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How To Get A Free Targeted List That Makes Money For You In The Next 15 Minutes

October 29th, 2010

If you are an online marketer you probably realize that the list is the most important asset you have. But in case you don’t let me take it from the top.

How does one market online? Well, there could be many things you were told to do, but here’s what works… it’s a three-part process.

Part one is to develop a website around something of your interest so you can fill it with good content and have some supporting videos or articles that you can share with other people interested in the subject.

Second is to link to an autoresponder, which is a tool that enables you to capture the name and email (other details also, if you wish) of visitors to your site. You would give something in exchange for their contact details so it’s a fair barter. In the process of your capturing these details you are building a list.

Part three is to send messages to this list, again using your autoresponder. Through these messages and other social interactions (on facebook etc) you will develop a relationship with this list and get to know what they like to have.

For example, if you have a site on growing orchids indoors, you might find a lot of people on your list concerned about how many times a week the orchid must be exposed to the sun. Makes sense? Now if you have a lamp on amazon (say) that casts light like sunlight, this might be a winner for your list. They will buy the product from your emailed link and amazon will pass you a commission. Their orchids will receive sunlight thrice a week because they will switch on that lamp three times and everyone will be happy.

But it takes time to build a list like this one. So here’s an idea. You can joint-venture (JV) with another marketer who is also creating lists. Through this process you send your mailer to the JV partner and he sends a mailer to your list. Clicks can be exchanged on mutually agreeable terms.

JV partners are available at and you can drop by a video to understand the list swap process better. While there, do comment and rate the video. Thanks!

Disclaimer: The safe-swaps link is my affiliate link and if you make purchases from it a commission may accrue to me.

Sandeep Nath: Primary Online Business

March 17th, 2010

3 mails from me…

To get you started on a Heathy, Weathy, Wise path of life… if you really want to go there… I’m serious 🙂 Let me reach you.

How to find profitable keywords

March 3rd, 2010

When we talk about profitable keywords, we’re talking about whether the keyword has a history of generating sales based on the keywords past performance. The thing about keywords is that some may have a high search volume, but have a poor history of profitability; this would make those keywords useless as far as selling something is concerned. But keywords that are not so profitable may have some value in generating leads for your mailing list. These lists could possibly lead to sales over time from your subscriber base.

So when we look at all the criteria that our keywords need to meet, we start to see that it is not always going to be easy to find profitable keywords. The big question is how we find these keywords. One thing that we can do to make our search for keywords a bit easier is to go for the low hanging fruit, as they say in the industry.

What I mean by this is we don’t concentrate on single keyword terms, but rather we look for keyword phrases. Getting back to the example of magic, instead of my keyword being “magician” it might be “magic tricks”, this is being a lot more definitive about what I am selling or promoting.

If I were to use the term “buy magic tricks” now by adding the word buy into this phrase, I will have a phrase with a higher commercial intention. The fact that the keywords definition is such a long search term, lowers the possibility of competition of this phrase.

Now to sum this up, when you use a phrase like “buy magic tricks” this is often referred to as a (longtail) keyword phrase. These longtail have some distinctive characteristics. The longer your keyword phrase means a sharp drop in competition, but greater profitability for the keyword. The only bad thing about longtail terms is they always have lower search volume.

Get Rich with an Internet Income

December 29th, 2009

"The benefit of living in a free society is that we all have the choice to be rich, poor, or middle class. The decision is up to you." – Robert Kiyosaki

How did this author (Robert Kiyosaki) go from homeless to being financially free in a few short years? In a nutshell, you must be true to yourself and what you want to achieve. Sit down and map out your financial plan. Control your spending habits. Minimize your debt and liabilities. Live within your means and find ways to increase your means. Develop a long-term plan. Keep in mind your most valuable asset is Time. Keep things simple.

Kiyosaki teaches about the different quadrants that help plot your own unique path to financial success by having more than one source of income, real assets, and investments. Put something away. Pay yourself first. Mind your own business. Invest in assets that put money in your pocket. Build an efficient and profitable business system that earns and works hard for you while you are out playing golf. It isn’t about how much money you make, it’s really about how much money you keep, how fast it grows and works for you, and for how many generations it will last…

We have all been conditioned all our lives to go to school, get good grades, and then get a safe, secure job. This is Industrial Age thinking. In today’s Information Age, this advice is obsolete. We are not taught how to become business owners and investors. Gone are the days when the company or government can guarantee a pension for your old age. Today and in the future, more and more people will see that they can only rely on themselves and their financial knowledge if they want real security. It would be wiser to condition ourselves, and our children into thinking: Go to school, get good grades, build businesses, and become a successful investor.

