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Do Encouraging Quotes Work?

November 4th, 2010

Encouraging quotes, positive sayings, motivational words… these are all affirmations for uplifting ourselves to new levels of reality. But do uplifting quotes work? And if they do, how do you build these positive sayings into your busy life? Here’s how…

The first rule I recommend for you is to develop the encouraging words in a way that is positive. Now you would expect a positive saying to be positive, but despite that, often it is not. For example, look at these two sayings; “I don’t want trouble” or “I want a smooth party”. Honestly, which statement do you use while briefing your kids before guests come to dinner?

What you learn here is that the subconscious mind (which you are programming) does not understand the word ‘don’t’. So it gives you the ‘trouble’ you ask for. Instead of the ‘smooth party’ you desired.

Second, let the affirmation be in the present tense. The lines above are obviously not. “I am having a smooth party” would be more like it. Coupled with strong visualization of a smooth party you have it made for you!

And third, remember to make your saying precise. I would say the line above is not. Much better would be, “I am hosting a fun-filled party where everyone is well served and full of genuine praise for me”. Now you really have it made! Don’t forget to visualize this though.

So we now have a mouthful of encouraging words for our party. But when do we say them to ourselves? Who has the time to visualize all this? Here’s a tip. Do it along with something you do without active thinking anyway. Like brushing your teeth. Or taking a walk. This ensures that the 5 minutes you spend on both activities simultaneously will save you hours of future worry and / or brooding over past calamity (!)

I hope these rules for framing affirmations helped you. If this subject grabs you, don’t forget to drop by at

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