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What to focus on in network marketing

November 8th, 2010

It is always a problem to figure out what to focus on in network marketing … because there are so many things … the products, the company, the education, the prospects…

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Arrive At Success – Book Review

June 12th, 2010

“Arrive At Success::Conversations Between Networkers That Could Tell Lots About Your Future” is a novel by Sandeep Nath that takes the reader into the psyche of a successful networker.

It goes behind the scenes into the world of network marketing… and in a gripping narrative style reveals orbits of influence that even insiders of this industry often never reach.

This book is a must-read for anyone looking at the network marketing industry even with the least amount of seriousness. Some of the author’s experiences could impact your mind once and forever.

Written to be read and re-read, Arrive At Success is a treat with inspiring stories, quotable quotes, quips and usable one-liners. But more than that, it is a treatise about how mental programming and consciousness development pave the way for eventual success.

arrive at successArrive At Success can be purchased through Paypal for US$ 7.


“I loved the storytelling style. You can read through again and again to discover something new every time”

– Norbert Orlewicz, Owner MLSP

“Sandeep Nath has opened up a Pandora’s box with this book. His ideas are not just relevant, they are in fact required for the new age human being. His book can best be explicated as ‘a road map to Spiritual Capitalism’. A must read for anyone at any stage in life”

– Arjun Aiyar, Owner thinQ dynamiQ

“Arrive At Success has a lot of depth. Many points hit home squarely and need to be understood in their multiple dimensions before they are imminently quoted”

– Basant Panday, Owner IndiaLog

“Sandeep has crafted a lifetime of lessons into one captivating story. You get caught up in the journey and you don’t realize you are learning. So it would pay to read it a second time with highlighter in hand so you don’t miss the important life lessons.”

– Dean McNamara, Owner

“You have made us to understand how to be responsible for our thoughts and actions; you become empowered to make choices that lead to balance and fulfillment. You have taken a torch of a new higher consciousness way to do things… and I will follow you in this great endeavor.”

– Roger Aburto, World Superhuman Project

“Take the Wisdom of Deepak Chopra, The Insight of Anthony Robbins and the Teaching of Robert Kiyosaki, mix it with astute observation and personal experience and you have an awesome read to improve your own personal philosophy – well done Sandeep”

– Sam Star, Teacher & Global Entrepreneur

“Why don’t people understand networking? Sandeep has discovered the solution. It takes both time and experience to absorb this concept. Sandeep takes his readers with him on his personal journey in search of discovering what networking is. Through his storytelling manner he captures his readers attention long enough so they can start to understand the networking concept. The book is outstanding and at the end of his book you want to turn it back over and start to immediately reading it again.”

– Sue DeBrule, Author of Rise Above The Rat Race

“Here are principles that will help you grow, not only in business but in life. Sandeep has put it all together in this well written treatise. No networker should be without this book.”

– Doug Wead, New York Times bestselling author, adviser to two American Presidents and network historian

Direct sales opportunities

October 10th, 2009

Direct sales opportunities are growing for individuals everyday. But because the industry is still in infancy, we often confuse the jargon. The entire spectrum of the direct-to-consumer industry is set to sweep revolutionary socio-economic change in the coming decade and we are standing at the brink of the revolution . So it does make sense to start getting clarity!

That said, I don’t take upon myself to lay down the rules or proffer definitions. For a simplistic understanding, here are fundamental explanations:

MLM: Multi-level marketing necessitates the movement of a physical product and pays out at various levels based on the total sales of a group of people. For example, if an individual has sold 1000 units of product and has recruited 2 people, each with 1000 units of stock, and they each do the same, there are 7000 units of stock moving through the group. Commissions would be issued to the 4 newest entrants based on the commission %age slab for 1000 units each. Then, for the 2 mid-tier members, commissions will accrue on a %age slab for 3000 group units. And finally, the group originator is remunerated at the 7000 unit %age slab. These tend to get pretty hefty and generally are high returns once the group achieves a critical mass. What I have described here is a ‘binary model’ but there are various strategies (matrices) designed by various companies to make their compensation models attractive.

Network Marketing: I like Jim Dornan’s philosophy which pretty much sums up the definition of network marketing. He says, “we don’t use people to build the business; we use the business to build people”. Network Marketing uses the MLM model and builds atop it leadership, empowerment and duplication. It takes MLM into the B-quadrant at a personal level and as a B-quadrant business owner a network marketers focus is not as much on product sale as it is on empowering others to align with team structure, leadership principles and network building. Contrast to MLM this method earns money slowly but does surely (and hugely); as is characteristic of any business system that is reliant on people’s initiative to learn and grow. Network marketing typically does not operate on a binary model.

