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The best network marketing training comes from a multi-millionaire author

July 1st, 2010

Today I had the good fortune (and good sense) to be at the “Millionaire Maker” Seminar hosted by a man who co-authored the “Chicken Soup” series of books. Time magazine has called the Chicken Soup series the publishing phenomenon of the century. This gentleman is also the author of the “Alladin factor” and entrepreneur in 7 different industries. The name is MVH… Mark Victor Hansen… and extols him as the ‘America’s Ambassador of Possibility’.

Mark had an interesting thing to say straight out. As he marketer, we must tell stories. He says you must learn how to tell your story fast and frequently. Understand persuasion. It takes 7 times before a person buys once.

Another nugget… Use pictures. Show the product. Most people think in images. Do it as visual download, sound bite, or through telephone access. The future of network marketing is on the phone and internet.

Mark related the story of his recent talking assignment in Thailand where people from all over East Asia had come to celebrate the awards ceremony of a networking company. This company was selling a course that promised learning ‘1500 words of English for $300’. This seminar was attended by people from Mongolia who had no concept of a plane… who got into one and spent a good 6 hours in it to get to the venue and learn… they got their passports made… many were taking their first trip outside their towns!

The significance of this vivid description was to convey the impact that the network marketing model was having around the world. The awardees drove out in their new Porches, selling a $300 English speaking product.

If you ask enough people you get the results. “All the innovations I’ve ever seen are in network marketing companies. Talk to 10 people a day. Have something they want to hear about”, says MVH.

As he was personally involved with several networking companies, Mark shared the line he used in response to the question, “what do you do?”. “I triple your income and double your time.” Saying so he would shut up. And the prospect would identify him/herself.

The opportunity Mark says is the telephone. There are 5 billion cellphones. Translations are happening on the fly. You can have a global business if you learn how to use it right. The goal he says is to be an influencer of influencers.

As homework Mark strongly urged participants to write down 101 goals like your life depended on it – in 20 minutes. So while I get down to that, I’d urge you to click the best network marketing training so you don’t miss future Seminars like this one.

Guru Blueprint Review

May 26th, 2010

If there be only one online course that you take up in your life, Guru Blueprint would be the one. Why?

Because you were born special. You have some strengths only you have. And these very strengths can earn you good money online if you learn how to harness them. Guru Blueprint helps you do exactly that.

Once you have finished with the course you would know exactly what you are strong with. Exactly who requires these strengths. Exactly what types of information products can be created from the strengths. Exactly how these products must be priced for maximum profit and happy customers. And exactly how to reach the products across.

Everything is templated. Every method is proven. And personal guidance, hand-holding and mentorship is provided. So you can’t go wrong.

How can I be sure?

Guru Blueprint comes from Eben Pagan, an internet marketing wizard who has a 29 million dollar empire online. That means he knows how to sell stuff at high prices online and that is exactly what he is going to teach you.

Sample his teaching style and knowledge for yourself. Here’s a video:

A bonus with this video is a template that will help you identify your strengths. And it is surprisingly different from the way you would have looked at them, I promise!

Want something to hold, feel and use? Here’s another video:

Along with this you get free access to a very special “Niche Intelligence Report”, which contains 29 niches that Eben has used to build his 29 million dollar empire. It’s all in the open! You also get a couple of more templates to show you how your strengths fit a market that’s waiting for you.

What else? Keep a watch at

That’s my blog where I will keep posting some specials, offers, extras and pure value content. Be with you during launch 🙂

Get backlinks: Free backlinks!

April 5th, 2010

Oh boy am I excited! After one year of being online and learning the ropes… and 3 months of discovering that backlinks are the key to growth… I have finally found the solution to get backlinks… and that too free backlinks. Your search ends here.

I set up a forum post asking for a backlinking tool on one of the more reputable networking forums and received a suggestion from an acquaintance to check out brute force seo. He said, “it’s $157/month with an affiliate commission and trust me you’ll love it.” Now I must confess that was not the first recommendation being made to me so I was wary. I went to the page, saw the videos and then looked at the price and fell off my chair. Nothing I had encountered till then was over $147 a month and I was looking at $97 as my outer budget. But then he mentioned ‘affiliate program’ so I clicked that link. And lo! 50% was the affiliate commission, which meant I could recover my investment with just 2 sales. Sounded good. That apart, 33% was offered as ongoing commission, which meant I needed 3 subscribers like my referrer to keep this thing free. Pretty easy I thought. There will be 3 people on the planet who think this is a good idea even if the product is not the very best.

