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What path to Success? Business or Spirituality?

November 2nd, 2010

Any self-help book will promise you great success if you work on your self. Personal development is the key it seems. But there are two main paths of personal development. One is business and the other is spiritual. Are they in conflict with each other? Watch this video…

The answer is easy to visualize if you look at yourself as a bird. To fly you need two wings. One is material and the other is spiritual. You need both in balance.

How does one balance these two seemingly diametrically opposite ends of a personal goal spectrum? That is achieved by standing at the point of convergence. And that point is by operating from a mentality of abundance.

What does abundance have to do with either you say? Great! Abundance in business means preparing a mindset to work with lots of people for lots of activity. Oil companies, telecom companies, retail chain do this all the time. And the larger they get, the more the abundance manifests. But it starts with an initial visualization… that Sam Walton or Bill Gates or Thomas Edison had.

At the other end is spirituality which always builds people up to the point of merging with the divine energy. The oneness of the individual spirit with that of universal consciousness. This is basically seeking to tell spiritual practitioners that abundance is all around and all you need do is tune your mind to be one with it.

Now neither approaches asks you to bet on horses or rob a bank. Both approaches ask you to focus on the larger, abundant picture. And that is my submission about the purpose of personal development. Work it in the direction of abundance – using either or both routes – and success is bound to be yours.

In a book called Arrive At Success on networking and spirituality the author describes this confluence in great detail. David Writer interviews him in a short video on The Success Book here.

Arrive At Success – Book Review

June 12th, 2010

“Arrive At Success::Conversations Between Networkers That Could Tell Lots About Your Future” is a novel by Sandeep Nath that takes the reader into the psyche of a successful networker.

It goes behind the scenes into the world of network marketing… and in a gripping narrative style reveals orbits of influence that even insiders of this industry often never reach.

This book is a must-read for anyone looking at the network marketing industry even with the least amount of seriousness. Some of the author’s experiences could impact your mind once and forever.

Written to be read and re-read, Arrive At Success is a treat with inspiring stories, quotable quotes, quips and usable one-liners. But more than that, it is a treatise about how mental programming and consciousness development pave the way for eventual success.

arrive at successArrive At Success can be purchased through Paypal for US$ 7.


“I loved the storytelling style. You can read through again and again to discover something new every time”

– Norbert Orlewicz, Owner MLSP

“Sandeep Nath has opened up a Pandora’s box with this book. His ideas are not just relevant, they are in fact required for the new age human being. His book can best be explicated as ‘a road map to Spiritual Capitalism’. A must read for anyone at any stage in life”

– Arjun Aiyar, Owner thinQ dynamiQ

“Arrive At Success has a lot of depth. Many points hit home squarely and need to be understood in their multiple dimensions before they are imminently quoted”

– Basant Panday, Owner IndiaLog

“Sandeep has crafted a lifetime of lessons into one captivating story. You get caught up in the journey and you don’t realize you are learning. So it would pay to read it a second time with highlighter in hand so you don’t miss the important life lessons.”

– Dean McNamara, Owner

“You have made us to understand how to be responsible for our thoughts and actions; you become empowered to make choices that lead to balance and fulfillment. You have taken a torch of a new higher consciousness way to do things… and I will follow you in this great endeavor.”

– Roger Aburto, World Superhuman Project

“Take the Wisdom of Deepak Chopra, The Insight of Anthony Robbins and the Teaching of Robert Kiyosaki, mix it with astute observation and personal experience and you have an awesome read to improve your own personal philosophy – well done Sandeep”

– Sam Star, Teacher & Global Entrepreneur

“Why don’t people understand networking? Sandeep has discovered the solution. It takes both time and experience to absorb this concept. Sandeep takes his readers with him on his personal journey in search of discovering what networking is. Through his storytelling manner he captures his readers attention long enough so they can start to understand the networking concept. The book is outstanding and at the end of his book you want to turn it back over and start to immediately reading it again.”

– Sue DeBrule, Author of Rise Above The Rat Race

“Here are principles that will help you grow, not only in business but in life. Sandeep has put it all together in this well written treatise. No networker should be without this book.”

– Doug Wead, New York Times bestselling author, adviser to two American Presidents and network historian

Are we on the same planet?

June 2nd, 2010

If you had not come across the “Guru Blueprint course”, I would wonder.

