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Growing Orchids Indoors

July 15th, 2010

I have suddenly discovered that this is a pretty good idea. Growing Orchids Indoors. It is do-able… relaxing… keeps me in tune with nature… and makes the place look great!

What else could anyone want? Of course there is an element of challenge in getting the Orchids to blossom in spite of the weather and humidity (or lack of it).

So, to meet the challenge head on, I have been doing some additional research. And is the result of it. Now having put up a website to assist people interested in growing orchids indoors, my business brain pointed to the obvious need for Orchid lovers to buy stuff related to Orchids on the site as well.

So I looked up Amazon and have been floored by what I’ve been seeing the last full hour. What all people buy (and make) in this small specialized area! Here are a few samples…

Click any to explore more… I have been very conservative in my selection… but you even have Orchid guitars and dresses and baby care stuff and about 20 other categories of stuff!

Anyway I decided not to put any of the ‘salesy’ stuff on my new site as it is all about caring for Orchids and written only to be read and subscribed to by Orchid enthusiasts. If you are one, you know where to go…

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