There was a 7-day free trial against paypal. I decided to opt in for the trial. If nothing else, my understanding of backlinks would increase I figured once I handle a package… and paypal is easy to cancel.

Next I thought to check on support. I always shoot for support first and product later. I was amazed. For a simple set of 3 queries I got a methodical point-by-point response in few hours. Then I stepped into the brute force forum. Oooh! What camaraderie… like an army at work against the artificial intelligence machine of google. And this was in the general forum, not the member’s area… what would that be like, I wondered.

By now my product had downloaded and I was ready for the kill. The set ups were easy and Peter Drew (the maker) wrote the pdfs well and easily. What’s more, I got a keyword research tool and a twitter friend adder free. These were cool but I didn’t really get the time to check them out as my purpose was to get back links.

Putting the brute force software to work, I found it worked really hard. It searched for every directory, forum, web2.0 property it could find, created a new account there and posted a link on all my major keywords back to my money site/s. Every run took 10 hours or so and a pretty dapper report was output. Of course it would take a while for google to reflect these free backlinks (as the forum people advised) but they were coming surely.

Now I am 2 weeks into brute force and I believe I have my solution here. Why not take the free trial and experience all the “better than you expected” stuff yourself? I’m here to help.

Role of domain name in SEO

March 27th, 2010

The domain name you choose is definitive of your business. While you are just understanding how online works, experiment with The reasons are, one, you’ll like to own and two, once you get a fix on what domain/s you need you would have learned aspects about forwarding, masking and hosting of domains using your name.

Coming to the real choice of domain, pick something that has the keywords of your business in it. For example, if you are into renting cars, would be better than, get it? Then you cou optimise your website for the words “car” and “rentals” and build everything in harmony online.

But chances are you will not get Now we have 5 options:

1. Use another extension: The debated but often agreed hierarchy for SEO is .com / .net / .org / .info / .biz / .country (.us, .in, .uk etc) / .me, .mobi etc… preferred in this sequence by google.

2. Suffix your keywords in a phrase (in the same order): Here might be better than because ‘hire’ could play a role in many searches too.

3. Prefix your keywords: For example might be great because it shows the search engine your keyword first, but its value is debatable.

4. Use a hyphen: Search engines do not really distinguish from but humans do. So if it is easy on the tongue and eye, go for a hyphen.

5. Keep high keyword density: When using suffixes or prefixes, keep the non-keyword part short. This way your domain name will not be diluted in the search engine’s eyes. Therefore is probably better than

As with anything on SEO, all this is debabtable but for sure google loves domain names. Proof of this is the fact that ranks on top of the key search “credit cards” even though the mighty banks would love to own that space. Case closed! 😉

Welcome! Let’s make this worth your time!

March 9th, 2010

The economy is challenging. You need ideas FAST on how to make money . Let me share a few money making secrets with you on this site. The best picks are advertised on your right. And if you’re new to Internet marketing , you are at the right place, at the right time! Read on…

Getting started online

The Internet isn’t as complicated as we think it to be. Get a hang of a few easy business ideas, and online business is fun to work from home! And my purpose is to coach and guide you.

Please click “How to do online business” here. You’ll find tips on managing time, preparing yourself, choosing good opportunities, marketing, and eventually succeeding! Otherwise pick ‘anything you like’ (left-side) and do leave comments and share! Enjoy!

The difference between S-quadrant and B-quadrant businesses

December 14th, 2009

Robert Kiyosaki wrote the Cashflow Quadrant and introduced the S and B quadrants of business in our vocabulary. They refer to the advice received from Poor Dad and Rich Dad on small traditional business and big cutting-edge businesses respectively. Having been on both sides, I feel fairly competent to explain the practical difference in operations and mindset between the two.

Straight off the bat, Kiyosaki says any organization with more than 500 people must necessarily be run using a system, making it a B-quadrant business . Otherwise it will crash and burn. The skill of the promoters lies in developing the system. And that’s why companies like KFC, Fedex, Walmart, Microsoft and Genpact (to name a few) run on systems and keep growing stronger. But systems need not always be conceived from scratch. Often they are bought.

