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See you at the top

May 30th, 2009


Last week my family and I were in Ladakh. This is a part of the Jammu & Kashmir State, bordering Tibet and China at the neck and head of India. This is also where the Himalaya displays her raw beauty… as a reward for those who brave her higher reaches.

Ladakh’s capital, Leh, perched about 11,500 feet, strikes the visitor as a pretty normal small town… till one figures that one has a mild headache. In a few minutes – or a conversation later – one understands that this is what being in a ‘rarified’ atmosphere does… and that the headache is a symptom of the lack of oxygen in the blood. So a nice long snooze settles the problem and the next day one is ready to explore!

The best parts of the exploration lie 2 to 5 hours away from Leh… and the journey is really the destination (much like the journey to Success ). However, the strong Tibetan influence makes many monastries – like Likir (pic above) and Alchi – good pit stops. Paintings and books over a 1000 years old are preserved like they were created only months ago… bright and vivid in their depiction of Lord Buddha and the stories that went with him.


And then there is nature… white sands (and camels!) at the Nubra Valley and intoxicating blue lakes, like Pangdong, where 7 colors of blue alone form a watery rainbow! This, complemented by sand-sheet mountains – with long strokes that drop smoothly into the horizon – make one wonder if it is a painting one has walked into. And you just can’t miss the colorful flags all over… which (the locals believe) spread the words of peace to the whole world, as the winds carry the messages inscribed on them far and wide (yes, each flag is painstakingly printed with messages of peace!).


While on our way to the confluence of the Indus and Zanskar rivers we came upon a unique natural aberration known as the ‘Magnetic hill’. It is a place where your car (in neutral gear) would roll uphill for a stretch that’s long enough to leave you amazed! No scientist has been able to explain this yet… and its occurrence in the midst of mammoth mountains serves as an unmistakable reminder of how small we really are!


Holidaying in the hills I feel is the best recharge fueled by Nature . Though ‘hills’ that take you to 17,500 feet (over 5000 mtrs) could be a bit much 🙂 But at Ladakh, the balance of nature and Spirituality brews a glorious concoction. Which surely brought all of us back rejuvenated!

Two tips for travelers

One, acclimatize yourself. Do not assume you are of robust body and can move about James-Bond-style anytime in the first 36 hours of landing at Leh. Your body will gradually acclimatize itself to low oxygen and we have heard of dead bodies departing at the airport in 24 hours, just because they overlooked these words of caution.

As network marketers we understand this easily. We caution people to read, listen, use products and associate with their teams… before they go about talking with anyone – especially friends and family. But since the business looks too obvious and inane, most forget the need to ‘acclimatize ‘ and we find networker dead bodies all over the place! Fortunately, with trust, revival is possible in network marketing. At Leh it is not.


And two, experience Ladakh yourself. I too was a victim of the "I’ve seen these sceneries earlier" syndrome from movies and the like. But by day 3, I found myself immersed in the sheer magnitude of the world around me… and the feeling it gives is energizing. Small wonder, many attain enlightenment in the Himalayas.

Back home, it’s like everyone "has seen the Amway-type of things before"… but it is only when you allow yourself to ‘experience’ network marketing fully do you realize what an empowering feeling it produces in you… for life!

So, that said, I look forward to hear/read your story. Of Ladakh… and of success 🙂

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