But isn’t that risky? In reality, there is a greater risk in sticking to a job than in minding your own business or putting money in investments. A job can easily be taken away from you anytime. On the business owner side of the Cashflow Quadrant , you can sell your business off for a good sum, and relax while the investments you made years earlier provide you with the cash flow for the comfortable worry-free lifestyle you and your family have always dreamed of…

Yes, you can always get a job. But you can’t always find financial freedom. The difference between Rich Dad and Poor Dad was that as Rich Dad became more successful, he had more free time to spend with the people he loved. As Poor Dad became more successful in the field of education as a state employee, he had less and less free time because of meetings and work. Financial freedom means having the cash flow and the free time. A job and a boss won’t give you that kind of freedom.

It doesn’t take a formal education to become rich. Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Ted Turner, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Ralph Lauren. These people dropped out of school and built successful businesses.

You too can earn income in all four quadrants, regardless of what you ‘do’ professionally. A doctor can be employed by a hospital (E), have his own private practice (S), own a laboratory or clinic (B), and invest in the stock market, bond market, and real estate (I).

What’s stopping you from multi-tasking? Multiple income sources are more a necessity today than ever before. To apply a business system to practically make more money online , click here.

Make Money Making Videos

September 5th, 2009
Google Video Player
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When you think about it, the reason you make any money is 3-fold:

  1. There is a need for what you do
  2. You have an ability to do it
  3. There is a difficulty in replacing you

If one of these three is equal to zero, you may not make much money.

So what does this have to do with making videos? Well, in the huge interconnected world of the internet, you can create a need for what you do by showing it on video! Also, you can reach out to people having the need for your ability, as they can find you easily through your video. A video is more searchable on the search engines. Google in fact has a special section only for videos!

Anyone who sees your video will believe your ability faster. Since videos can’t be ‘ghost-written’, they are true and powerful! What’s important of course is for you to have some ‘ability’. Anything. You might know how to remove wine stains for example. Great! Make a video. Who knows that might start you off on a global laundry business. Do you have a dream?

As for the third point, the difficulty in replacing you, you can establish this with good service and relationship building. Again videos on ‘how-tos’ and ‘common questions’ will take care of this aspect – your video becomes the ‘hand-holder’ even while you are asleep.

Make it a point to title your videos intelligently. Titles are picked up by search engines. For instance, in the example above, I’d use the words ‘wine stain’, the ‘benefit’, and the ‘city’ I’m in so I can service the potential client. It develops into something like, “We remove wine stains and make stained clothes clean anywhere in Vancouver”. Now this title has a good chance of showing up on searches like ‘cleaning wine stains’, ‘stain removal in Vancouver’, ‘clothes cleaners in Vancouver’ etc. The keyword ‘stain’ used twice in a natural way scores more points with the search engine! Here’s more on how to find a good keyword .

Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg. You can learn Internet marketing from top professionals by watching a short video here . Happy to help!

Insider report on Carbon Copy Pro

June 9th, 2009

If you have been exploring options online as a serious entrepreneur, you would have stumbled upon CarbonCopyPro… or you will shortly. Why? Because it is the best performing business system for creating millionaires… that’s why. But that’s also why it is not for everybody.

Robert Kiyosaki says that there are ‘the rich who have money and the rich who don’t yet have the money’. And then there are ‘the poor; who may or may not have money but it is never enough’. So who is CCPro for and what does it offer? Watch this 5-minute video first.

Please accept my apologies for the ‘trial version’ subtitle that kept running across my face. I’d like to earnestly state that if that subtitle bothered you, CCPro is probably not for you anyway. Because you are focusing on the irrelevant things in life. Becoming rich – online or offline – starts with having a mindset that focuses on the right things.

Where would you learn that? From millionaires of course! Where would you find them? CarbonCopyPro!

So what do you do next? As already explained (in the video), pop your details below. A new page will open where you would need to pop your details again to be able to listen to Jay Kubassek, my friend, multi-millionaire and CEO of Carbon Copy Pro… and I urge you to carefully absorb all the matter on that page.

At the bottom of that page you’ll find a link saying "How to join my exclusive marketing group". Click that and access your application form and free training materials. Once your application is approved, you’ll get an insider view of how to really make money online and truly create wealth. See you on the other side!

Please fill in your name, email and phone number now and receive brief guided program on developing the "Success mindset". Plus you get FREE access to the mind-blowing talk by Jay Kubassek I just wrote about. Thank you!


*** Your information is private and confidential. We hate spam. It will not be shared with anybody ***

The right approach to Clickbank

May 9th, 2009

Hey there budding internet marketer… you are learning new words in your vocabulary! Wow! Clickbank. The marketplace where sellers (vendors), resellers (affiliates) and buyers converge to make merry!

