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3 Tips From David Wood; Master Recruiter – Online And Offline

January 22nd, 2011

I first came across David Wood sometime last year when he shot through the charts and became Mike Dillard’s #1 reseller within just a few months of becoming an online marketer. He had shared that his secret had been “massive action with articles”. That was real massive, focused action which generated leads for him… and built his list…

The MLSP system (which he and I use) put David up as a speaker since he had ‘cracked the code’ with article marketing. His webinar was the platform for him to generate scores of video testimonials. This set in place an upward spiral of trust… using which he launched himself (again) into network marketing. And the last I’d heard, he was recruiting like crazy.

In Jan 2011 MLSP brought David back to do a webinar. To share the secrets that got him to recruit 450 people directly into his primary business in 9 months and 1500 into MLSP in the last year. How does this guy do the magic, I thought. And I was on the webinar. Optin and you too can access the full recording.

Here are 3 tips from the many David Wood shared…

1. Be strong about asking people to join. Most people handle the ‘asking to join’ part lamely. But you must ask, “what did you like best about what you saw?” Or “do you see yourself making money from this?” And when you get an affirmative, straight away shift gears and ask, “so how do you spell you name on cheques Joe?” Your signup is done.

2. Always have a call to action. Whether in person, through articles, or video, specify to your prospect… “here’s what i want you to do”. Tell people what to do. Show them. Walk them by the hand. If necessary, tell people they are stupid… tell them they have a problem. Jolting them that way is often what they need. Once you are strong in your desire and focus on prosperity thinking they will fall in line.

3. Define a weekly recruiting goal; say 1 rep per 10 hours of work. Without this you could be doing a lot of work with no yardstick for the results needed to satisfy you.

To get the complete 50 minutes of tips from David Wood, drop in your details. To your success!

What is Your Real Network Marketing Product?

December 7th, 2010

If you think your real network marketing product is what you market, WRONG! Find out why…

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November 27th, 2010

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How Your MLM Product Is Your Ticket To Passive Income

November 17th, 2010

Many people have told you that network marketing helps people create a source of passive income. But what is the role of the MLM product in this process?

Just how does the MLM product make or break your network marketing business? Find out…

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What to focus on in network marketing

November 8th, 2010

It is always a problem to figure out what to focus on in network marketing … because there are so many things … the products, the company, the education, the prospects…

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Why Is Robert Kiyosaki So Popular Among Network Marketers?

October 30th, 2010

I have come across many forums and discussion groups that have called Robert Kiyosaki a fraud. A person who has found a niche among network marketers and feeds that audience to make his millions.

But I have also come across many professional circles in the business community who revere the creator of the Cashflow Quadrant and claim that his principles caused them to change their entire modus operandi about business.

Which school is right?

Well, being a professional management consultant of 21 years standing myself, I am inclined to believe the latter group. Personally I could be the President of that group because of the mentorship Kiyosaki’s teachings have provided me. But then, since I have been a network marketer for about 4 years as well, I see why skeptics look upon Kiyosaki the way they do.

You see, the skeptics have completely missed the point that network marketing is a b-quadrant business. They still think its about ‘getting people’ and ‘selling products’. Now that’s acceptable to me because they are right given where they are at. But should they want to grow (or rather evolve) as entrepreneurs, understanding the b-quadrant becomes a necessity.

The b-quadrant is about networking. All big businesses network. Pizza Hut networks with a Cola giant. Fedex networks with two dozen other courier companies. Airlines and telecom giants network with each other for profit. Since this happens high above the visibility of the ordinary chap doing his job, nobody gives it attention. They just go on working.

But when it comes to network marketing, the need is to learn networking (not just working). And this is where the growth and evolution happen.

Personally, I start people off at a site we use to build leadership systematically using b-quadrant principles. You might like to visit and comment on this video I have on my mentor Kiyosaki as well. Click on it to open in Youtube…

The Problem With Network Marketing

September 1st, 2010

The problem with Internet Marketing and Network Marketing is not one of getting – or not getting – traffic. Getting – or not getting – buyers, interviews, visitors, leads or any fancy word that describes someone who will listen to you.

The problem lies in you.

I was reading a particular buddhist text today that got me to reflect on the fact that the reason people are not so very successful with internet or network marketing is the same reason a lot of people do not embrace a new religion (which was Buddhism’s early issues).

And this problem manifests in the packaging of the subjects of Internet Marketing and Network Marketing. Let me explain.

You see, with all good intent, network marketers – online or offline – tell their prospects on the phone or through their websites that they have something like a panacea and the others do not have it. It is like they are on a pedestal while the others are a floor below. Like they have achieved (or are on the path to) enlightenment and others are in a sordid crappy mess.

Now, it is obvious others would not like to know or admit to this, however true it might be. So there are only two options.

One is to lower the prospect by defining his (or her) reality… as I just did above.

And the other is to raise one’s own reality so that the contrast is apparent.

Now you might ask, “well I haven’t achieved any of the success, so how do I honestly raise my reality?” This is where edification comes in as a weapon. The Buddha was edified. Your upline / company / team mates can be edified. Stand in the reflect light of achievement. And you’ll be on your way!

As a network marketer on my way I use a system that you could use too. You’ll get to hear one of my mentors who is a network marketing expert at Once you do, remember you can work with me to guide you to the success you seek!

Buddhism and Network Marketing: Success Principles

August 7th, 2010

To assimilate the first four articles in this series, please start here.

To generate Boddhicitta (the mind of enlightenment) is like climbing up a flight of stairs. We must begin slowly at the foot of the stairs. Much like your position when you enter network marketing.

