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July 2nd, 2010

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Role of domain name in SEO

March 27th, 2010

The domain name you choose is definitive of your business. While you are just understanding how online works, experiment with The reasons are, one, you’ll like to own and two, once you get a fix on what domain/s you need you would have learned aspects about forwarding, masking and hosting of domains using your name.

Coming to the real choice of domain, pick something that has the keywords of your business in it. For example, if you are into renting cars, would be better than, get it? Then you cou optimise your website for the words “car” and “rentals” and build everything in harmony online.

But chances are you will not get Now we have 5 options:

1. Use another extension: The debated but often agreed hierarchy for SEO is .com / .net / .org / .info / .biz / .country (.us, .in, .uk etc) / .me, .mobi etc… preferred in this sequence by google.

2. Suffix your keywords in a phrase (in the same order): Here might be better than because ‘hire’ could play a role in many searches too.

3. Prefix your keywords: For example might be great because it shows the search engine your keyword first, but its value is debatable.

4. Use a hyphen: Search engines do not really distinguish from but humans do. So if it is easy on the tongue and eye, go for a hyphen.

5. Keep high keyword density: When using suffixes or prefixes, keep the non-keyword part short. This way your domain name will not be diluted in the search engine’s eyes. Therefore is probably better than

As with anything on SEO, all this is debabtable but for sure google loves domain names. Proof of this is the fact that ranks on top of the key search “credit cards” even though the mighty banks would love to own that space. Case closed! 😉

Why buy Viral Content Magic?

November 24th, 2009

Yesterday a visitor to this blog wrote to me. She asked whether I knew that Viral Content Magic was about to be launched by internet marketing experts Jim Chao, David Michael Wood & Kenny Gregg. I said that’s breaking news… any Internet Marketing tips from these guys would be gold! And you know what I found?

Internet marketing non-gurus Jim Chao, David Wood and Kenny Gregg have teamed up to launch Viral Content Magic ; a powerful program with bleeding-edge tips and tools to dominate online business. Jim Chao, David Wood and Kenny Gregg are top performers of the MLM Lead System Pro internet marketing system who have applied their bleeding edge techniques to create Viral Content Magic.

This online course has 9 modules that cover every tip they’ve personally applied to generate free leads using SEO, article marketing, video marketing, social media (Jim Chao is reputed as a facebook rockstar) and much more.


What’s especially cool about this product is that it comes from normal guys, not ‘gurus’. I have known Jim Chao as a struggling network marketer who picked up MLSP just about 15 months ago and rose to the top of his MLM company in 5 months. David Michael Wood goes a step further in topping the leader-board for the ever-popular Magnetic Sponsoring course… and he didn’t even know that he was in the race! He just had generated soooo much traffic that everyone on his list picked up Magnetic Sponsoring… he became the top affiliate and made close to 30,000 dollars in a week!

What can you learn from these guys? Plenty about what’s working NOW. That’s bleeding-edge. How to generate live fresh MLM leads from free sources like Viral URL, Viral Hosts, forums, articles, blogging (Kenny Gregg is the expert here; google his name to be sure). youtube and 40 other secret channels.

This online course is set to launch in the first week of December and you can get a fantastic deal on the $497 retail package by checking what is Viral Content Magic here right now. There’s a 60-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee – and you would certainly make over 10 times your investment in 60 days if you just follow the course right.

Soon Viral Content Magic will be integrated with MLM Lead System Pro to increase the practical value of the system and with that many JV partners it will not be possible to negotiate prices. The time to buy Viral Content Magic is now.

Click here to watch a video of actual screen shots Reblog this post [with Zemanta] of the traffic and commissions you can create in just 2 months… they did it and they’re hand-holding you!

How to market online?

September 26th, 2009
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Marketing online has grown faster than everything on the planet in the last 12 months. New people are finding markets online and business opportunities for marketing online are growing. So here’s a brief insider report on how to market online and tips on online marketing.

