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Keyword Research for Niche Markets

November 19th, 2010

This video shows how to research good niches using the Market Samurai’s keyword research functionality to develop a list of keywords and order them based on the amount of natural search traffic on Google as well as the number of competing pages. This is one of the most advanced keyword research tools on the market. and is perfect for niche marketing, pay-per-click marketing and natural search marketing campaigns.

Visit and get a free trial of the tool for keyword research for Niche Markets featured here.

An interesting experiment with a ‘Search Marketing Keyword’

November 11th, 2010

As an internet marketer you must be always finding search marketing keywords that you can make money with. As I understand it, a search marketing keyword is some word or phrase that a reasonable number of people search for online… and since there is traffic for the word there are potential buyers for whatever products you can associate with the keyword.

Now maybe this is an incorrect understanding of this phrase, but hey, I came across ‘search marketing keyword‘ just five minutes ago while using my favorite keyword research tool to search some keywords in the keyword research space… for a series of videos I’m making.

What surprised me was the fact that 79 people are searching for this rather strange phrase ‘search marketing keyword’ every day. Moreover, the software tool told me that only 28,500 search results showed up for it and only 2620 of these had the phrase in the title of the piece. These are excellent numbers to penetrate through for page 1 listing, I thought to myself. So I looked up the SEO competition module to see who else had thought of doing that. And surprise surprise!

There was no EzineArticle review in the entire competitive set of Google page 1. Now I thought, why not write and article and see if it ranks up there because search marketing keyword is certainly a term prospective free-trial users of Market Samurai will be looking up.

So here I am writing writing a Market Samurai Review; how I use is a great tool to locate (and evaluate the power of) other such fantastic keyword phrases.

It has more than 8 tools built within to analyze keywords and competitive data. It drills down to a level where you can know precisely where your competition is getting its ranking from and you just need to follow through a plug the leaks. It tells you which keywords rank how well for which domain. Confusing? Not if you are trying to push a keyword in top spot and encounter a ‘hidden’ stumbling block. Then you’ll know exactly how powerful this feature is.

In addition, if you integrate you blog with the tool, the tasks of finding and publishing content can be automated as well. You can find monetization opportunities on the fly for any keyword you like. For example I could push ‘search marketing keyword’ into this tool and know what affiliate programs will allow me to make money from this obscure phrase! How’s that?

But anyhow, that’s not what I intend to do. I know you would like a Market Samurai free trial and I’m going to let you have it with ‘6 more free secrets’ at… Enjoy!

Postscript: An ezine article on ‘Search Marketing Keyword’ is on Google page 1 (was posted 72 hours ago). Guess who wrote it?

How to find profitable keywords

March 3rd, 2010

When we talk about profitable keywords, we’re talking about whether the keyword has a history of generating sales based on the keywords past performance. The thing about keywords is that some may have a high search volume, but have a poor history of profitability; this would make those keywords useless as far as selling something is concerned. But keywords that are not so profitable may have some value in generating leads for your mailing list. These lists could possibly lead to sales over time from your subscriber base.

So when we look at all the criteria that our keywords need to meet, we start to see that it is not always going to be easy to find profitable keywords. The big question is how we find these keywords. One thing that we can do to make our search for keywords a bit easier is to go for the low hanging fruit, as they say in the industry.

What I mean by this is we don’t concentrate on single keyword terms, but rather we look for keyword phrases. Getting back to the example of magic, instead of my keyword being “magician” it might be “magic tricks”, this is being a lot more definitive about what I am selling or promoting.

If I were to use the term “buy magic tricks” now by adding the word buy into this phrase, I will have a phrase with a higher commercial intention. The fact that the keywords definition is such a long search term, lowers the possibility of competition of this phrase.

Now to sum this up, when you use a phrase like “buy magic tricks” this is often referred to as a (longtail) keyword phrase. These longtail have some distinctive characteristics. The longer your keyword phrase means a sharp drop in competition, but greater profitability for the keyword. The only bad thing about longtail terms is they always have lower search volume.

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