Network Building: A relatively new term, network builders operate on the GPT concept of ‘getting paid today ’. This ensures quick returns through product sales and network building up to one or two tiers allows for subscription based continuing income. Like network marketing, network building calls for vision sharing, leadership development and empowerment. But as monies accrue through individual product sales, rather than group product sales, returns are controllable by individual effort. And royalties are controllable by empowerment effort.

As all these involve movement of product directly to consumers… bypassing the traditional distribution supply chain… they all fall under the umbrella of ‘Direct Sales’ and employ Direct Marketing tools such as literature, presentations, roadshows, mailers etc. Corporations have historically employed the direct sales model to sell vacuum cleaners, safety equipment, insurance, computers… the works. Now the individual consumer is getting empowered to do the same and profit from it. That’s exciting!

A common mistake is to confuse the compensation model with the business system. A system is a step-by-step methodology of operation and training and has nothing to do with the network development system set up by the manufacturer or service provider. A ‘business system ‘ is like a franchise you would take to develop your business in a paint-by-numbers fashion by following what works. McDonalds has a system to market its burgers… you too would do well to have an external system to market your opportunity within the gamut of the direct sales industry.

MLMLeadSystemPro: MLM Lead Generation System Plus Plus

October 2nd, 2009

For any business opportunity seeker in MLM, a lead is the start. If you are into MLM lead generation, you might buy MLM genealogy leads or opt in MLM leads through an MLM lead automatic responder. But the pleasure of fresh MLM leads is different. Like freshly baked loaves from the bakery. Don’t you love their smell? Their softness? Aah!

So what does this have to do with MLM Lead System Pro (MLSP)? Well, for starters, it is a lead generation and marketing system for MLM. Which means it’s your "own private bakery". But that’s not all. There’s much much more. Do you have an appetite to read?

Great! I will tell you 5 things about this MLM leads pro system.

First, MLSP combines online and offline MLM lead generation . Every leader at MLSP has been a network marketer. And they have learned to become ace internet marketers. Their foremost commitment therefore is to help more network marketers use the internet to succeed. Because today, and more so in the future, the speed of the internet is incomparable for building business.

Second, MLSP can be applied to any MLM . It is like a battery that can be fitted in any toy. Yes, batteries cost money, but what good are toys without them? This analogy might be a little far-fetched, but it will help you remember. Batteries have no competition with toys. Toys generate excitement. Batteries keep them running. Period.

Third, MLSP uses attraction marketing principles . These concepts are radically the opposite of what MLM uplines teach. Why? Because, when you use the internet, your potential "list" is ‘huge’. And from this huge list, professional MLM reps "attract" the best people to them. What does this mean? This means no more cold-calling, prospecting, chasing friends and family, nudging strangers in malls and all those disgusting things! How? That’s point four.

Fourth, MLSP brands You . Whatever your MLM, you would have heard your upline say, "people join you, not your business", right? So why do you pitch your business? Through a customized, branded website with Your videos on Your automatic list-builders on it, You develop Your business; Your list; Your assets; Your reputation; and Your clientele. And you can take them wherever you wish to… all through your life! Need examples? Let me show you 3 different branded capture pages of mine… (for marketing any online business) (targeting a specific networking group) (targeting MLM reps anywhere)

And there are more…

Fifth, MLSP helps you build multiple streams of income . This means you need not depend on your MLM checks alone. You can pick up monies from over 15 different product lines which are integrated as affiliates of the system. So the process is simplified. All you do is promote Your branded site. This site brings you leads because it is non-threatening to any MLM (as the examples reveal). And the affiliate products – which offer tremendous value and provide the tools and techniques for internet marketing – bring in steady income.

Finally, let me close with the million dollar question… How are leads generated even for the personalized, branded capture page?

For this, we have extensive training programs . Using a mix of 2 or 3 of the dozens of internet strategies, our top producers generate 50-100 leads per day; 5% of which carry over to their primary businesses (not bad, considering that even offline only about 5% actually convert, eh?)!

I invite you to check us out, feel us, and believe MLSP really is as radical as it sounds! Drop in as my guest at our webinars – every Wednesday 9 pm EST (US) – by popping your details in here.

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Association of Better Networkers

August 11th, 2009

To mark the launch of the Association of Better Networkers (ABN) today, as a founding member I have posted a blog on the future of the Network Marketing and Online Business industry.

Titled "The role of consciousness in network marketing " this brings out the key linkages between success in networking and shifting to a higher vibratory level of human consciousness. Why did I do that? Because I believe ABN will be one platform where most of these higher consciousness beings would congregate 🙂 Do read the post and enjoy!

So what is ABN about and what value does it offer?

