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Should You Join Norbert Orlewicz of Carbon Copy Pro?

November 19th, 2009

How did Norbert Orlewicz get started in the MLM industry?

Norbert is one of the only other people in the whole Network Marketing profession that went through as much failure as I did when I started, and managed to plough through the rejection, excuses, crappy attitudes, until he built a dramatic level of personal success.

When Norbert first began, he struggled immensely with traditional MLM techniques, mostly involving hassling his friends and family, and traditional cold calling and other outdated promotional techniques.  It was 6 years of failing before Norbert discovered the truth about the MLM industry.

Would you be able to take that, you think?  Would you still keep going after six years of falling flat on your face?  Well, it paid off in the long run, because when Norbert figured out what he’d been doing wrong, his check went from 0 a month to more than USD 25,000 in six weeks…and it hasn’t gone down since.

So what was he doing wrong?

Making an incredibly long story relatively short, Norbert failed because of the overuse of outdated strategies – making lists of his friends and family,  cold calling etc.  Is that what you’re doing?

Later, he learned what was wrong, and implemented attraction marketing principles into his business, and…

…BANG!  Twenty five thousand dollars of commissions in six weeks of work.

What company does Norbert work?

Norbert markets well over 20 affiliate programs, and he funnels all of his prospects and sales to a primary company called ‘Carbon Copy Pro ‘ which is a Top Tier Direct Sales company that is affiliated with Wealth Masters International.

Would it be a good idea to join Norbert in Carbon Copy Pro?

That depends entirely on you, and what you’re looking to achieve in your personal business.  If you’re looking to get involved with a direct sales business that IS NOT MLM where you can make some quick up front money, then you may want to get involved in Carbon Copy Pro, and Norbert Orlewicz is one of the best mentors you can have in that company.

I think it’s important to understand that while you can certainly earn up front money from Carbon Copy Pro, residual income is better structured through working a solid MLM company.  However, understand that there is a difference – you WILL be able to make faster money in Carbon Copy Pro – it’s just that the income you build will be from personal sales and production, while the residual income component will be subscription based.

So is Norbert Orlewicz a scam?

Not only is Norbert a great businessman, but he’s one of the most successful online marketers and honest people that you’ll meet.  Now will there be a significant investment involved in becoming involved with Norbert?  Yes.  However, with a high price tag, often comes high rewards, as many have found who work closely with Norbert.  There is benefits and drawbacks to getting involved with any company, and a high value purchase is what you have to deal with in CCPro.  CCPro is a legal, and ethical business opportunity.

I actually worked with Norbert Orlewicz to create my own attraction marketing system for my online business, and I can tell you first hand that he’s a great mentor with A LOT of valuable things to say.  By following his suggestions, you can succeed more abundantly in any opportunity you choose.

Norbert Orlewicz can help you in your company, period.  Regardless of whether you get involved with Carbon Copy Pro or not, you will benefit greatly from his association, if that’s what you choose.  That’s the good thing about Norbert – he gives value without thought of what comes back to him in return.

I hope that you enjoyed this review of Norbert and his MLM systems.  Additional questions can be answered by dropping your comments below.

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