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6 Reasons Online Entrepreneurs Should Invest in Virtual Offices

March 12th, 2014

Working from home is often the only practical solution when trying to get a new business off the ground with a limited amount of capital. The only problem is, a residential address is unlikely to impress prospective customers and visiting clients are unlikely to appreciate being treated to coffee at your paper-strewn kitchen table.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to solve these issues and the best thing about it is that it does not cost a fortune – music to the ears of every cash-strapped entrepreneur who is currently based at home. Virtual office space has many benefits to offer and once you have selected a location, you can order a new package in a matter of minutes. Below are six reasons why you should seriously consider doing so.

  1. First impressions really do count. As mentioned above, a residential address and a workstation in the kitchen just won’t cut it when you are trying to land blue-chip companies as clients. A telephone answering and mail forwarding package, which includes the use of a private office at a location of your choosing, could make it much easier to land that first really big client. Once your corporate cash flow is looking healthier, you can look at the possibility of renting a permanent base at the same address or establishing a new headquarters elsewhere.
  2. A friendly and professional receptionist. If you are running a small company all by yourself, it can be very difficult to travel around the country to meet potential clients without your business suffering. People that are greeted by an answering phone when they call to make enquiries are unlikely to leave a message and will probably go elsewhere instead. However, if they are greeted by a professional receptionist who knows how to handle such calls, they are far more likely to leave a number on which you can contact them to arrange a meeting as soon as you are free.
  3. A reliable mail service. If you have ever had an important contract arrive at your home, only to be chewed up by an overenthusiastic dog, you will not need telling how much easier life could be with a dedicated mail handling service. When customers complain by letter, it is vital to respond to their concerns as soon as possible or you could lose their custom for good. A virtual office package that includes mail forwarding or holding will allow you to decide what you would like delivered to your home and when. This, in turn, will make it easier to ensure that no important letters are lost.
  4. A prestigious address. Whilst any address that is not a residential one will be an improvement, as outlined in the first point, the best mail handling packages have far more to offer than an address in a non-descript business estate on the outskirts of town. You can choose from packages in almost every city across the globe. If you are running a fledging advertising agency from a small house in Ruislip, imagine what an address in Soho, London or Madison Avenue, New York could do for your corporate image. When you choose a location for your virtual package, consider your options carefully.
  5. Contacts. If you go for a package that includes the use of a private office, as well as access to drop-in business centres all over the world, you will have the opportunity to network with other small business owners when you are away from home. This could be a great benefit in years to come as you can make some very useful contacts in this manner. Building a network of contacts is vital for the survival of most firms and numerous lucrative business partnerships have arisen from chance meetings between adventurous entrepreneurs who were traveling on business.
  6. Continuity. Even if it is practical to use your home address in the early years, it is almost certain to be impractical once your business starts to expand. For this reason, it could be advantageous to use a virtual address from the very first day that you are open for business. Customers appreciate continuity when dealing with suppliers and service providers, and maintaining the same address over many years can lend an air of solidity to companies in all industries. If you choose the location wisely, you could rent serviced offices at the same address in later years, thereby giving the impression of never having moved at all.

As you can see, there are many benefits to maintaining a virtual address and telephone number, especially if you choose a location such as a prestigious business district in a big city. Don’t let the humble nature of your company hold you back in the early days by limiting your ability to appeal to larger organizations with a more illustrious history.

Choosing An Online Marketing Course

November 10th, 2010

So you are planning to take up an online marketing course to further your prospects of earning money online, right? Right place, right time. But it’s confusing to choose one over the other…

There are many online marketing courses on offer and most are being marketed so well that you really don’t know how to evaluate and what to look for. That is the problem. This article will give you five silver bullets to shoot at every online marketing course you come across. Using the information you gather you can take a proper decision about which one to go with.

So here goes…

First, if you find a course that does not allow you to talk with the instructors or the creators of the course content, give it a ‘minus one’ point. After all, systems and methods are proven and they get you results… but unless they are driven by a human interface you will not extract their true value as a learner. Is it good to be spending your money without getting full value for it?

