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Rise Above The Rat Race: A Review

June 8th, 2010

You are lucky to be reading this page today. Because you get a sneak peek into a book that is about to be released by Sue Debrule… a book that can give you the fillip you need to really rise above the rat race – with directions and case studies!

I got an advance copy because she was kind enough to feature me as a case study. But that will not bias my review. What might bias it is the fact that there is nothing in the book one can look upon negatively. That is just how Sue is built. Extremely positive. So much so, she has used her positive mental energy to cure herself of cancer. And she has distinguished herself as an internet marketer of excellent standing despite her age (her daughters are in their thirties), qualification (kindergarten teacher), health and adverse financial conditions.

rise above the rat raceBack to the book, Sue Debrule starts out with an enticing title… who doesn’t want to ‘rise above the rat race’ after all? And unlike you’d expect, she deals with the subject from the inside out. Consequently there is no preachiness. Instead the book has you introspect and answer to yourself honestly, questions like “What are your personal values”, “Why should you identify your values” and “How do you identify your values?”

I really love the way everything in the book follows a “Why” and a “How” pattern. Makes it really stick. Moving further the book talks about purpose and attitude so that one can put oneself right there in the driver’s seat while on this journey to ‘rise’. And having aligned your feelings with your future, the book starts tackling beliefs.

From there on, it moves into the realm of abundance, touching upon key aspects of luck, money (or the lack of it) and work. Joining the dots, it naturally connects the reader with the world of business and ‘home business’ of which Sue is the ‘Guru’. The book spends good ink on how to evaluate opportunities and get trained. Very clean and impartial. It also furnishes examples of budgeting, debt recovery and credit repair, making the ‘rise’ easy for anyone in any current condition.

As a topping on a delicious pie, Sue’s book presents the 7 Universal Laws of Success that anyone wanting more out of life must align with. Added to it are a couple of chapters on speed and balance. I consider these very thoughtful additions that ensure completeness.

Having read a plethora of self-help books, I can see how ‘Rise Above The Rat Race’ will save the reader a huge lot of time. How? It is the nectar of the humongous thinking of Napoleon Hill and Tony Robbins extracted and poured into practical, applicable diktats of Bob Proctor and Joe Vitale. That is peppered with personal experiences of live ordinary unknown mortals (like Sue and myself among others)… and this lends credibility and belief. Each reference can be contacted directly as Sue has been generous with websites and numbers. And the writing style is so smooth, you’d breeze through its 156-pages unstoppably! Rise above the rat race!

Niche Finder – the complete way

May 22nd, 2010

Watch this video to access the niche finder by Eben Pagan that outlines this process for niche marketing to enter niche markets using proven templates.

For the 1st video he refers to click here

For a free “Niche Intelligence Report” and the 2 templates described in this video click here

What can I learn if I get the Guru Blueprint package?

May 18th, 2010

The Guru Blueprint package cruises you methodically by helping you identify your strong points to developing products around them to launching and selling them online at a premium.

How does it do that?

First it starts with a free video that you can access here. This will help you learn two things. One that this is a massive market worth the time you invest. And two, that you have certain strengths nobody else has and these can be unlocked using the free format available with the video.

What follows is a mapping of the markets and audiences that would like to buy products based on your newly identified strengths. Currently you might be oblivious to both, the market and the strengths… but rest assured the free videos and mails that follow will get that set for you.

In the end it boils down to reaching the market and putting the theory to test. Most entrepreneurs crash when the rubber meets the road but they often do even earlier and it always helps to be guided. The Guru Blueprint is designed for this and additionally it will teach you how to create and position your product so that you can command premium prices!

This three-part process comes from Eben Pagan, a distinguished businessman who has done just what he propagates in fields as diverse as dating and industrial goods. It stands to reason your latent strength will lie somewhere in this band, and you just can’t wait to monetize them.

So as you follow the Guru Blueprint package with Sandeep Nath, you won’t be going wrong in making money from information products sold online at high prices! Click here for the video.

7 Rules for Investing

April 9th, 2010

“Investing is not a get-rich-quick drama. Investing is a plan, often a dull and almost mechanical process of getting rich.”

