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Traffic Formula 2.0

June 5th, 2009

If you have been doing online business in May-June, chances are you must have heard of the wildly huge servers-down historic launch of Traffic Formula 2.0 (TF2); Mike Dillard’s revised program for getting traffic to online business website/s.

Well, now that the dust has settled, let me tell you I was watching it closely and studying the product with the cautiousness that is native to a 41 year old engineer (me).

I believe this product is really good. It is designed for the emergent Internet environment – with twitter, blogs, social media and bookmarkers, the plethora of video sites, revised ppc, automation tools and all that you keep hearing of (!)

Often I hear friends say, "yes it’s all available but where’s the time to study these tools and integrate or prioritize them into my business?"

TF2 is the answer to that. Designed as an interactive webinar series, it will be as up-to-date as can possibly be and will nudge you therefore to succeed whether you like to or not 🙂 TF2 uses a ‘nerve-centre’ concept so you can be laser focused on your primary business while using these tools to generate leads like never before.


Now for the bad news. As I update this article the product has sold out totally… but there are many other equally powerful products in Mike’s stable. And yes, in case you’re wondering who this Mike Dillard is and what this hallaballoo is all about, that’s fine too. Since you are doing online business it will be good to know… just as if you were an American it would be good to know who Martin Luther King was 🙂 Here’s a heads-up and all the product reviews! ->

Don’t Compete — Instead Complete

May 29th, 2009

What I just love about network marketing in particular and the B-quadrant / abundance thinking in general is that there in no need to ‘compete’ with each other. We in fact spend our energy to ‘complete’ each other… because there is so much to do and so many lives to positively impact.

My friend and associate Ferny , who is the Guru of search engine optimization (SEO) and runs the company that handles the SEO for the multi-million dollar internet operations of Mike Dillard and Jay Kubassek , to name a few, has produced this fantastic video… FYI

Now, I daresay after watching this you do get the picture too. We want to collaborate with you because you are valuable dear reader. You are significant. It is your left-quadrant education that might make you think otherwise, or suspect our motives.

But here’s a final thought on this… have you ever heard of any scion of the families of the Fords, Roosevelts, Ambanis, Mittals, Gates or Waltons applying for ‘competitive’ exams? Come, enjoy the B-quadrant 🙂

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