But rather than wonder I’d like you to know that few sites at all garner as many as 5000+ comments from over 100,000 visitors in 14 days. The Eben Pagan’s Guru Blueprint blog is one of them. And it doesn’t even feature Britney Spears. In fact it’s about education!

So what makes it special? And why is it relevant for you to know?

Guru Blueprint is about developing high priced information products from the stuff you already know. Information products is where the world is headed. The quest for knowledge. CDs, videos, reports, e-learning, mastermind groups… the works. And since you have some domain expertise in some area, why not learn how to package it to make money out of it?

Evidently all the people visiting the blog agree… and are willing to put $1997 into the proven scripts, templates and tools that have had Eben Pagan generate over $100 million dollars online in the last 9 years.

After all when an authority like Eben is personally mentoring you with all you need to know to be a Guru in your domain, how can a you let a couple of thousand get in the way? You spent more on a high school education… and you know where it got you.

Moreover this deal is on a 30-day full refund + a ‘keep the materials you’ve downloaded’ policy!

And its sweetened by $17,000 worth of supplementary services I’m rendering for free. My services arise only if you enroll at this link of course (watch a video where Eben explains all this for free here… sample the guy).

You can also get heaps of information here

Needless to say Guru Blueprint is open for a very short window (perhaps till June 4) as the participant numbers are limited. Get down to earth 🙂

7 Rules for Investing

April 9th, 2010

“Investing is not a get-rich-quick drama. Investing is a plan, often a dull and almost mechanical process of getting rich.”

– Robert Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki goes on to say that before launching yourself as an investor, you should commit the Seven Rules of Investing to memory. If you follow these rules during your journey, they’ll keep you on the straight and narrow path toward comfort and security.

Rule 1: Know what kind of income you have to work with.
Are you dealing with earned, portfolio, or passive income?

Rule 2: Convert earned income into portfolio income or passive income as efficiently as possible. This will not only put your money to work for you but also increase the chances that your funds will grow. For example, an investor might purchase a multifamily home, live in one unit, and rent out the others to cover the debt service, or rent out all the units for a positive cash flow, investing the profits in securities. A good advisor can tell you how to handle investments in ways that maximize tax efficiency.

Rule 3: Purchase securities with positive returns. Obviously, securities are bought to serve as assets, yet some securities lose value and become liabilities. While no investment is risk-free, the educated investor will more often than not buy securities that provide a good return on investment.

Rule 4: Become your own best asset—instead of your own liability.
A good investor buys undervalued securities in a bear market or lucrative real estate in foreclosure. A bad investor locks in losses on a stock by panicking in a market slump. An educated investor is emotionally neutral when making investment decisions.

Rule 5: Be prepared for anything; don’t try to predict what will happen or when. Investing is a skill, not a science. The Zen swordsman disciplines body and mind to counter any blow spontaneously; he does not anticipate the moves of an opponent, for that impedes his ability to react. Likewise, professional investors know they cannot control the real estate or stock market, let alone the global economy. Instead, they train themselves to be financially intelligent, to think confidently and creatively when opportunities or problems arise.

Rule 6: Learn to trust that, when a good deal presents itself, the funding will be close behind. Sophisticated investors know a money-making deal when they see one, and nothing generates financial backing like the prospect of success. The opposite also holds true: If respected investors are all rejecting a deal, an investor should heed the red flag.

Rule 7: Know how to evaluate risk and reward. There is risk in every investment, but risk is a relative term. An investor who can understand a company’s financial statement, evaluate a business system, or take the pulse of the stock market has a greater chance of buying an asset than a liability. Since risk is often directly proportional to reward, anyone who hopes to become wealthy must be able to invest more aggressively than someone who’s content to be secure. The more financially educated you are, the less risk you’re taking.

To learn more about what Kiyosaki and other financial geniuses say about YOUR MONEY drop by at for the big one. You will need the Referral ID #10060 to read on. All the best!

Is network marketing for intelligent, creative people?

February 3rd, 2010

Dogged by common misconceptions of well-meaning educated people, I write this article.

Network marketing is in fact a great profession to be a part of if you understand it right. The most common misconception is that “it’s about selling products.” This is as correct as it would be to say “a job is about working late”.  Generally people understand jobs and efficiency related to them. Generally people know that overtime happens only due to crisis or inefficiency. How do they know? They have been taught to WORK.

Now network marketing requires a person to learn to NETWORK. And only in crisis or inefficiency would a person be found selling products.