– Robert Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki goes on to say that before launching yourself as an investor, you should commit the Seven Rules of Investing to memory. If you follow these rules during your journey, they’ll keep you on the straight and narrow path toward comfort and security.

Rule 1: Know what kind of income you have to work with.
Are you dealing with earned, portfolio, or passive income?

Rule 2: Convert earned income into portfolio income or passive income as efficiently as possible. This will not only put your money to work for you but also increase the chances that your funds will grow. For example, an investor might purchase a multifamily home, live in one unit, and rent out the others to cover the debt service, or rent out all the units for a positive cash flow, investing the profits in securities. A good advisor can tell you how to handle investments in ways that maximize tax efficiency.

Rule 3: Purchase securities with positive returns. Obviously, securities are bought to serve as assets, yet some securities lose value and become liabilities. While no investment is risk-free, the educated investor will more often than not buy securities that provide a good return on investment.

Rule 4: Become your own best asset—instead of your own liability.
A good investor buys undervalued securities in a bear market or lucrative real estate in foreclosure. A bad investor locks in losses on a stock by panicking in a market slump. An educated investor is emotionally neutral when making investment decisions.

Rule 5: Be prepared for anything; don’t try to predict what will happen or when. Investing is a skill, not a science. The Zen swordsman disciplines body and mind to counter any blow spontaneously; he does not anticipate the moves of an opponent, for that impedes his ability to react. Likewise, professional investors know they cannot control the real estate or stock market, let alone the global economy. Instead, they train themselves to be financially intelligent, to think confidently and creatively when opportunities or problems arise.

Rule 6: Learn to trust that, when a good deal presents itself, the funding will be close behind. Sophisticated investors know a money-making deal when they see one, and nothing generates financial backing like the prospect of success. The opposite also holds true: If respected investors are all rejecting a deal, an investor should heed the red flag.

Rule 7: Know how to evaluate risk and reward. There is risk in every investment, but risk is a relative term. An investor who can understand a company’s financial statement, evaluate a business system, or take the pulse of the stock market has a greater chance of buying an asset than a liability. Since risk is often directly proportional to reward, anyone who hopes to become wealthy must be able to invest more aggressively than someone who’s content to be secure. The more financially educated you are, the less risk you’re taking.

To learn more about what Kiyosaki and other financial geniuses say about YOUR MONEY drop by at for the big one. You will need the Referral ID #10060 to read on. All the best!

My Lead System Pro

April 3rd, 2010

My Lead System Pro

This presentation explains my lead system pro and reviews all the benefits of the system including cost of myleadsystempro and advantages to build online business.

Earlier called mlm lead system pro, myleadsystempro is the new avatar applicable to any business online. It is not a scam or scheme as it is a tool which can be purchased, used and returned if need be.

What’s best is the fact that my lead system pro has 16 stream of affiliate income which means anyone using the system who recommends it to even 3 people will become profitable from day one!

Incredibly power-packed, you have to see this ppt to believe all the features in my lead system pro << To plug in, click here.

Sandeep Nath: Primary Online Business

March 17th, 2010

3 mails from me…

To get you started on a Heathy, Weathy, Wise path of life… if you really want to go there… I’m serious 🙂 Let me reach you.

Infertility cure

March 10th, 2010

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Success comes with no doubt

May 20th, 2009

The pun here is very very intentional. Where a seed of doubt exists, success retracts. It’s called self-sabotage. And it is one price we pay as we grow up.

Look at kids. They have no doubt that they will, say, walk. And so they fall any number of times and get up… and eventually walk. Why? Because they see social proof around them… everyone can walk… so they can too. Not convinced? Let’s look at a 6-year old’s desire for a bar of chocolate. He wants it and he hounds his parents, makes inane trade-offs, and eventually gets it. Not because the parents are too kind and loving… but because he knows beyond doubt that he is going to have it.

But then we grow up. And ‘see too much’. And know what cannot happen well before we realize what can. The innocent surety-beyond-doubt is looked upon as ‘naive immaturity’. Maturity is all about knowing what can’t be done. In supporting the socially-acceptable, regardless of how flawed it might be. Or how limited our view might be.

