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Will NuCerity distributors have online success stories?

September 18th, 2009
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Becoming a Nucerity distributor is fashionable these days. All you do is go to Getting successful in online network marketing is a different ballgame altogether. Yes, Nucerity International may have sincere plans for a Nucerity University and a Nucerity Channel but… and this is a big but…

But would people who are product development focused be network marketing specialists?

Even if they are experienced in marketing, would they be experts in online marketing?

And if they hire marketing pros, would those so-called trainers have been in the trenches where Nucerity distributors go?

Can anyone expect a product developer to be a network marketer and an online marketer and coach rolled into one?

In this age of specialization, competition and fast-pace, the answer is obvious. If a Nucerity distributor wants to be successful, they need to be associated with online business people who operate the training system for MLM … having been in the trenches of network marketing themselves and figured out what works.

This association is the best use of time for a new Nucerity distributor to speed up to profit. Not just this, using an online business system the distributor can develop not just Nucerity, but multiple streams of income by internet marketing of affiliate products.

These affiliate programs once set up don’t take time, and certainly do bring in much needed cashflow to business. Of course it is important to learn from the master marketers so one doesn’t get defocused or distracted with the information overload online.

Net net, for writing your success story in network marketing of Nucerity International you need online business systems that go beyond order taking and shopping online. Nucerity distributors must plug into an internet marketing group of network marketing experts and succeed with the best training online

Association of Better Networkers

August 11th, 2009

To mark the launch of the Association of Better Networkers (ABN) today, as a founding member I have posted a blog on the future of the Network Marketing and Online Business industry.

Titled "The role of consciousness in network marketing " this brings out the key linkages between success in networking and shifting to a higher vibratory level of human consciousness. Why did I do that? Because I believe ABN will be one platform where most of these higher consciousness beings would congregate 🙂 Do read the post and enjoy!

So what is ABN about and what value does it offer?

  • Over the coming months, the ABN will become the networking industry’s most powerful partner for distributors in the world, protecting their rights, serving their interests, and providing the best training possible.
  • Millions of people are coming into the network marketing industry for the very first time looking for hope, and a solution to the financial downturn… but they’re scared, and ABN members will uphold their faith with responsibility.
  • When people see the Association of Better Networkers seal on member websites and blogs, they know these people promote and uphold these better business practices. Members are a leader with integrity whom they can trust and feel good about doing business with.

Membership to ABN is now open. Visit to get yours!

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