How to Market Online

For a beginner, online marketing is about using an hour or two everyday to make money online. How? Various ways. A post on how to do online business on this site explains. Broadly, you could:

Start selling products online : There are various training programs on internet business available to find your customers and connect with them. That is what web2.0 is about. Here’s a reliable program.

Be a marketing affiliate : In case you do not have any product to sell, you can represent some companies and learn to become an internet marketing professional. This book trains you at home .

Join an MLM company : Distribution of goods and services has gained a huge fillip with online connectivity. As MLM is about empowering consumers, opportunities in this area abound.

Run a lead marketing system : Anyone marketing online needs a training and operational system to be successful. Why? Because the systems available with corporations are not available to home business owners. So people who work at home must use systems that you could operate and/or market. In finance, online trading is an example. And here’s a customizable system for network marketers .

Get a data entry job : These are the type of offers companies make to outsource posting mails, filling forms, doing surveys, transcribing, writing, designing etc. Here you work from home but don’t really run an online marketing business.

That said, let’s look at some things you should know…

Tips on Online Marketing

To market online, knowledge of internet marketing is a must. This is possible to learn with a good coach. It is much like learning car driving. Once you learn well, you can drive any car on any road. Likewise you can market any product anywhere online!

However, since the online market has grown so fast, a lot of business offers have mushroomed. Not all are garbage, so here are 5 key questions to ask yourself:

  1. In which of the 5 categories above is this offer? Do you want to pursue that category?
  2. Is there a live person making you the offer from their website? Call them or search them on google / facebook and connect with them. Don’t just go by what friends recommend… they might not have done any background checking either.
  3. Can you find at least 2 good references about the people and companies involved on the first page of google? There will be many ‘scam reviews’ by competitors, but a good internet marketing company will have at least 2 good reports on itself, right?
  4. Is the opportunity customizable… meaning can you build YOUR reputation with it? If not, you might make some money but in the long run it won’t add up to much.
  5. And finally, how much is the investment? Typically anything free is useless… as in real life so on the internet. However, an ideal investment would allow for a trial and a refund. Honest internet business people believe in winning trust above making money. Use that to your advantage!

In conclusion, there is a lot of money in online marketing . Learn how to tap into it and your own market online will always be up!

Association of Better Networkers

August 11th, 2009

To mark the launch of the Association of Better Networkers (ABN) today, as a founding member I have posted a blog on the future of the Network Marketing and Online Business industry.

Titled "The role of consciousness in network marketing " this brings out the key linkages between success in networking and shifting to a higher vibratory level of human consciousness. Why did I do that? Because I believe ABN will be one platform where most of these higher consciousness beings would congregate 🙂 Do read the post and enjoy!

So what is ABN about and what value does it offer?

  • Over the coming months, the ABN will become the networking industry’s most powerful partner for distributors in the world, protecting their rights, serving their interests, and providing the best training possible.
  • Millions of people are coming into the network marketing industry for the very first time looking for hope, and a solution to the financial downturn… but they’re scared, and ABN members will uphold their faith with responsibility.
  • When people see the Association of Better Networkers seal on member websites and blogs, they know these people promote and uphold these better business practices. Members are a leader with integrity whom they can trust and feel good about doing business with.

Membership to ABN is now open. Visit to get yours!

The art and science of ‘Closing a Sale’

July 4th, 2009

Think about this… when you are on your last leg of interaction with a lead (prospect), do you ‘Close a sale’ or ‘Open a relationship’ ?

Whatever it is, are you an expert at it? And once you are, what could that mean for your business and profits?

On Wednesday, July 8th at 9:00 PM EST (US) you can hear it from the top experts in Internet Marketing. For free!


Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now and get a FREE download of Internet icon Mike Dillard’s most exclusive interview till date for online marketers . This mp3 will come to you by email.


One-hour webinar starts 9PM Eastern / 8PM Central / 7PM Mountain / 6PM Pacific

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