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The time for human consciousness

July 29th, 2009

Last week I read James Redfield ‘s “The Celestine Prophecy”. Why this book had escaped me till date I know not. Obviously for a deeper reason than I don’t as yet fathom. But I couldn’t help being blown away by the ‘coincidences’, to begin with.

For starters, I am amazed at how many people have been writing, speaking and propagating higher consciousness in the last two decades. And how much experimentation has been happening in this field concurrently.

As someone in the midst of it, I find the energy mind boggling. A couple of years ago when I came upon Power v/s Force by Dr David Hawkins , that was remarkable in its identification of the various levels of vibration that encompass human consciousness.

For sake of completeness, I reproduce them here:


What this means is, when you can isolate the emotion you are experiencing in any situation, you can also know how badly steeped you are below the human consciousness average (200). Not only will you do the planet a huge favor by yanking your mental state out of the low vibration you stand at, you can also strive to align your perceptions (views) with higher processes for self-growth.

Much like what Louise Hay writes in ‘Heal your Life’ about the mind-body connection. You can ‘will’ your body to be perfect by programming the mind to think of it that way. (Her diagnostic “List” is always bang-on).

And it’s interesting how Dr Hawkins inter-linked human consciousness vibrations tie in with the theory of ‘Butterfly Effect’ (Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?). Exciting to see where this coming decade leads… obviously many path-breaking insights are yet to surface.

I can go on with these remarkable discoveries but it will be more fun when you do your research. And if you’re like me, you will converge, propel and finance your passion in this subject by operating in the b-quadrant .

However you choose to do it, all I can say is… when they discovered mechanization, you weren’t there… when they discovered quantum physics you missed it… now we are discovering consciousness, so why not be in the NOW? (thanks, Ms Tolle!)

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