It does not matter whether you have been incredibly successful or an utter failure in the past. As a networker you start at the bottom of the stairs and everyone has true equal opportunity.

Can we make it to the top? We have to think.

With the progressive stages of practice we still need to consider whether the basis and root of practice accord with the Dharma. Likewise as a networker, unless our practices accord with the universal principles of success, making it to the top is questionable.

So what are these universal principles of success? The Sakhya school’s Oral Pith Instructions of renunciation say, “Those who still have attachment to this life cannot be qualified as practitioners.” From this we can see that being free from attachment to this life is the correct attitude in Dharma practice.

As to the criterion for having abandoned this life we have to generate genuine aversion to the eight worldly concerns. And they are: Gain, Loss, Fame, Disgrace, Praise, Blame, Pleasure and Pain.

“What on earth!” you say. What am I in network marketing for if not gain, fame, praise and pleasure? Isn’t this what I bear all the pain and disgrace for? For they are temporary while gain, fame, praise and pleasure are permanent for a successful networker. How can I forsake these four foundations and where does that take me?

Well, here’s the good news. Network marketing is not about generating Boddhicitta. It is thus really an easier option to living a full life.

The success principles here are about (1) Giving – give without an expectation of return. (2) Clearing – clear up the things you don’t want to make room for the things you do want. (3) Creative visualization – create a clear mental picture of what you do want and speak it into existence by writing it down and repeating twice daily. (4) Enthusiasm – be one with the God within. Enthusiasm comes from the latin root en-theos (God inside).

These are the four universal success principles that apply to every successful network marketing professional. For more on this read my book on network marketing success at

With inputs from ‘Dharma Nectar’ Vol 24 / 2005

Buddhism and Network Marketing: The Third Jewel, ‘Sangha’

August 6th, 2010

To catch up on the first three articles in this series, please start reading here.

Strictly speaking the term Sangha refers only to the assembly of people who have attained certain levels of realization. However the Buddha said that when there is a gathering of four bhikshus it is equivalent to having the Buddha present and it can be called a Sangha a respected so.

This is much like associating with network marketing leadership at weekly and monthly meetings or events. Or even a home meeting of four or more networkers constitutes a pretty picture of network marketing in a positive spirit and moving ahead.

“The Sangha are our spiritual friends on the path to enlightenment”, says the 17th Karmapa of the Kagyu sect. “As I learned from the Chinese classic Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art Of War’, friends are as important as comrades in times of war. We will need to depend on many friends throughout our lives and it cannot be overstressed that we especially need assistance from our Dharma friends (read as, network marketing community), lifetime after lifetime, as we walk the path toward the attainment of omniscient Buddhahood.”

If we do not maintain pure thoughts and good conduct even if we are in the company of a holy being we will be unable to benefit from it. On the other hand if we have a bad companion but are diligent practitioners with mindfulness and correct views, we will not be influenced by his bad habits and could even earn some merit from the situation!

Now if you look at how this applies to network marketing you will notice that nobody becomes successful alone. It is by leaning on a Sangha and respecting principles of teamwork alone does one continue to build teams.

Three core principles of such teamwork are Edification, Counseling and No Crosslining. Attending more and more meetings makes it clearer and clearer how the Sangha plays its role. The Dharma creates the inner awakening through CDs and books. While the Buddha is the mentor and the ‘blossoming’ that he facilitates.

These are the three jewels and how they play their parts. Click here to keep company with successful network marketers and gain expert advice. In the next article I will explain four Buddhist lineage practices – four common foundations… are they common really?

The best network marketing training comes from a multi-millionaire author

July 1st, 2010

Today I had the good fortune (and good sense) to be at the “Millionaire Maker” Seminar hosted by a man who co-authored the “Chicken Soup” series of books. Time magazine has called the Chicken Soup series the publishing phenomenon of the century. This gentleman is also the author of the “Alladin factor” and entrepreneur in 7 different industries. The name is MVH… Mark Victor Hansen… and extols him as the ‘America’s Ambassador of Possibility’.

Mark had an interesting thing to say straight out. As he marketer, we must tell stories. He says you must learn how to tell your story fast and frequently. Understand persuasion. It takes 7 times before a person buys once.

Another nugget… Use pictures. Show the product. Most people think in images. Do it as visual download, sound bite, or through telephone access. The future of network marketing is on the phone and internet.

Mark related the story of his recent talking assignment in Thailand where people from all over East Asia had come to celebrate the awards ceremony of a networking company. This company was selling a course that promised learning ‘1500 words of English for $300’. This seminar was attended by people from Mongolia who had no concept of a plane… who got into one and spent a good 6 hours in it to get to the venue and learn… they got their passports made… many were taking their first trip outside their towns!

The significance of this vivid description was to convey the impact that the network marketing model was having around the world. The awardees drove out in their new Porches, selling a $300 English speaking product.

If you ask enough people you get the results. “All the innovations I’ve ever seen are in network marketing companies. Talk to 10 people a day. Have something they want to hear about”, says MVH.

As he was personally involved with several networking companies, Mark shared the line he used in response to the question, “what do you do?”. “I triple your income and double your time.” Saying so he would shut up. And the prospect would identify him/herself.

The opportunity Mark says is the telephone. There are 5 billion cellphones. Translations are happening on the fly. You can have a global business if you learn how to use it right. The goal he says is to be an influencer of influencers.

As homework Mark strongly urged participants to write down 101 goals like your life depended on it – in 20 minutes. So while I get down to that, I’d urge you to click the best network marketing training so you don’t miss future Seminars like this one.

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