Galelio and Copernicus – among many others – lost their lives to support a wildly silly claim that the Earth was round. Till the social proof manifested better and the truth became self-evident.

I can go on with examples of posthumous greatness. But that’s not the point.

The point is about your success. Are you destined for it while alive or dead? I expect to achieve it while alive. Which (if you’ve read the page ‘About me ‘, you’ll know) is to bring network marketing mainstream as a vehicle to create a society at a higher vibratory level of consciousness.

Take a 5-minute break and watch this snippet from Fountainhead by Ayn Rand…

What a network marketer encounters today (since the last 75-odd years) is not very different to what Martin Luther King, George Washington, MK Gandhi or Mao encountered… a ridiculous reception to a life-changing idea. I quote MK Gandhi’s observation about his residence (ashram) "Cranks and madmen often find their way to the ashram – and I am the maddest of them all". Now isn’t that the spirit of networkers and the way they are usually looked upon? We have only just scratched the tip of the iceberg.

You see, all the revolutions you can trace back to the gentlemen mentioned above took about a century to fructify. Fortunately the seeds of the networked economic model have been planted 75 years back and this generation is going to bear the fruit. Initially the fruit will be available to those who are today part of the movement. But 50 years hence everyone would partake of this ‘world of abundance’ which we are creating.

It takes a different education to understand this new world. Is it worth investing a few minutes today to examine it further? I can speak for myself. And I do, in a video at Arrive At Success . As for you, think about it… all you have learned till today has got you to where you are at. Is that where you expected to be? What you’d defined as success while in school? If no, let’s spend some time and money on a few new things to learn, starting at the link above. Again, to quote Gandhi, "Be the change you want to see". So let’s keep doubts aside for the next few years… or at least months… while we tread a path together.

And success shall come (to you) without doubt 🙂

Excuse Me, Who is a Network Marketer?

May 6th, 2009

"I’ve heard of that fellow who came to my mother-in-law’s aunt’s cousin’s daughter’s house three times in one week in 1987 with a box of detergent that he wanted to palm off… but he couldn’t because that lady was really smart! Wasn’t that the guy you call a ‘network marketer’ now? I think he was an MLM guy those days. Amway or something. Right?"

Right… and bless your ignorance buddy. If I told you that you would need a room 20 feet by 20 feet wide with 20 tonnes of air-conditioning just to keep a computer in it, would you question my sanity? But in 1987, you did need a room like that. So if the world of computers has come a long way, so has the world of network marketing.

And if computers helped define social progress in the 20th century, network marketing will define it in the 21st. That’s how critical this is, and that’s how important your understanding of this curtain raiser article will be.

So let’s take it from the top. Five myths to shatter as we start exploring this subject:

  1. MLM / Network Marketing is all about copiously making money
  2. Network Marketing guys are basically sales guys or distributors for some company
  3. If there was substance to Network Marketing products they would sell in the regular market
  4. Network Marketing guys operate with a selfish motive and con as many people as they can
  5. Network Marketing is a minority cult

MLM / Network Marketing is all about copiously making money

Contrary to popular belief, Network Marketing is not about making money. 90%+ network marketers don’t make much. Just like 90%+ students writing the CPA exam don’t make it. And 90%+ real estate agents go bust. But the few who succeed cause everyone to believe there’s good money in these professions. With real estate, there is an entry filter… you need money to start. With professional courses (CPA, Doctor etc) you need a solid study base. But for network marketers, there is no pre-requisite… so more people get in, go bust and give the industry a bad name. The few who succeed here do so because they work hard on getting a new education for themselves… and that’s leadership education .

Network Marketing guys are basically sales guys or distributors for some company

Network Marketing guys have nothing to sell or distribute. They have to lead. Lead others to a different way of thinking, which is not taught in schools and society. They have to work consistently on themselves to become exemplary for others to accept their leadership. And they lead you eventually to your preferred future. To what you really dream you want out of your life. Experienced Network Marketing guys do this by asking you fundamental questions. And if you can ask questions too, you can start on the road to success. (See article here for more )

If there was substance to Network Marketing products, they would sell in the regular market

Most Network Marketing companies that last 5 years in the marketplace have good products. This is simple to understand. Network Marketing guys buy their products directly from the company. If the products were no good, they would not buy and the company would go bust. In 5 years a company has too large a network to keep supplying crap. And it is just more sensible for them to supply direct to consumer than to route it through (and waste their money on) wholesalers, retailers, advertising celebrities and the whole nine yards. Moreover, word of mouth is guaranteed in a Network Marketing set up. Small wonder the 21st century economy is moving towards Network Marketing, propelled by e-commerce, like never before.