You can start making money reselling the products clickbank "Vendors" create and offer. The list is huge… tens of thousands of online products.

As a first step, visit and "Sign up" (link next to ‘home’ on top). After that, 3 steps:

Step 1: Choose which products you want to promote

To choose which products you want to promote visit the ClickBank Marketplace. You can either use the “Search the ClickBank Marketplace” box, click on a main category in the “List of Categories” box, or click on the green arrows next to the main categories to browse the products by subcategories.

Step 2: Create correctly formatted Hoplinks

A ClickBank Hoplink is the method ClickBank uses to successfully track the sale and give the proper affiliate credit. The Hoplink transfers (or links) potential customers from your promotion to a publisher’s website while automatically crediting you, the affiliate, with the referral. If the customer then buys the publisher’s product you will receive a commission for the sale.

After you choose a product in the Marketplace you want to promote, the next step is to create a correctly formatted Hoplink. The simplest way to create Hoplinks is to visit the ClickBank Marketplace. ClickBank will automatically generate the Hoplink necessary for you to promote any of the products listed. Simply find a product you want to promote and click on "create hoplink." Upon clicking "create hoplink," a window will open prompting you to enter in your ClickBank nickname. Enter your nickname and hit "Submit." Follow further instructions step by step.

Step 3: Place your Hoplinks to promote your chosen products

The next step is getting your Hoplinks in front of customers who are interested in the products you have chosen to promote. Affiliates use primarily web-based marketing methods to target potential customers and direct them to products.

There are a variety of internet marketing methods used by affiliates to get their Hoplinks in front of potential customers. The list of possible options is too exhaustive to be covered here. Some popular methods include paid search engine marketing, content and niche sites (for example product review sites), personal web sites or blogs, and email marketing. Of course, it is a responsible practice to only send email to people who have "opted in" (example below).


If you are new to affiliate marketing and are unfamiliar with the above internet marketing methods, pop your name and email here and pick up your FREE copy of the Affiliate Marketing Handbook…

What’s more, you will get a series of "Private Access" mails to train you in Internet Marketing of any business! FREE! So grab this opportunity now!

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Oneness with wealth: Comments

May 6th, 2009

This post is created to save your comments about the page on Wealth .

Thank you for your feedback!

PS: Wondering how some people have their picture posted alongside their comments? Go to and signup free… upload your picture… now every gravatar-compatible blog you leave a comment at will automatically carry your pic 🙂

How to do online business?

April 17th, 2009

The Internet isn’t as complicated as we think it to be. If you get a hang of a few easy business concepts, online business is simple and fun!

For starters, let’s be sure that it is worth spending your time learning somethings. Because the Internet is not just another communication option anymore. It was originally just that… first only for the defense (70’s – arpanet)… then for education (80’s – ernet)… then for businesses (90’s – b2b)… then for customer-oriented business (b2c)… now for anyone (c2c – not just on the computer but on any mobile gizmo) and soon it will be an embedded chip on our shoulder and everyone’s aura will be connected 🙂 !

So this medium is like a sixth element and knowing how to use it – and better still, profit from it – is like harnessing water or fire! Sounds crazy, I know… but hey, look around you. There are 3 types of people:

  • those who make things happen
  • those who watch things happen
  • those who wonder what happened

Using this site, you will be in the top class. So is it worth prioritizing some time for this? To my knowledge, no one has put the use of time as well as Steven Covey in the Urgent-Important matrix.

Now it is recommended to spend 70%+ of your life in Quadrant II and less than 10% in each of the other quadrants if you really want to get anywhere other than the mortuary end. These are the 5 things that are Important-but-not-Urgent in Q2.

  • Preparation
  • Planning >> critical
  • Prevention
  • Relationship building
  • Personal development

Shall we examine them one by one, relative to this site and your new-found ‘business life’?

Preparation: What is required of an online business person?

The first thing we need is the right ‘mentality’. Does business mean some kind of ‘lottery’ to you… or does it stand for a process of building up something from scratch, methodically, and with commitment. If it means the latter, please read on… else, you might want to be on the DoOnlineLottery kind of site.

Having said that, I do understand, you might be here to make money faster than off-line… and you probably will. My intent was only to brush off the get-rich-quickers. That you are around, let’s just understand that we’d need to start planning for our business life and prioritize some budget to pick some product/s and plug into some system/s that will get our business/es into the cyber-world.

And that was important… Any F*R*E*E kind of stuff is an exercise is self-consolation and a waste of time. A free business is not getting money from anywhere, so what’s it going to pay you? Obvious but often overlooked. I wonder why people love to ‘feel busy’ evaluating freebies 🙂 (Quad IV stuff).