  • Over the coming months, the ABN will become the networking industry’s most powerful partner for distributors in the world, protecting their rights, serving their interests, and providing the best training possible.
  • Millions of people are coming into the network marketing industry for the very first time looking for hope, and a solution to the financial downturn… but they’re scared, and ABN members will uphold their faith with responsibility.
  • When people see the Association of Better Networkers seal on member websites and blogs, they know these people promote and uphold these better business practices. Members are a leader with integrity whom they can trust and feel good about doing business with.

Membership to ABN is now open. Visit to get yours!

Why is network marketing important and how can you succeed?

July 10th, 2009

Your success in network marketing rests on how well you can educate yourself in the B-quadrant. Why? Watch this video by Robert Kiyosaki.

Kiyosaki is considered a financial a genius because he states so simply the key financial concepts that allow us to prioritize our time to study success… our definition of success.

In my experience, the one essential requirement for your success to manifest is for you to be part of a B-quadrant support group. This is no surprise. Spiritual enhancement happens in support groups like ‘Art of Living’. Mental enhancement happens in support groups like ‘Mensa’. Physical enhancement happens in support groups like ‘Gyms and wellness centers’. Emotional enhancement happens in support groups like ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’. Social enhancement happens in support groups like ‘Rotary Clubs’. So why would things be different when it comes to Financial enhancement? Where do the B-quadrant guys hang out? Do you know? Can you reach their doors? Week after week? You can – only in network marketing meetings. Here’s an article to understand this better .

And here’s the good news! By simply prioritizing to associate with this team – and experience these people (who already have what you want) – you can build your capacity for success! More about this under Empowerment .

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5 ways to identify a stable network marketing opportunity

June 3rd, 2009

Let me start with a disclaimer here. This topic can be controversial. And I am no expert. The world of network marketing is evolving and booming before our eyes like the world of Internet itself. Today a technology can come which can wipe out all known paradigms of yesterday. Google did that. Not that Alta Vista was not a great search engine… but well, google’s algorithms were worth billions more. Tomorrow there may be another. Same about network marketing.

So, as a student of this fine discipline of network marketing, I attempt to put here 5 things that you might think of as ‘baseline requirements’ to check of any network marketing company that you evaluate:

1. How old is it?

Whatever might be said about technology and methodologies, the saying "old is gold" is sound. If you have been hearing of the Amway name since 50 years, it is also the largest holder of product patents, has the most companies tied up to its distribution network, and is the most respected direct sales corporation by United Nations and Governments worldwide. An older organization has "roots", which are ‘built to last’ as per the principles of any corporate business.

2. Who are the leaders?

Network marketing is a leveraged people’s business. Consequently, if a company’s founding leadership is strong, it will duplicate well. There will be values, integrity and commitment. So who are the leaders? What has motivated them to pick their opportunities? What are the stated values? Are they living up to them? Do they have a stated vision? Is it real or fluff? For instance, Amway expressed its ‘commitment to the environment’ as a founding principle… and all product and packaging innovation has been abiding by this standard well before ‘eco-friendly’ became fashionable.

3. How widespread are they?

If you are getting into a business of your own piggybacking on the franchise of a known brand, you may as well pick the brand that is spread all over the world. I assume here that your goal is not to make small change… it is to build a legacy… because that’s what this business model is capable of… for those who are willing to learn it . An international company also means it is one that has seen numerous cultures, legalities, psychographics and prepared itself for succeeding through them all. Amway, for instance, is in 90+ territories and has never pulled out of even one!

4. How are they funded?

The good thing about network marketing is cash. It is a cash business – no credit. No debt. No liabilities. And that’s the mindset its partners also eventually get into… So you would like to check if this is true of your opportunity. If not, why not? Is it a justifiable loan they’ve taken? When partners (associates / distributors / members) join on cash, will the company repay or can they possibly pocket the money and fly away into the night? Again, ‘how old it is’ helps. Plus there are published facts. This is not something you learn by hearsay… find out from Euromonitor or some large data house.

5. Do they have training support?

Without training your business is like a vehicle you don’t know how to drive… Just a shiny object in the garage. I have a bias to companies that have product training but also have separate Training and Support Systems which have been set up by successful affiliates of the company. These systems are good because they are practical. For example, a guy who works at the Ferrari factory would not be able to teach you how to drive a Ferrari as well as a race car driver would. So the System set up by race car drivers using Ferrari is better than Ferrari’s own training. That’s why it makes sense to look for a ‘combination’ to make the infrastructure work harder for your success!

Before I conclude, allow me to mention that the fact that "Product" and "Compensation plan" do not figure on this list deliberately… not oversight. The reason is, they really don’t matter. Why? Every network marketing company will have a product that is amenable to large numbers of people (since they are planning to survive). And they will price it and distribute the monies in such a way that many people are happy, whether new or old in their association. So if either of these things do not agree with you, that’s just a symptom of the fact that you’ve either not understood the opportunity or the network marketing model itself. Live and learn!

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