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How To Get A Free Targeted List That Makes Money For You In The Next 15 Minutes

October 29th, 2010

If you are an online marketer you probably realize that the list is the most important asset you have. But in case you don’t let me take it from the top.

How does one market online? Well, there could be many things you were told to do, but here’s what works… it’s a three-part process.

Part one is to develop a website around something of your interest so you can fill it with good content and have some supporting videos or articles that you can share with other people interested in the subject.

Second is to link to an autoresponder, which is a tool that enables you to capture the name and email (other details also, if you wish) of visitors to your site. You would give something in exchange for their contact details so it’s a fair barter. In the process of your capturing these details you are building a list.

Part three is to send messages to this list, again using your autoresponder. Through these messages and other social interactions (on facebook etc) you will develop a relationship with this list and get to know what they like to have.

For example, if you have a site on growing orchids indoors, you might find a lot of people on your list concerned about how many times a week the orchid must be exposed to the sun. Makes sense? Now if you have a lamp on amazon (say) that casts light like sunlight, this might be a winner for your list. They will buy the product from your emailed link and amazon will pass you a commission. Their orchids will receive sunlight thrice a week because they will switch on that lamp three times and everyone will be happy.

But it takes time to build a list like this one. So here’s an idea. You can joint-venture (JV) with another marketer who is also creating lists. Through this process you send your mailer to the JV partner and he sends a mailer to your list. Clicks can be exchanged on mutually agreeable terms.

JV partners are available at and you can drop by a video to understand the list swap process better. While there, do comment and rate the video. Thanks!

Disclaimer: The safe-swaps link is my affiliate link and if you make purchases from it a commission may accrue to me.

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