Next, check for the method of delivery of the online marketing course. Broadly there will be two options. One, the course will be spread over 8 or 12 weeks and you will have a mix of interactive and self-study sessions during which you practice and get results. The other option will give you access to a lot of intellectual property which you study at your own pace and ask questions as and when they arise. Now if you have a lot of self-discipline, go for option two. Else, option one is for you… and it will still take discipline to be on the calls every week and finish your homework!

Third, be sure to ask for course content in advance. Once the topics and their progression is known to you, you also know two other things. One, that the course is well structured and will not evolve with you as a guinea pig. Second that everything you need to know on the subject is covered… and all that remains is taking action along with your coach. Of course one serious issue with pre-developed course content is that it could be packaged since long and therefore not up-to-date with the changing practices online. But you must ask about their updation processes… because the fundamentals of an online marketing course don’t change… only the tips, tricks and techniques do!

Fourth, look up the course topics online and list out reference resources. Frame questions based on the information you find. Ask if the gaps in that information will be filled by the course. Don’t expect to learn everything from freely shared resources. That will not make you money. Those resources are only to start molding your mind.

And finally, check the cost. It is not that the most expensive online marketing course has the best content. It is not that the cheapest has the worst. What you are looking for is the depth of subject matter and any price you pay inside $100 per week is a good price. For subscription sites, $50 a month is the limit I’d recommend.

You can get on a free mailing list for one of the author’s online marketing courses here. Or watch an inside review video of Niche Profit Classroom – a brilliant online marketing course here.

Important Tip on Hostgator Email

June 23rd, 2010

Ok… you are the proud owner of a domain name now and you have also seen the sense in hosting your blog on your own space rather than on a free server space with someone. Chances are you have opted for hostgator hosting as that is pretty robust and reliable, with good after sales support. So far so good.

Now how would you like to have multiple emails / / Would be good, right?

A coachee of mine (is there a word like coachee?) was using this incredible backlinking software which creates email accounts with hundreds of sites on the fly and automatically creates backlinks from them to your site. Since he was on hostgator, he invoked the advanced email option in the backlinking software and happily got the software to automatically create and verify ‘’ … but here’s the tragedy … had to first be ENABLED by the hostgator staff and forwarded to a previously set-up working email address like before they became operational. Without these 2 steps one will not get the benefit of the “catch-all” property of the hostgator email system.

Fortunately not much was lost and my coachee was back on track with being received at in a matter of minutes. But I thought I’d write this post so anyone else wanting would know that they must:

1. Contact hostgator staff (live chat) to “enable catch-all” – it is not ON by default

2. Forward the catch-all to a working address which is the ‘’

Only when these 2 steps are done would hostgator email receive mail for And this feature is amazingly useful if you’re using the backlinking software we use for results like this << must watch video!

discover nichesGet a free copy of the Niche Discovery Report by the creators of the EVO backlinking software I am raving about. Drop in your details here.

Business Plan Template – Here’s The Blueprint

May 16th, 2010

Is it right you are looking for a business plan template? Excellent. You know your subject and you have conceived some sort of a revenue making system for it.

So what do you do from here on… how do the options look?

1. Look for a mentor who can guide you based on his/her experiences

2. Try various ways as come to mind and use the information available freely to develop your strategies

3. Share the rights to the product or revenue with an experienced joint venture partner

4. Pay USD 2000-5000 for a program that would hold your hand till your cash machine is buzzing

Here are some views on these alternatives…

Discovering a mentor means you pay someone to go along with you through the process until you have the idea rolling into cash. If you have more money than time, that’s the track I suggest. Besides, they’ll be able to tell you if you have a viable product or not. That alone could save you tons of time and effort. If an expert tells you that you need to tweak it here and there, you’ll reach your destination comfortably. Actually, I think that hiring experts to guide you through is best, even if you have to borrow the money.

The hit and trial method is best to go bust speedily. The only way you could survive that is if you’ve got plenty of time, so your business can sustain you until you figure out the new product idea.

Joint venturing with someone who has more knowledge and experience is a good idea too. Problem is, you’ll have to give up some of the profits, but that’s how big businesses are built. It’s all about leveraging your time and effort by working with other people.

But if you do not have connections with someone to partner with, or don’t have the time to find someone, you’d do best taking your idea to someone who had all the systems set up to help you get the product out professionally and in the minimum amount of time.