So what is to be learned about Networking? Lots! As much as there is to be learned about working. But the issue is, we spend 16 years in formal studies and a few more on the job to learn all that. Whereas Networking is treated as a past time. A hobby. And therefore most people get hobby type results. The income potentials are however professional. Usually as professional as movie stars or sportsmen or CEOs. And you reach them in 2 to 5 years working about 15 hours a week. So why wouldn’t you take it seriously?

One of my friends in the industry, Mark Yarnell wrote a book in the 90’s called ‘Your First Year In Network Marketing’ where he shared some interesting statistics.

The statistics show that although 95% of distributors in the network marketing industry fail, that for those of us who stick with one company for 10 years or more and actively participate in their business (meaning that they work at it at least part time), that 95% of them reach the top of the company’s pay plan.

What does the top of the compensation plan look like? It varies from company to company, but in most companies it is A LOT more than the average person with a professional degree makes on an annual basis. Here’s one online sales comp plan for instance.

So the question of the day is not whether ’network marketing is for intelligent, creative people’… instead the question of the day is ‘are you willing to treat a professional business like a business?’

There is enormous intelligence required to learn the operation of networks. There are cutting edge strategies. Dealing with people calls for creativity of the highest order… which helps develop every other aspect of one’s life. And none of this requires 16 years of formal education. It just takes a dream, shared with a team.

Are you intelligent enough to get this basic fact about network marketing?

How to make more money by spending more

February 2nd, 2010

I already have a fan club of people who think I’ve totally lost it. This topic will add fuel to their coffee table discussions 🙂

But what am I to do? I come across these people everyday… like I did last night… who look at a bottle of supplements and exclaim, "700 bucks! I can’t afford that."

Now all of us living in the new paradigm know that this is a self-fulfilling prophecy. He can’t (and won’t) afford that. But over the next 3 months (that’s how long the supplements would last) he would get a wrong-parking ticket and wind up paying the same amount… heaven knows from where! Or he’d spend that on his cigarettes without batting an eyelid.

If you relate with such habitual or unforeseen expenses all the time, just know that the following 3 points are not my theory. They are researched facts that I have come across at many a seminar. And I have experienced them first-hand.

And the first of the facts is, "when you first consciously increase the pivot point (rough monthly average) of your expenses, the pivot point of your earnings also increases." It just follows. Money comes in and keeps coming in as long as you stay consciously aware of the step-ups of your expenses.

This is a metaphysical reality and it always works. Wealth moves in its own ways. Don’t you remember the days you survived (quite well) on an income about one-fifth of today’s? If you are not faring hugely better in lifestyle terms now, it’s probably because your money consciousness has plummeted because you have ‘got sensible’ about life. Consequently you have pulled yourself away from the universal source and depend more on the personal (ego’s) production capacity. Obviously the latter is less.

However there is a physical reality to this aspect of making more money as well. And that lies in understanding where you are spending your money. Are you spending it in a system where it will never return? Or are you spending it in a system where it could come back to you?

Expenses at a store are examples of non-returning outflows. Expenses in a network marketing environment , or financial instrument, are of the nature that return to the spender manifold. As long as you respect the rules of the system you’re spending the money in, you shall have predictable results. Put your head into it for 6 to 12 months. You shall not end up a pauper… that is guaranteed… but you just might become a whole lot wiser… and that’s for life!

The third fact, insofar as organic supplements (or any other high quality products) are concerned, is another physical reality. And this is about shifting fixed expenses by trusting the aforementioned metaphysical principle. What does this mean? It means, you buy organic supplements to consciously increase your expense pivot point. Next you use them (this is important). Now you will benefit from 6 to 12 months of continued usage. You will eliminate doctor, pharmacy and hospital bills . You will reduce that component of expenses (which would otherwise have been made in a system that wouldn’t have paid you back anyway). And you will end the year richer.

Likewise, let’s say you buy high quality detergent (with softner) from your networking business. Now on the retail price you will see you’re paying three times for it (compared with other premium brands in the market). But it is a concentrated formulation and thus will last thrice as much. Most direct-to-home products are concentrates as concentrates reduce transport & stocking cost. Moreover, since it has added softner, your clothes will last twice as much. Obviously you spend more on clothes every year than you do on detergent. So if the clothes last longer, you’ll be saving ‘pounds’.

Are you being penny wise and pound foolish? Is prevention better than cure for your family? Is a penny saved a penny earned (in the system that pays you back)? Have you forgotten all the sayings you learned in junior school? Or have you only just discovered how sensible they were… and are you now ready to apply them in your life?

