about your promotional campaign and find out whether or not your strategy is working.

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