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Excuse Me, Who is a Network Marketer?

May 6th, 2009

"I’ve heard of that fellow who came to my mother-in-law’s aunt’s cousin’s daughter’s house three times in one week in 1987 with a box of detergent that he wanted to palm off… but he couldn’t because that lady was really smart! Wasn’t that the guy you call a ‘network marketer’ now? I think he was an MLM guy those days. Amway or something. Right?"

Right… and bless your ignorance buddy. If I told you that you would need a room 20 feet by 20 feet wide with 20 tonnes of air-conditioning just to keep a computer in it, would you question my sanity? But in 1987, you did need a room like that. So if the world of computers has come a long way, so has the world of network marketing.

And if computers helped define social progress in the 20th century, network marketing will define it in the 21st. That’s how critical this is, and that’s how important your understanding of this curtain raiser article will be.

So let’s take it from the top. Five myths to shatter as we start exploring this subject:

  1. MLM / Network Marketing is all about copiously making money
  2. Network Marketing guys are basically sales guys or distributors for some company
  3. If there was substance to Network Marketing products they would sell in the regular market
  4. Network Marketing guys operate with a selfish motive and con as many people as they can
  5. Network Marketing is a minority cult

MLM / Network Marketing is all about copiously making money

Contrary to popular belief, Network Marketing is not about making money. 90%+ network marketers don’t make much. Just like 90%+ students writing the CPA exam don’t make it. And 90%+ real estate agents go bust. But the few who succeed cause everyone to believe there’s good money in these professions. With real estate, there is an entry filter… you need money to start. With professional courses (CPA, Doctor etc) you need a solid study base. But for network marketers, there is no pre-requisite… so more people get in, go bust and give the industry a bad name. The few who succeed here do so because they work hard on getting a new education for themselves… and that’s leadership education .

Network Marketing guys are basically sales guys or distributors for some company

Network Marketing guys have nothing to sell or distribute. They have to lead. Lead others to a different way of thinking, which is not taught in schools and society. They have to work consistently on themselves to become exemplary for others to accept their leadership. And they lead you eventually to your preferred future. To what you really dream you want out of your life. Experienced Network Marketing guys do this by asking you fundamental questions. And if you can ask questions too, you can start on the road to success. (See article here for more )

If there was substance to Network Marketing products, they would sell in the regular market

Most Network Marketing companies that last 5 years in the marketplace have good products. This is simple to understand. Network Marketing guys buy their products directly from the company. If the products were no good, they would not buy and the company would go bust. In 5 years a company has too large a network to keep supplying crap. And it is just more sensible for them to supply direct to consumer than to route it through (and waste their money on) wholesalers, retailers, advertising celebrities and the whole nine yards. Moreover, word of mouth is guaranteed in a Network Marketing set up. Small wonder the 21st century economy is moving towards Network Marketing, propelled by e-commerce, like never before.

Network Marketing guys operate with a selfish motive and con as many people as they can

As for motives, the truth is diagonally opposite to this myth. Network Marketers grow only if they help other people grow. Since most people (maybe 90%+ again) are not open minded enough to follow another ordinary mortal’s instructions about growing, Network Marketers keep an open search for willing students. I understand how difficult this can be to comprehend, so I propose a simple challenge to you. Just follow the advice of your sponsor / coach for 90 days… you will automatically dispel this myth for yourself and emerge a much larger person. And if you don’t have a coach, simply read through the section on Wealth on this site and watch the videos / read the books and write me how you feel!

Network Marketing is a minority cult

Finally, Network Marketing is a minority all right, but certainly not a cult. A cult is where everyone blindly follows rituals. In Network Marketing everyone follows common sense… but it is still a minority because the majority does not choose to learn the principles of success that must accompany common sense. Formal education will earn you a living but self-education will earn you a fortune. The sad truth is, most people stop at earning a living.

However, as Network Marketing (click if you’re not sure what it really is) starts to sweep in massive social change in the 21st century, a majority of people WILL be positively influenced by this industry. Conventional distribution (Unilever, P&G, AIG, Pfizer etc) will be replaced by consumer networks, where Amway, Ameriplan, ACN and many others have a headstart. So congratulate yourself if you are a network marketer… you stand at the brink of very exciting times ! <another relevant article>

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