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Aw shucks, I missed the train! Or did you?

August 29th, 2009
Image by Michele Ficara Manganelli via Flickr

This is a story of two men. They wished to go see the President of their country at their national capital. They lived in a small town which was a 12-hour journey by train.

Having reached the railway station, one of the men asked a stranger, “Which train goes to the Capital?” Instead of replying, the stranger asked, “Why do you want to go to the Capital?”

The man said, “We want to meet the President. It is our dream.” The stranger smiled and said, “What a coincidence! I too have to go see the President. I have been to the Capital earlier and know many people that can help us get to him. Come along!”

Saying so, the stranger indicated to the men to come out of the railway station. Puzzled, the men followed him. He motioned to a car and started to get inside. The men wondered what he was doing. They knew – as everybody knows – that a 12 hour train journey would become a tiring 18-hour journey by road. And it would be most uncomfortable, given the bad state of the highways.

One of the two men asked, “What are you doing? Don’t you know we have to go the Capital? Are you planning to go by road?” The stranger replied, “No, not really, TRUST ME… we don’t have time to lose”. The stranger did not tell them that he would take them by air because the President was leaving the country the same evening and taking the train would defeat the purpose. He didn’t tell them that because he guessed neither of the men had any concept of an airplane, and handling their fears would delay all of them.

Meanwhile, the men had a discussion among themselves. One of them was insistent that they were being misled and decided he would ask another stranger and get along using his own abilities and the ‘right’ help. The other man felt that the stranger seemed to know what he was doing. After all, he too had to meet the President… so there must be something he knew which others did not.

The men parted ways. One took the train, which was running late, and anyway reached the next day. He missed the President but consoled himself that he had traveled on his own strength… and it was his destiny.

The other accompanied the stranger. Along the journey the stranger explained how an airplane ride would mean that a price would have to be paid upfront, and the journey would be one not many people take… but that he was safe and they would fulfill their dream together. And they did!


How do you relate to this story? Are your dreams so important that you can trust a stranger, learn something new and make sure you achieve them? Or do you just dream, but not TRUST, and try to discover things your own way?

To achieve anything big in life (like meeting the President, or becoming one), TRUST is the key. This is a law of the universe. Devotees who attain nirvana trust their spiritual masters. Networkers who own private jets trust their sponsors. Big business owners trust their systems. Estate agents who deal in high value properties trust their contacts (many they have never even met!). And the man who becomes President trusts his counselors… you get the picture!

So who do you trust? And till now where has that got you? Are the people you’re trusting achieving anything similar to your dreams?

“If you don’t change directions, you’ll end up where you’re headed” – Jim Dornan

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