Network Marketing guys operate with a selfish motive and con as many people as they can

As for motives, the truth is diagonally opposite to this myth. Network Marketers grow only if they help other people grow. Since most people (maybe 90%+ again) are not open minded enough to follow another ordinary mortal’s instructions about growing, Network Marketers keep an open search for willing students. I understand how difficult this can be to comprehend, so I propose a simple challenge to you. Just follow the advice of your sponsor / coach for 90 days… you will automatically dispel this myth for yourself and emerge a much larger person. And if you don’t have a coach, simply read through the section on Wealth on this site and watch the videos / read the books and write me how you feel!

Network Marketing is a minority cult

Finally, Network Marketing is a minority all right, but certainly not a cult. A cult is where everyone blindly follows rituals. In Network Marketing everyone follows common sense… but it is still a minority because the majority does not choose to learn the principles of success that must accompany common sense. Formal education will earn you a living but self-education will earn you a fortune. The sad truth is, most people stop at earning a living.

However, as Network Marketing (click if you’re not sure what it really is) starts to sweep in massive social change in the 21st century, a majority of people WILL be positively influenced by this industry. Conventional distribution (Unilever, P&G, AIG, Pfizer etc) will be replaced by consumer networks, where Amway, Ameriplan, ACN and many others have a headstart. So congratulate yourself if you are a network marketer… you stand at the brink of very exciting times ! <another relevant article>

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The B-quadrant phenomenon

April 28th, 2009

It was Robert Kiyosaki who opened my eyes to the fact that there is life in the B-quadrant. Through all my education I had learned from Employees (E) or Self-employed (S) people and therefore that defined the boundaries of my limited view of possibilities.

Kiyosaki also explicitly ‘roadmapped’ for me how to learn to move to the B-quadrant and how a network marketing system can be applied to daily life to change one’s mindset forever. In his book, ‘Cashflow Quadrant’ he presents four options that any of us can choose, to drive our life. They are as seen in this diagram… please take a few moments just to read through the quadrant details and absorb them fully…

Now the question to you is, why are most people (90%+) in the left quadrants? And why is most of the world’s wealth (90%+) controlled by the right quadrants? The answer is EDUCATION. Very few of us get educated by (and stay in an environment of) B-quadrant people (Business Owners with 500+ people).

So on the left we are stuck with the knowledge the ‘limits’ our thinking, ‘victimizes’ our outlook and prevents our abundance. The good news is this mindset can change in the company of network marketers, who typically follow a system and the successful of whom are definitely B-quadrant people.

The good news is, anyone can befriend them, if open and willing to make a 180-degree switch… by ‘surrendering’ to a team and a system that one can get for just a few hundred dollars.

Notice, I have used the words ‘limits, victim, abundance, mindset, surrender’ to draw the attention of those spiritually inclined. B-quadrant people are high on the vibratory scale and their quality of connection with the higher consciousness is amazing. I make this observation after studying many such people and urge you to take spiritual elevation as another reason to move from left to right.

In the left quadrants people work alone. In the right, it’s all about teamwork. In fact Kiyosaki is blunt in stating, "poor people work, rich people network." This is another critical switch one needs to make… of NOT being the expert worker… deliberately pushing down the ego… and setting a network of higher energies in motion! Watch this 7-minute film to really appreciate how your keys to success lie on the right side…

Mindset is everything in business as it is in life. You may also call it attitude… and it is all about how we think and respond, whether we are a corporate tycoon, a downsized employee, a home business mom, a student or whatever. Developing the B-quadrant mindset can change everything about your perspective forever. And should you choose to do that, rest assured you have my team to hold your hand on your journey!

So have a good time exploring more about the b-quadrant . And remember to pop your details on the ‘Success ‘ page so we can begin dialog.

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