From ‘middle class’ to ‘rich’

September 1st, 2009
In the Lighthearted Land
Image by Pensiero via Flickr

Want to be rich, not middle class anymore? All you need do is decide to be rich.

For starters, let’s get some definitions clear. ‘Rich’ means you do not spend your time to earn money. ‘Middle class’ means you do not abuse your body to earn money (but you are not rich). And ‘How to’ means a method, a way of doing things.

Let us also assume that a ‘middle class’ person is so because of his upbringing… not because he was a ‘rich’ gone broke.

Now there is a lot to be said about this ‘upbringing’ because it is often the main reason we stay middle class. The root lies in “conformity”. Do what the neighbors do! What will our friends think? Here’s news… hang out with rich friends and conformity will pull you up rather than keep you where you are.

So how do you make rich friends or get in a rich neighborhood? The internet comes to the rescue! More about this in conclusion…

Today, because of the multitude of choices we all have, it is easy to get distracted from where we want to go in life. Robert Kiyosaki, the guru of financial intelligence, says, the first step is to ‘Decide to Be Rich ’.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start coming in awareness. Watch your words. You will stay middle class if you say…“We’re setting a few dollars aside every month, so we can afford the down payment on our dream home.” Or if you are focused on comfort. “I don’t want to be rich. I just want to be comfortable.”

However, the rich use the vocabulary found in the asset column. The rich are rich because they are not focused on comfort and the acquisition of liabilities using credit, as the middle class is.

The rich are rich because they focus on the long-term acquisition of assets… assets such as stocks, bonds, system-based businesses and income producing real estate. Many times the rich will forsake meals, a steady pay check, a vacation, or the comfort of a nice home, to build or acquire real assets.

Here’s how a Canadian teacher-couple I know stated it in their personal middle-class-to-rich story… I quote 2 gems of their exemplary advice:

"If you’re a renter looking for a new place, don’t just accept what the market has to offer. Instead, put the word out about your good qualities. Great tenants are hard to find. My wife and I placed an ad in the local paper stating that we were two responsible teachers looking for a quality long-term rental. We mentioned the price we’d pay and the exact specifications we sought. Another teacher answered the ad, and offered her place for $180 per month less than nearby apartments. That saved us more than $8,000 over four years – equivalent to a $12,000 pre-tax bonus.’

Notice what they focused on? Their Assets… Themselves!

"Low-cost index funds beat most actively managed mutual funds over the long haul. So when financial planners try to put you into an actively managed fund, tell them thanks, but no. Sure, you might get lucky and pick an actively managed fund that does beat the market, but it’s nearly impossible to pick winners ahead of time. Looking at past performance doesn’t help: the top performing funds of one decade usually lag in the next decade. Pick a guru who buys and holds stocks for long periods (so you don’t end up buying after the guru has sold) then emulate what he’s doing. Warren Buffett would be my choice. His most recent large investments have been in Anheuser-Busch and Wal-Mart. Once you buy, hold on and be patient."

Once again, their focus has been to follow the rich on asset-linked investments.

Now I’d mentioned early on in this article, the internet is a great place to get in a rich neighborhood or make rich friends. Why? Because many forums, and facebook too, house communities of rich-minded people. And entry for anyone is at par. Soon you will learn how to professionally network .

Networks, by definition, are assets for their owners and you can own your part of the world’s biggest network, the Internet!

So snap out of the middle class and ‘decide to be rich’. Join some successful business owners . Watch what they do. Ask questions earnestly. Emulate. And you shall be on your way!

The time for human consciousness

July 29th, 2009

Last week I read James Redfield ‘s “The Celestine Prophecy”. Why this book had escaped me till date I know not. Obviously for a deeper reason than I don’t as yet fathom. But I couldn’t help being blown away by the ‘coincidences’, to begin with.

For starters, I am amazed at how many people have been writing, speaking and propagating higher consciousness in the last two decades. And how much experimentation has been happening in this field concurrently.

As someone in the midst of it, I find the energy mind boggling. A couple of years ago when I came upon Power v/s Force by Dr David Hawkins , that was remarkable in its identification of the various levels of vibration that encompass human consciousness.