Here’s an article that would perhaps be good to read before you move on

Planning: What types of online businesses are possible?

Essentially there are 5 slots into which any online business available for individuals (c2c) would fall:

1. Direct Sales

This is easy to relate to. The internet has cut too many ‘middle-men’ out of the equation. Any company has a product or service to sell. They have researched it, produced and packaged it and now need you to market it. Since you like commissions, you master the ways of selling it online and presto, get paid for it! Examples are many but some meaningful opps are ebooks , google courses , wealth education , home business solutions etc. Clickbank is also a good place to find products to promote and ebay is an age-old market place.

If you are selling your own products or services, that too would fall under this category.

2. Affiliate

Somewhat similar to direct sales, affiliate-ships help you to a web page that could be customized with your name and some details. They typically work for:

It is easy to see that you would need some or many of these as you go about your online business professionally, so bookmark this page.

3. Multi-level

The genius of distribution modeling, multi-level networks pay off pretty well for people who do not quit. The biggest problem with MLM is, it is easy to get in and so it is easy to get out. But if you work a networking business professionally – like you might if you had your life-savings invested in it – nothing can pay better. Here’s a must-read article to grasp what you might be missing .

There are many off-line network marketing opportunities, for which online means are great to communicate, establish relationship and keep contact. And there are many pure online MLM business too like chattotext , gdi , evp , me2everyone etc.

Anywhere you hear the word ‘x-by-x matrix’, you know it’s an MLM. If you are open to understand this, nothing does it better than the videos here . Be patient there are lots of them… but in a few minutes a day, they will set your concepts good for sure (and for free because this is the creator’s tribute to the industry).

4. Systemic

What a system is needs to be understood and the article here will help . All I’ll say is, systems do more than just lead marketing mlm , and a business opportunity seeker in mlm can lead effectively as an internet marketer / online business owner. Many systemic online businesses are found in finance and day trading also.

5. Data-based

The opportunities here are more c2b than c2c, so customers can do data entry type work for companies to get paid. Surveys, transcriptions, translations, mturk, writing opportunities, form-filling works are the type of ventures that fall into this category of online business. Less business and more work actually, but that’s what keeps a large number of people in their comfort zone 🙂

Prevention: … is better than cure … says it all

Instead of creating Quadrant I crises, preventing problems can give you more time for other Q2 stuff. Online, this would mean better education for instance. Use of systems . Belief in your coach . All of which serve to ‘sharpen the axe’ and prevent losses.

This last reference is obviously to the story of the woodcutter who spent a full day cutting one tree. The wise man told him to sharpen his axe… "by doing so you will cut four trees in the same time." But our man did not do that. Why? He thought he had no time to sharpen his axe!

Are you thinking that way? Are you mostly fire-fighting for survival and therefore minimizing your productivity? Maybe you want to review 🙂

Relationship building

This is where the rubber meets the road. MK Gandhi said, "A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so."

You build relationships online and relationships build your business. Period. Of course you can advertise… all the talk about craigslist classifieds, banners, pay-per-click (PPC) and stuff. But all that only leads to the start of the relationship. And that is the business owner’s main focus.

On Web2.0 (the interactive c2c web), there are many forums and chat places… there are also huge hang-outs like facebook and myspace. What do you do here? Build relationships! Imagine these as social parties. You get into the room, make some friends and invite them to your home (your blog) or to office (your business site). Simple. Just as you would behave off-line, behave online. Again, I wonder why many people don’t. Perhaps it is the Q1 addiction taking over. And that brings me to the last point.

Personal development

Nobody trained most of us for business. Especially not for big business, which the internet is perfectly capable of. So I urge you to start this journey with Robert Kiyosaki. His book, Cashflow Quadrant, is the most profound treatise on how to think for life – with or without a business. And if you are going to be with it, even more critical to know 🙂

Building both, vision and relationships, requires reading. ‘Skill with people’ by Les Giblin; ‘Questions are the answers’ by Alan Pease; ‘The magic of thinking big’ by David Schwartz; ‘Secrets of the millionaire mind’ by Harv Eker; ‘You can heal your life’ by Louise Hay; ‘Personality plus’ by Florence Littauer; ‘eMyth’ by Michael Gerber; ‘Piano on the beach’ by Jim Dornan; ‘Made in America’ by Sam Walton; at least start with these.

Books will stretch your mind to the level of the author. Why compress it with inane negative newspaper input when you can blossom with books and make your business bloom alongside effortlessly?

So practically, where do you start? Click here and get on to a fantastic journey! All the best!

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