And this friend, is what the “Guru Blueprint” is all about. Yes, it may cost you in the range of option 4 but even with a measly $50 profit you’d be profitable in 100 sales.

Guru Blueprint Launch

May 13th, 2010

Guru Blueprint

After close to an year, Eben Pagan is releasing some incredible free training as part of his launch for his latest and most up to date and comprehensive training called Guru Blueprint.

Included in this course will be training videos, live calls, templates for creating your own products and running your own business as well as some amazing bonuses including Eben’s incredible Wake Up Productive time management course.

Bookmark this blog as I’ll be updating it with all the great free stuff Eben is giving away as part of this launch.

I’ve been contemplating what I could offer as a bonus if you purchase through my affiliate link and here is what I’ve come up with:

  • 12 months access to all my secrets which I use myself to generate money online – how good is that?
  • Personal attention from me – I’ll review your new or existing products and methods and I will critique them until they earn you money
  • I’ll promote you as your affiliate
  • I’ll expose your product to my network of top marketers

For more info you can check out my pages on facebook, linkedin and my site. See you inside!

Get backlinks: Free backlinks!

April 5th, 2010

Oh boy am I excited! After one year of being online and learning the ropes… and 3 months of discovering that backlinks are the key to growth… I have finally found the solution to get backlinks… and that too free backlinks. Your search ends here.

I set up a forum post asking for a backlinking tool on one of the more reputable networking forums and received a suggestion from an acquaintance to check out brute force seo. He said, “it’s $157/month with an affiliate commission and trust me you’ll love it.” Now I must confess that was not the first recommendation being made to me so I was wary. I went to the page, saw the videos and then looked at the price and fell off my chair. Nothing I had encountered till then was over $147 a month and I was looking at $97 as my outer budget. But then he mentioned ‘affiliate program’ so I clicked that link. And lo! 50% was the affiliate commission, which meant I could recover my investment with just 2 sales. Sounded good. That apart, 33% was offered as ongoing commission, which meant I needed 3 subscribers like my referrer to keep this thing free. Pretty easy I thought. There will be 3 people on the planet who think this is a good idea even if the product is not the very best.

There was a 7-day free trial against paypal. I decided to opt in for the trial. If nothing else, my understanding of backlinks would increase I figured once I handle a package… and paypal is easy to cancel.

Next I thought to check on support. I always shoot for support first and product later. I was amazed. For a simple set of 3 queries I got a methodical point-by-point response in few hours. Then I stepped into the brute force forum. Oooh! What camaraderie… like an army at work against the artificial intelligence machine of google. And this was in the general forum, not the member’s area… what would that be like, I wondered.

By now my product had downloaded and I was ready for the kill. The set ups were easy and Peter Drew (the maker) wrote the pdfs well and easily. What’s more, I got a keyword research tool and a twitter friend adder free. These were cool but I didn’t really get the time to check them out as my purpose was to get back links.

Putting the brute force software to work, I found it worked really hard. It searched for every directory, forum, web2.0 property it could find, created a new account there and posted a link on all my major keywords back to my money site/s. Every run took 10 hours or so and a pretty dapper report was output. Of course it would take a while for google to reflect these free backlinks (as the forum people advised) but they were coming surely.

Now I am 2 weeks into brute force and I believe I have my solution here. Why not take the free trial and experience all the “better than you expected” stuff yourself? I’m here to help.

Welcome! Let’s make this worth your time!

March 9th, 2010

The economy is challenging. You need ideas FAST on how to make money . Let me share a few money making secrets with you on this site. The best picks are advertised on your right. And if you’re new to Internet marketing , you are at the right place, at the right time! Read on…

Getting started online

The Internet isn’t as complicated as we think it to be. Get a hang of a few easy business ideas, and online business is fun to work from home! And my purpose is to coach and guide you.

Please click “How to do online business” here. You’ll find tips on managing time, preparing yourself, choosing good opportunities, marketing, and eventually succeeding! Otherwise pick ‘anything you like’ (left-side) and do leave comments and share! Enjoy!