For sake of completeness, I reproduce them here:


What this means is, when you can isolate the emotion you are experiencing in any situation, you can also know how badly steeped you are below the human consciousness average (200). Not only will you do the planet a huge favor by yanking your mental state out of the low vibration you stand at, you can also strive to align your perceptions (views) with higher processes for self-growth.

Much like what Louise Hay writes in ‘Heal your Life’ about the mind-body connection. You can ‘will’ your body to be perfect by programming the mind to think of it that way. (Her diagnostic “List” is always bang-on).

And it’s interesting how Dr Hawkins inter-linked human consciousness vibrations tie in with the theory of ‘Butterfly Effect’ (Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?). Exciting to see where this coming decade leads… obviously many path-breaking insights are yet to surface.

I can go on with these remarkable discoveries but it will be more fun when you do your research. And if you’re like me, you will converge, propel and finance your passion in this subject by operating in the b-quadrant .

However you choose to do it, all I can say is… when they discovered mechanization, you weren’t there… when they discovered quantum physics you missed it… now we are discovering consciousness, so why not be in the NOW? (thanks, Ms Tolle!)

Please also read The role of consciousness in network marketing for a future perspective.

How much money can I make online?

July 7th, 2009

As a success coach, this is a common question I get. In fact, this is a common question offline as well… especially heard when a prospect is trying to shy away from a network marketing opportunity. Sometimes it sounds like, “How much money do you make?” Whatever.

Why is this so? When I thought hard about it I concluded that perhaps the ‘money part’ is just a cover-up for the need-to-talk-to-people part. It’s much easier to say, “I don’t have money” or “how much do you make” and brush off a potential sponsor.

But then, somewhere someone has to state the truth right? And that’s what I aim to do.

My objective of this piece is two-fold. One, to tell you where the money is. And two, to tell you how to get it from there. Build your money consciousness. Interesting? Fasten your seat-belts 🙂

If you have read “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by Harv Eker, you would know the invaluable wealth principles he’s articulated so well. If you haven’t, put it on your to-do list for this week. When you look back to this week 5 years hence, you’ll find it was the most significant thing you did.

What Harv says is we all have our in-built financial thermostats. They cut-off at some subconsciously determined level. The book helps you change your financial blueprint but this article only draws your attention to its existence.

Suppose I asked you, “how would you spend one million dollars?” Would your first thought be…

  1. How many zeros is that?
  2. Let me have the money first
  3. Depends… there are so many things… (philosophy)
  4. I would do “xxx” (exactly using the money to the last dollar)

If your responses were anything other than #4, here’s what you can be sure of. You’re not getting the money (!) Sorry, but that is how the cookie crumbles. Stop killing yourself over it 🙂

And it doesn’t matter if you are in offline business, online or network marketing. <FACT> 90%+ businesses of any kind crash within 5 years. It’s just that you get to hear about the network marketing and online businesses faster because they reach further and impact more people. Period.

The reason for your not being able to make the money (or crashing the business) is simple. Your subconscious is not programmed to do anything with that money. Your conscious mind just floats around feeling good about the million dollar “jackpot”. This is the reason most lottery winners are back to where they started few years down the road. Have you heard of any millionaire who built his empire thanks to a lottery win?

So how much money you can make is dependent not on what your online business would get you but rather on how big you’ve built your mind.

Is your crucible large enough to hold a few billion dollars, which is but a tiny fraction of the world’s abundant wealth?

Are you saying the right things to yourself? The excuse, “I don’t have the money”, spoken to a network marketing sponsor is self-defeating for life. In saying so, you are programming your brain to ‘not have money’ and be ok with the idea. Poor choice!

Are you getting the picture here? The money is in your mind. And some good b-quadrant friends can get your mental blueprint about wealth better organized for you.

Now that you know the money is in your mental crucible, here’s a game you can play to help you get it from there. It’s fun and will surprise you! Be at it for 60 days and watch your crucible expand! Here’s the game:

Start a fresh notebook. Turn to page 1. Write down any imaginary figure you are comfortable with, to earn in a day. For example, if you are on a $ 3000 /month salary that’s $100 per day… but maybe you are comfortable with even $1000. Write that. Don’t put any figure that your mind will ridicule.

Now, use this money up on the same page. Below the figure, write what your mandatory expenses are. Groceries, utility payments and loans typically stand at the top of the list. By the time you finish expenses, be sure you end on a zero balance.

Next day, again put a figure on top of page 2. This figure must be equal to or greater than the previous day’s. Again, apportion expenses. Look at the longer term expenses now… like the house loan… pay off more than just a month’s installment. Next, look at non-mandatory expenses you’ve been budgeting for… the diamond solitaire for instance… and end the page on zero balance.

