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The role of consciousness in network marketing

August 11th, 2009

It is recommended you read a post here, titled ‘A time for human consciousness ‘ before you read this.

Moving on from my thought-provoking read of last week, I came upon James Redfield’s ‘Experiential Guide’ to The Celestine Prophecy. And in here it was wonderful to return to the ‘Old and New Paradigms’ of human consciousness.

I am not sure where the origin of the Paradigm Theory lies (please contribute references to comments box below) but I suspect it is in ‘A Course in Miracles’… since the thread is common to Colin Tipping (Radical Manifestation) and Bijan (Effortless Prosperity), both students of the ‘Course’.

I’ve taken the paradigms from the Experiential Guide and added the third column from my experience with network marketing. It was these realizations which in fact banged me well and proper into the network marketing industry!

By way of a prelude put simply, the essential difference between the old and new paradigms is:

Old: We are human beings who have spiritual experiences

New: We are spiritual beings who have human experiences

Now, with this slight shift in perspective, everything of how we view the world, religion, politics, business and parenting among other things, changes. Dramatically.

And creating successful network marketers is probably the most effective way of empowering individuals in the way of the new paradigm. Here’s why:


In case this is too small to read online, do right-click on the image and ‘save as’ on your computer. It prints out exactly on an A4 sheet.

Anyway, you’ll now easily see why I believe network marketing will be an industry that defines the 21st century and beyond. Love to have your comments!

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