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Internet Marketing Tols You Must Own

February 24th, 2010

Ok, let me start by making it clear that internet marketing tols has been deliberately misspelled because in the entire internet space Mr Google has so far detected only 3 sites that misspell it while 550,000 searches are made on the phrase internet marketing tools every month! I suspect enough people would press ‘o’ just once and feel gratified enough for them to land on this page and discover the best battery of working tols (tools); duh?

To begin, here’s the conquer the internet dvd… your best investment to learn internet marketing. Once this is done, you can actually use internet sites like facebook, twitter, forums, articles and videos and blogs (altogether known as web2.0 properties) to market anything profitably online. At US$30 this is a steal, especially as it comes with  US$47 worth free set up and training for internet marketing. If you like that you can continue at US$47/mo and turn in profit from that investment too (due to what you learn). I’ll guide you to the shortcuts 😉

Next, you can get a bunch of valuable products for self growth. Mindset is everything in marketing and the best internet marketing tol you have is your mind. Sharpen it with a 6-minute program that prepares you for daily action. More about this program from Bob Proctor here. Every one of my friends and referrals on this program have had incredible results through the confidence and business alignment they have generated. There is a revenue stream built into this program as well.

Now you are making money through at least 2 streams (there are many more in the US$47 subscription I wrote about earlier… and mostly free to register). And you have a set of powerful tools to stunt around the internet with. So if you don’t have a big ticket product to market you may as well get one. Here’s the best of wealth education and I offer you the online sales compensation plan to help you think rationally first.

Wealth education too is a tool for you to use the money you make wisely. The program starts through a set of internet marketing tols that take off exactly where the conquer the internet dvd left you. And it just gets better and better. Explore… and enjoy!

Get Rich with an Internet Income

December 29th, 2009

"The benefit of living in a free society is that we all have the choice to be rich, poor, or middle class. The decision is up to you." – Robert Kiyosaki

How did this author (Robert Kiyosaki) go from homeless to being financially free in a few short years? In a nutshell, you must be true to yourself and what you want to achieve. Sit down and map out your financial plan. Control your spending habits. Minimize your debt and liabilities. Live within your means and find ways to increase your means. Develop a long-term plan. Keep in mind your most valuable asset is Time. Keep things simple.

Kiyosaki teaches about the different quadrants that help plot your own unique path to financial success by having more than one source of income, real assets, and investments. Put something away. Pay yourself first. Mind your own business. Invest in assets that put money in your pocket. Build an efficient and profitable business system that earns and works hard for you while you are out playing golf. It isn’t about how much money you make, it’s really about how much money you keep, how fast it grows and works for you, and for how many generations it will last…

We have all been conditioned all our lives to go to school, get good grades, and then get a safe, secure job. This is Industrial Age thinking. In today’s Information Age, this advice is obsolete. We are not taught how to become business owners and investors. Gone are the days when the company or government can guarantee a pension for your old age. Today and in the future, more and more people will see that they can only rely on themselves and their financial knowledge if they want real security. It would be wiser to condition ourselves, and our children into thinking: Go to school, get good grades, build businesses, and become a successful investor.

But isn’t that risky? In reality, there is a greater risk in sticking to a job than in minding your own business or putting money in investments. A job can easily be taken away from you anytime. On the business owner side of the Cashflow Quadrant , you can sell your business off for a good sum, and relax while the investments you made years earlier provide you with the cash flow for the comfortable worry-free lifestyle you and your family have always dreamed of…

Yes, you can always get a job. But you can’t always find financial freedom. The difference between Rich Dad and Poor Dad was that as Rich Dad became more successful, he had more free time to spend with the people he loved. As Poor Dad became more successful in the field of education as a state employee, he had less and less free time because of meetings and work. Financial freedom means having the cash flow and the free time. A job and a boss won’t give you that kind of freedom.

It doesn’t take a formal education to become rich. Bill Gates, Michael Dell, Ted Turner, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Ralph Lauren. These people dropped out of school and built successful businesses.

You too can earn income in all four quadrants, regardless of what you ‘do’ professionally. A doctor can be employed by a hospital (E), have his own private practice (S), own a laboratory or clinic (B), and invest in the stock market, bond market, and real estate (I).

What’s stopping you from multi-tasking? Multiple income sources are more a necessity today than ever before. To apply a business system to practically make more money online , click here.

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