Microsoft paid Hotmail several million to buy a mailing system. Google has recently acquired FeedBurner to own a blog syndication system and so on. At an individual level too, Kiyosaki says, we can buy systems using personal franchising. By doing so, all we need do to become B-quadrant entrepreneurs is change our thinking, for the system development aspect has been franchised. And thus the foundation is laid for a large business.

So what is this thinking?

The first thing B-quadrant entrepreneurs do is have concrete dreams. They know why they are in business. What they wish to achieve. What contribution they wish to make to society. What is their purpose larger than themselves. Of course they often build on these things progressively, but they do realize from the start that a ‘vision statement’ will be the cornerstone of their business. Otherwise, they will be operating in the S-quadrant all their lives.

Second, B-quadrant business owners are never excuse focused. They are dream focused. You will never have them offer you an excuse for things to go amiss. Which in turn, makes them great leaders. While S-quadrants ‘manage’ situations, B-quadrants lead the way through them. Leadership is a key B-quadrant attribute, which arises from being focused on the vision.

A third aspect of mindset is thinking ‘leverage’. While the S-quadrant will be gratified in being the expert and doing things oneself for his business, the B-quadrant will always seek the means to transfer business processes onto a system. This is well documented in the words of the world’s first billionaire, J Paul Ghetty, “I would rather a hundred people do one percent of the work that I do a hundred percent of it.” Henry Ford expressed a similar sentiment on the lines, “I don’t need to know how things are done. I need to know the people who know how things are done. I focus on ‘why’ they need to be done.”

Quite bluntly, Robert Kiyosaki says, “Poor people work, Rich people network.” And this is a fourth point. Whatever their business, B-quadrants network and associate with other B-quadrant people on a win-win basis. S-quadrants operate from a win-lose paradigm. Networking is about helping others to get what they want. Working is about getting others to what you want. Quite naturally therefore, the S-quadrant is competitive while the B-quadrant is collaborative. This is also because there are less than 10% of the world’s people in the B-quadrant and more than 90% of the world’s wealth is controlled by them.

And finally, as Kiyosaki says in the first chapter of his first book (Rich Dad Poor Dad), “The rich don’t work for money”. B-quadrants work to create assets and that makes money work for them. The S-quadrants can’t rest till they get paid for their effort; and thus stay poor.

So if you want to migrate from S-quadrant to B-quadrant thinking, look up an online business opportunity here. The operating systems will be privately franchised and you’ll be taught how to acquire the mindset using an internet based training system . More here

How to use Internet Marketing to build any business

August 25th, 2009

No matter what business in you’re in, you can put the Internet to use for you and use it to help you build your business and rake in more sales.

The statistics on how many people are online now are mind-blowing. As of November of last year, there are over One Billion people online. This gives all of us an incredible opportunity to grow our businesses – to global proportions, if that’s what we want.

However, the Internet is not without pitfalls and obstacles. In fact, if you make the wrong move, you can find yourself in very real danger of losing everything you’ve worked so hard to build.

Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to using the Internet to market your business:

Create a professional Web presence . These days with all the readily available Website templates, blogs and highly affordable Website designers who can be hired to design a custom Website, there just isn’t any excuse for amateurish or poorly built Websites these days. Even when you add the cost of Internet access, hosting , buying the right domain name and the cost of having a Website built, starting an online business is affordable to almost anyone – and so even if you run your business from your home, it doesn’t have to look that way!

Make sure that you do research on customers . Find a hungry market that is already buying in your chosen niche. Choose a product that your target market wants to buy – the best way to do this is to choose a product or service that meets a need, takes away a pain or solves a problem. Competition is good – but make sure you choose something where you’ve got a good chance of getting close to the top.

Plan how to generate leads . Even if your business is completely online, a strong list is your roadmap that helps guide you from zero to millionaire. List aren’t just for people who are looking at direct sales or affiliate marketing. Anything that involves networking and reaching out on the Internet rests on a list. Be flexible to invest as needed on this – but do not buy third party lists. They are stale. Generate your own.

Use autoresponder software to build a relationship on auto-pilot. By writing your messages in pre-built autoresponders, you can stay in touch with your entire list over email. Add to this a phone call and other contact and you build fantastic trusting relationships. Some great ideas on how to write emails for better response here.

