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The right approach to Clickbank

May 9th, 2009

Hey there budding internet marketer… you are learning new words in your vocabulary! Wow! Clickbank. The marketplace where sellers (vendors), resellers (affiliates) and buyers converge to make merry!

You can start making money reselling the products clickbank "Vendors" create and offer. The list is huge… tens of thousands of online products.

As a first step, visit and "Sign up" (link next to ‘home’ on top). After that, 3 steps:

Step 1: Choose which products you want to promote

To choose which products you want to promote visit the ClickBank Marketplace. You can either use the “Search the ClickBank Marketplace” box, click on a main category in the “List of Categories” box, or click on the green arrows next to the main categories to browse the products by subcategories.

Step 2: Create correctly formatted Hoplinks

A ClickBank Hoplink is the method ClickBank uses to successfully track the sale and give the proper affiliate credit. The Hoplink transfers (or links) potential customers from your promotion to a publisher’s website while automatically crediting you, the affiliate, with the referral. If the customer then buys the publisher’s product you will receive a commission for the sale.

After you choose a product in the Marketplace you want to promote, the next step is to create a correctly formatted Hoplink. The simplest way to create Hoplinks is to visit the ClickBank Marketplace. ClickBank will automatically generate the Hoplink necessary for you to promote any of the products listed. Simply find a product you want to promote and click on "create hoplink." Upon clicking "create hoplink," a window will open prompting you to enter in your ClickBank nickname. Enter your nickname and hit "Submit." Follow further instructions step by step.

Step 3: Place your Hoplinks to promote your chosen products

The next step is getting your Hoplinks in front of customers who are interested in the products you have chosen to promote. Affiliates use primarily web-based marketing methods to target potential customers and direct them to products.

There are a variety of internet marketing methods used by affiliates to get their Hoplinks in front of potential customers. The list of possible options is too exhaustive to be covered here. Some popular methods include paid search engine marketing, content and niche sites (for example product review sites), personal web sites or blogs, and email marketing. Of course, it is a responsible practice to only send email to people who have "opted in" (example below).


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