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Jeffery Combs Interview on Selling Skills

August 31st, 2009

Jeffery Combs is recognized among the top internet marketers worldwide. A man with a phenomenal rags to riches story, Jeff has seen a lot over time. Like a piece of coal that turns to diamond under pressure, Jeff is one of the most polished diamonds you would find.

The interviewer had the pleasure of being on a call with him for an hour. Here are excerpts…

INT: Hey Jeff, thanks for this call. So can we say you’re a hardcore salesman?

JC: Every one is a salesperson… most don’t know it, that’s all. It’s just that as I became acutely aware of my role in salesmanship, I developed duplicatible techniques around those skills.

INT: So what’s the biggest secret in selling?

JC: Ask questions. Ask the prospect, “You must be serious about starting business, is that right?” Express your own seriousness to coach only when the conversation develops into a string of yeses. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect… it never will be. Start where you are at. Do something. Just start moving.

INT: Wow! that’s a big one. We just freeze ourselves mostly. How do you break the ice?

JC: Master the art of connecting. It is a 4-step process… One, Small talk … as ice breakers. Two, Fact finding for seeking the prospect’s background. Three Rapport building to get on a common ground. And finally, Commitment to next step so you can be leading on. Every conversation, once seen as these 4 steps at play will advance every interaction and solidify a relationship.

INT: Really! Any caveat to this?

JC: Well yes! Only 7% of what is spoken is retained. 38% retention comes from the tone with which it is said. And 55% of the energy of the dialog is what is finally retained. So it is critical to have the conversations with the right energy and tone. How often we remain searching for the right words… and how little they matter!

INT: If you have the right energy, will it still not work?

JC: Also bear in mind, everyone has a reason to NOT live their dream. They boil these reasons down to one of 5 objections:
1. Don’t have money
2. Don’t have time
3. Need to think
4. Need to check with someone
5. A very logical reason not to

These objections arise from natural fears of the unknown. Since you are leading the prospects to a better future it is your job to ask, “sure Sandeep, based on what you see, do you see an opportunity?” Unless you get a Y-E-S yes, back off. Anyone saying ‘ya’, ‘yea’, ‘yep’, ‘uh-huh’ etc has not got it. Their time will come later. Your time is precious. You have lives to change.

INT: Wonderful! So who is the ideal prospect?

JC: You are seeking what I call people with ‘Opportunity Seeking Perception’. They are self-starters. They are all over. When your OSP is active, you will connect with them. That’s when you must not be shy. Be upfront to ask, “how much income do you want to make?” “If you are serious, where can you find the money in the next 24 hours?” Remember, he says, for anyone to find a few thousand dollars is no big deal these days. Money is never an objection… what if they we to be in the hospital the next day? The money is there.

INT: This is great stuff Jeff. Any closing comments?

JC: Get rid of a self-limiting thought which says, “I don’t want to be pushy”. Every excuse is a well planned lie. Your job is to push the lies away. It’s good to be pushy towards truth. Remember attachment leads to disappointment. Never be attached to the outcome of your efforts. And you shall never be disappointed!

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