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How Your MLM Product Is Your Ticket To Passive Income

November 17th, 2010

Many people have told you that network marketing helps people create a source of passive income. But what is the role of the MLM product in this process?

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The Problem With Network Marketing

September 1st, 2010

The problem with Internet Marketing and Network Marketing is not one of getting – or not getting – traffic. Getting – or not getting – buyers, interviews, visitors, leads or any fancy word that describes someone who will listen to you.

The problem lies in you.

I was reading a particular buddhist text today that got me to reflect on the fact that the reason people are not so very successful with internet or network marketing is the same reason a lot of people do not embrace a new religion (which was Buddhism’s early issues).

And this problem manifests in the packaging of the subjects of Internet Marketing and Network Marketing. Let me explain.

You see, with all good intent, network marketers – online or offline – tell their prospects on the phone or through their websites that they have something like a panacea and the others do not have it. It is like they are on a pedestal while the others are a floor below. Like they have achieved (or are on the path to) enlightenment and others are in a sordid crappy mess.

Now, it is obvious others would not like to know or admit to this, however true it might be. So there are only two options.

One is to lower the prospect by defining his (or her) reality… as I just did above.

And the other is to raise one’s own reality so that the contrast is apparent.

Now you might ask, “well I haven’t achieved any of the success, so how do I honestly raise my reality?” This is where edification comes in as a weapon. The Buddha was edified. Your upline / company / team mates can be edified. Stand in the reflect light of achievement. And you’ll be on your way!

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Is network marketing for intelligent, creative people?

February 3rd, 2010

Dogged by common misconceptions of well-meaning educated people, I write this article.

Network marketing is in fact a great profession to be a part of if you understand it right. The most common misconception is that “it’s about selling products.” This is as correct as it would be to say “a job is about working late”.  Generally people understand jobs and efficiency related to them. Generally people know that overtime happens only due to crisis or inefficiency. How do they know? They have been taught to WORK.

Now network marketing requires a person to learn to NETWORK. And only in crisis or inefficiency would a person be found selling products.

So what is to be learned about Networking? Lots! As much as there is to be learned about working. But the issue is, we spend 16 years in formal studies and a few more on the job to learn all that. Whereas Networking is treated as a past time. A hobby. And therefore most people get hobby type results. The income potentials are however professional. Usually as professional as movie stars or sportsmen or CEOs. And you reach them in 2 to 5 years working about 15 hours a week. So why wouldn’t you take it seriously?

One of my friends in the industry, Mark Yarnell wrote a book in the 90’s called ‘Your First Year In Network Marketing’ where he shared some interesting statistics.

The statistics show that although 95% of distributors in the network marketing industry fail, that for those of us who stick with one company for 10 years or more and actively participate in their business (meaning that they work at it at least part time), that 95% of them reach the top of the company’s pay plan.

What does the top of the compensation plan look like? It varies from company to company, but in most companies it is A LOT more than the average person with a professional degree makes on an annual basis. Here’s one online sales comp plan for instance.

So the question of the day is not whether ’network marketing is for intelligent, creative people’… instead the question of the day is ‘are you willing to treat a professional business like a business?’

There is enormous intelligence required to learn the operation of networks. There are cutting edge strategies. Dealing with people calls for creativity of the highest order… which helps develop every other aspect of one’s life. And none of this requires 16 years of formal education. It just takes a dream, shared with a team.

Are you intelligent enough to get this basic fact about network marketing?

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