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To own a villa in Cayman islands, be sick of your life

August 26th, 2009
Cayman Island Reef
Image by slack12 via Flickr

Right. You understood it right. When you are sick (and tired) of where you are, you are ready to move. So long as you are willing to tell everybody about it.

What does this mean? Is this is “another” recipe for success? Yes. In fact it is the only one.

Take the movie ‘Julia’. This girl became a reporter on someone else. She was an ordinary person doing an ordinary thing (cooking someone else’s recipes) with consistency. And she became famous. Every author becomes an “overnight success” with 10-20 years groundwork. And the groundwork can be sickening.

But it need not always take that long if you can be ‘really sick’ for a shorter while. I know a guy called Tom Tacker (name changed) who got back from his Home Depot job one night while his son was still awake. Happily he picked up the boy and the little one just gave him a glazed look. You know, you can tell when someone knows who you are just by the look in their eyes. Tom realized his son didn’t really know who his papa was.

Tom was doing the best he could with all he knew for his family. But his son stared at him like he didn’t know who he was. It was sick. It was a defining moment when Tom figured out exactly what he wanted. All he wanted was to be home. Home Depot wasn’t at fault. He had made his choices. This was not a blame game. Winning in life is about taking responsibility for it. Within 4 months of setting up a home business based on a system Tom was doing 50k / month. Now he takes his kids to school and is home to play when they come back.

Mark (name changed) is another such guy. Today he is the goto guy for specialized marketing, consulting to Tony Robbins, John Assaraf and other living legends. But a few years ago he was just a ordinary guy searching for a way out. What made Mark sick?

Mark was a nerd kid. Often beat up in the playground in school. Loving parents were all he had. At 14 a neighbor loaned him an Apple2 for the Christmas and he learned how to program. His big motivation was to make video games. Soon he started helping insurance agents manage databases. In time he married his high school sweetheart and 7 years later found himself unceremoniously thrown out of their house. Flat broke. Bust business. Can you feel how sick he could be feeling? The expert. On the street… literally.

That’s when Mark met an old friend who popped around in a brand new Lexus. This friend’s mother had died at 14. Alcoholic father. Was out of college for 6 years. But in 6 months of a Tony Robbins seminar Jim (the friend) had made a killing writing a lot of books on photoshop. Mark too ordered Tony’s stuff. 2 days later Mark was registering for a Tony event. About 100,000 dollars in debt. The live event completely transformed Mark’s life. And here’s what he learned:

  1. The difference between success and failure – whether it is dating, marriage, money, business or anything – is systems. McDonald is successful because it has little things for each person to do that make it all work. A system . In a relationship too, when each person knows what to do, a system at work makes it work. Mark flunked life at first because he was the expert. There was no system. He was alone.
  2. Commit to change through self-awareness. Mark had never been trained as a speaker or presenter but he leveraged the entire community and is now considered great. Nothing gives him more pleasure than giving pleasure and seeing other’s success. Why? He’s changed himself to play on a team with a system.
  3. People become depressed or suicidal when they have no contributory purpose. Mark’s wife is working in Uganda teaching kids. ‘Conscious capitalism’, he says, is all about giving back. Driven by a desire to provide and a desire to be successful. For Tom the contributory purpose was just that he wanted to be able to walk his kids to school and see them when they were back. Their systems enable them doing that.

So what is the recipe for you to begin? Start with the smallest of small steps. Acknowledge who you are and where you are at. Read the first para of this post again. “So long as you are willing to tell everybody about it.” Tell your story.

Doing so creates personal proof and social proof associated with your name. Get your story in mind and start writing.

  1. Your name. Where you grew up and something about it. Work environment (make it imply ‘if he can do it I can too’).
  2. Reveal a wound. What you feared and decided makes you sick.
  3. Your answer to ‘What can I do now differently moving forward?’ In all cases of success, the answers come by plugging into a system. Here’s a video . And here’s how you can plug in too .

The gift inside you – whether evolved or not – is your story. You start where you are. You really do not have to know anything.

When I came on a system, for the first time in my life I felt I have something that does not depend on anything or anyone else. By ‘living the system’ I transform myself. Every day. Today I am turning my life into an example with the system. Made only 4000 dollars in 8 months but that gives hope. Cayman islands, here I come 🙂

This week I will be doing a video telling you… Is it easy? Does it work? Can you do it?

My mentor says, the fastest way to become a billionaire is by creating a whole bunch of millionaires. Show a potential path and create loyalty. Create physical proof and testimonials. Show how you’ve helped other people make money.

I am on my way and I want to help you

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