On the third day, again put a figure on top of page 3. Obviously this figure must be equal to or greater than the previous day’s. Again, apportion expenses. Do this till you can’t think of any other thing you need to spend money on… except luxuries. In case you finish expenses, tithe a little (give to charity). The tithing amount should be no greater than 10%. Over? Spend some on luxuries till you are at a zero balance.

Next day, again put a figure equal to or greater than the previous day’s on top of page 4. Give yourself a bigger hike. Continue with immediate expenses first, long-term next, non-mandatory after that, a little tithing, a little luxury. Chances are you will get to this point after many more days than 4, but for sake of this example let’s imagine you’re done now and still have money left over. Now start investing the remainder. Invest in assets. Check prices of gold, property, mutual funds… see how much the remainder of your money can buy.

Remember Robert Kiyosaki ’s sound anti-depression advice, “the rich put money into assets, not expenses”. So continue doing this. Be sure to have a big smile on your face everyday as you start writing into your notebook.

Also make sure you have no money left over. Put a bit aside for necessities everyday. Pay off all your debts. Enjoy all the luxuries you can imagine and gift and tithe and invest alongside (in that order).

Play this game sincerely till you reach page 60 and watch what it does to your mind. I guarantee you will be on your way to being abundantly, happily rich! And this might be the time to start taking your sponsor and your online / network marketing business really seriously… because unlike every offline business, the online / networking money vehicle operates with absolutely no limits – except your mind!

“You are not really wealthy if you can count how much money you make” – Jim Dornan

To order Harv Eker’s book and change your blueprint to wealth, click here…

Success comes with no doubt

May 20th, 2009

The pun here is very very intentional. Where a seed of doubt exists, success retracts. It’s called self-sabotage. And it is one price we pay as we grow up.

Look at kids. They have no doubt that they will, say, walk. And so they fall any number of times and get up… and eventually walk. Why? Because they see social proof around them… everyone can walk… so they can too. Not convinced? Let’s look at a 6-year old’s desire for a bar of chocolate. He wants it and he hounds his parents, makes inane trade-offs, and eventually gets it. Not because the parents are too kind and loving… but because he knows beyond doubt that he is going to have it.

But then we grow up. And ‘see too much’. And know what cannot happen well before we realize what can. The innocent surety-beyond-doubt is looked upon as ‘naive immaturity’. Maturity is all about knowing what can’t be done. In supporting the socially-acceptable, regardless of how flawed it might be. Or how limited our view might be.

Galelio and Copernicus – among many others – lost their lives to support a wildly silly claim that the Earth was round. Till the social proof manifested better and the truth became self-evident.

I can go on with examples of posthumous greatness. But that’s not the point.

The point is about your success. Are you destined for it while alive or dead? I expect to achieve it while alive. Which (if you’ve read the page ‘About me ‘, you’ll know) is to bring network marketing mainstream as a vehicle to create a society at a higher vibratory level of consciousness.

Take a 5-minute break and watch this snippet from Fountainhead by Ayn Rand…

What a network marketer encounters today (since the last 75-odd years) is not very different to what Martin Luther King, George Washington, MK Gandhi or Mao encountered… a ridiculous reception to a life-changing idea. I quote MK Gandhi’s observation about his residence (ashram) "Cranks and madmen often find their way to the ashram – and I am the maddest of them all". Now isn’t that the spirit of networkers and the way they are usually looked upon? We have only just scratched the tip of the iceberg.

You see, all the revolutions you can trace back to the gentlemen mentioned above took about a century to fructify. Fortunately the seeds of the networked economic model have been planted 75 years back and this generation is going to bear the fruit. Initially the fruit will be available to those who are today part of the movement. But 50 years hence everyone would partake of this ‘world of abundance’ which we are creating.

It takes a different education to understand this new world. Is it worth investing a few minutes today to examine it further? I can speak for myself. And I do, in a video at Arrive At Success . As for you, think about it… all you have learned till today has got you to where you are at. Is that where you expected to be? What you’d defined as success while in school? If no, let’s spend some time and money on a few new things to learn, starting at the link above. Again, to quote Gandhi, "Be the change you want to see". So let’s keep doubts aside for the next few years… or at least months… while we tread a path together.

And success shall come (to you) without doubt 🙂

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