Internet Marketing Tols You Must Own

February 24th, 2010

Ok, let me start by making it clear that internet marketing tols has been deliberately misspelled because in the entire internet space Mr Google has so far detected only 3 sites that misspell it while 550,000 searches are made on the phrase internet marketing tools every month! I suspect enough people would press ‘o’ just once and feel gratified enough for them to land on this page and discover the best battery of working tols (tools); duh?

To begin, here’s the conquer the internet dvd… your best investment to learn internet marketing. Once this is done, you can actually use internet sites like facebook, twitter, forums, articles and videos and blogs (altogether known as web2.0 properties) to market anything profitably online. At US$30 this is a steal, especially as it comes with  US$47 worth free set up and training for internet marketing. If you like that you can continue at US$47/mo and turn in profit from that investment too (due to what you learn). I’ll guide you to the shortcuts 😉

Next, you can get a bunch of valuable products for self growth. Mindset is everything in marketing and the best internet marketing tol you have is your mind. Sharpen it with a 6-minute program that prepares you for daily action. More about this program from Bob Proctor here. Every one of my friends and referrals on this program have had incredible results through the confidence and business alignment they have generated. There is a revenue stream built into this program as well.

Now you are making money through at least 2 streams (there are many more in the US$47 subscription I wrote about earlier… and mostly free to register). And you have a set of powerful tools to stunt around the internet with. So if you don’t have a big ticket product to market you may as well get one. Here’s the best of wealth education and I offer you the online sales compensation plan to help you think rationally first.

Wealth education too is a tool for you to use the money you make wisely. The program starts through a set of internet marketing tols that take off exactly where the conquer the internet dvd left you. And it just gets better and better. Explore… and enjoy!

How to do online business?

April 17th, 2009

The Internet isn’t as complicated as we think it to be. If you get a hang of a few easy business concepts, online business is simple and fun!

For starters, let’s be sure that it is worth spending your time learning somethings. Because the Internet is not just another communication option anymore. It was originally just that… first only for the defense (70’s – arpanet)… then for education (80’s – ernet)… then for businesses (90’s – b2b)… then for customer-oriented business (b2c)… now for anyone (c2c – not just on the computer but on any mobile gizmo) and soon it will be an embedded chip on our shoulder and everyone’s aura will be connected 🙂 !

So this medium is like a sixth element and knowing how to use it – and better still, profit from it – is like harnessing water or fire! Sounds crazy, I know… but hey, look around you. There are 3 types of people:

  • those who make things happen
  • those who watch things happen
  • those who wonder what happened

Using this site, you will be in the top class. So is it worth prioritizing some time for this? To my knowledge, no one has put the use of time as well as Steven Covey in the Urgent-Important matrix.

Now it is recommended to spend 70%+ of your life in Quadrant II and less than 10% in each of the other quadrants if you really want to get anywhere other than the mortuary end. These are the 5 things that are Important-but-not-Urgent in Q2.

  • Preparation
  • Planning >> critical
  • Prevention
  • Relationship building
  • Personal development

Shall we examine them one by one, relative to this site and your new-found ‘business life’?

Preparation: What is required of an online business person?

The first thing we need is the right ‘mentality’. Does business mean some kind of ‘lottery’ to you… or does it stand for a process of building up something from scratch, methodically, and with commitment. If it means the latter, please read on… else, you might want to be on the DoOnlineLottery kind of site.

Having said that, I do understand, you might be here to make money faster than off-line… and you probably will. My intent was only to brush off the get-rich-quickers. That you are around, let’s just understand that we’d need to start planning for our business life and prioritize some budget to pick some product/s and plug into some system/s that will get our business/es into the cyber-world.

And that was important… Any F*R*E*E kind of stuff is an exercise is self-consolation and a waste of time. A free business is not getting money from anywhere, so what’s it going to pay you? Obvious but often overlooked. I wonder why people love to ‘feel busy’ evaluating freebies 🙂 (Quad IV stuff).

Here’s an article that would perhaps be good to read before you move on

Planning: What types of online businesses are possible?

Essentially there are 5 slots into which any online business available for individuals (c2c) would fall:

1. Direct Sales

This is easy to relate to. The internet has cut too many ‘middle-men’ out of the equation. Any company has a product or service to sell. They have researched it, produced and packaged it and now need you to market it. Since you like commissions, you master the ways of selling it online and presto, get paid for it! Examples are many but some meaningful opps are ebooks , google courses , wealth education , home business solutions etc. Clickbank is also a good place to find products to promote and ebay is an age-old market place.

If you are selling your own products or services, that too would fall under this category.

2. Affiliate

Somewhat similar to direct sales, affiliate-ships help you to a web page that could be customized with your name and some details. They typically work for:

It is easy to see that you would need some or many of these as you go about your online business professionally, so bookmark this page.

3. Multi-level

The genius of distribution modeling, multi-level networks pay off pretty well for people who do not quit. The biggest problem with MLM is, it is easy to get in and so it is easy to get out. But if you work a networking business professionally – like you might if you had your life-savings invested in it – nothing can pay better. Here’s a must-read article to grasp what you might be missing .

There are many off-line network marketing opportunities, for which online means are great to communicate, establish relationship and keep contact. And there are many pure online MLM business too like chattotext , gdi , evp , me2everyone etc.

Anywhere you hear the word ‘x-by-x matrix’, you know it’s an MLM. If you are open to understand this, nothing does it better than the videos here . Be patient there are lots of them… but in a few minutes a day, they will set your concepts good for sure (and for free because this is the creator’s tribute to the industry).

4. Systemic

What a system is needs to be understood and the article here will help . All I’ll say is, systems do more than just lead marketing mlm , and a business opportunity seeker in mlm can lead effectively as an internet marketer / online business owner. Many systemic online businesses are found in finance and day trading also.

5. Data-based

The opportunities here are more c2b than c2c, so customers can do data entry type work for companies to get paid. Surveys, transcriptions, translations, mturk, writing opportunities, form-filling works are the type of ventures that fall into this category of online business. Less business and more work actually, but that’s what keeps a large number of people in their comfort zone 🙂

Prevention: … is better than cure … says it all

Instead of creating Quadrant I crises, preventing problems can give you more time for other Q2 stuff. Online, this would mean better education for instance. Use of systems . Belief in your coach . All of which serve to ‘sharpen the axe’ and prevent losses.

This last reference is obviously to the story of the woodcutter who spent a full day cutting one tree. The wise man told him to sharpen his axe… "by doing so you will cut four trees in the same time." But our man did not do that. Why? He thought he had no time to sharpen his axe!

Are you thinking that way? Are you mostly fire-fighting for survival and therefore minimizing your productivity? Maybe you want to review 🙂

Relationship building

This is where the rubber meets the road. MK Gandhi said, "A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so."

You build relationships online and relationships build your business. Period. Of course you can advertise… all the talk about craigslist classifieds, banners, pay-per-click (PPC) and stuff. But all that only leads to the start of the relationship. And that is the business owner’s main focus.

On Web2.0 (the interactive c2c web), there are many forums and chat places… there are also huge hang-outs like facebook and myspace. What do you do here? Build relationships! Imagine these as social parties. You get into the room, make some friends and invite them to your home (your blog) or to office (your business site). Simple. Just as you would behave off-line, behave online. Again, I wonder why many people don’t. Perhaps it is the Q1 addiction taking over. And that brings me to the last point.

Personal development

Nobody trained most of us for business. Especially not for big business, which the internet is perfectly capable of. So I urge you to start this journey with Robert Kiyosaki. His book, Cashflow Quadrant, is the most profound treatise on how to think for life – with or without a business. And if you are going to be with it, even more critical to know 🙂

Building both, vision and relationships, requires reading. ‘Skill with people’ by Les Giblin; ‘Questions are the answers’ by Alan Pease; ‘The magic of thinking big’ by David Schwartz; ‘Secrets of the millionaire mind’ by Harv Eker; ‘You can heal your life’ by Louise Hay; ‘Personality plus’ by Florence Littauer; ‘eMyth’ by Michael Gerber; ‘Piano on the beach’ by Jim Dornan; ‘Made in America’ by Sam Walton; at least start with these.

Books will stretch your mind to the level of the author. Why compress it with inane negative newspaper input when you can blossom with books and make your business bloom alongside effortlessly?

So practically, where do you start? Click here and get on to a fantastic journey! All the best!

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