Keep your goal to be among the best marketers online . Do you know where you want to end up? What are you going into business for? To make a little extra money? To build a business that you can later sell and live on the proceeds? Whatever your reason for going into business for yourself, decide what your ultimate goal is. That way you’ll be able to direct your actions towards achieving it. Choose the company of people who can guide you to bigger goals. Grow!

Take action. Once you know your long-term plan for your business, it’s easier to chunk it down and create shorter, medium and long term goals that will help you to achieve them. Write down your plan for marketing on the Internet and make sure that you take at least one or two actions towards those goals every single day, Search for resources on this site and write to me if you want something you don’t find.

Test, test, test . Whatever you’re doing – whether it’s banner advertising, using a newsletter, trying a Google AdWords campaign – or any other form of Internet marketing or advertising – keep testing your results. (But here’s a hint – when it comes to your copy, don’t waste your time on unimportant elements – only test the ones that are going to give you the biggest return on your investment.)

So have fun being online and marketing your business, for you are at the right place at the right time!


Want to make your own website with a choice of 100 exclusive blog templates? These are not the usual WordPress themes (the industry standard) so your site will be most unique! Download them here for free!

Just drop in your name and email so we know where they went 🙂 I won’t bug you with emails and certainly will not sell or disclose your information to anyone else. The download will start in a new window.


How to do online business?

April 17th, 2009

The Internet isn’t as complicated as we think it to be. If you get a hang of a few easy business concepts, online business is simple and fun!

For starters, let’s be sure that it is worth spending your time learning somethings. Because the Internet is not just another communication option anymore. It was originally just that… first only for the defense (70’s – arpanet)… then for education (80’s – ernet)… then for businesses (90’s – b2b)… then for customer-oriented business (b2c)… now for anyone (c2c – not just on the computer but on any mobile gizmo) and soon it will be an embedded chip on our shoulder and everyone’s aura will be connected 🙂 !

So this medium is like a sixth element and knowing how to use it – and better still, profit from it – is like harnessing water or fire! Sounds crazy, I know… but hey, look around you. There are 3 types of people:

  • those who make things happen
  • those who watch things happen
  • those who wonder what happened

Using this site, you will be in the top class. So is it worth prioritizing some time for this? To my knowledge, no one has put the use of time as well as Steven Covey in the Urgent-Important matrix.

Now it is recommended to spend 70%+ of your life in Quadrant II and less than 10% in each of the other quadrants if you really want to get anywhere other than the mortuary end. These are the 5 things that are Important-but-not-Urgent in Q2.

  • Preparation
  • Planning >> critical
  • Prevention
  • Relationship building
  • Personal development

Shall we examine them one by one, relative to this site and your new-found ‘business life’?

Preparation: What is required of an online business person?

The first thing we need is the right ‘mentality’. Does business mean some kind of ‘lottery’ to you… or does it stand for a process of building up something from scratch, methodically, and with commitment. If it means the latter, please read on… else, you might want to be on the DoOnlineLottery kind of site.

Having said that, I do understand, you might be here to make money faster than off-line… and you probably will. My intent was only to brush off the get-rich-quickers. That you are around, let’s just understand that we’d need to start planning for our business life and prioritize some budget to pick some product/s and plug into some system/s that will get our business/es into the cyber-world.

And that was important… Any F*R*E*E kind of stuff is an exercise is self-consolation and a waste of time. A free business is not getting money from anywhere, so what’s it going to pay you? Obvious but often overlooked. I wonder why people love to ‘feel busy’ evaluating freebies 🙂 (Quad IV stuff).

Here’s an article that would perhaps be good to read before you move on

Planning: What types of online businesses are possible?

Essentially there are 5 slots into which any online business available for individuals (c2c) would fall:

1. Direct Sales

This is easy to relate to. The internet has cut too many ‘middle-men’ out of the equation. Any company has a product or service to sell. They have researched it, produced and packaged it and now need you to market it. Since you like commissions, you master the ways of selling it online and presto, get paid for it! Examples are many but some meaningful opps are ebooks , google courses , wealth education , home business solutions etc. Clickbank is also a good place to find products to promote and ebay is an age-old market place.

If you are selling your own products or services, that too would fall under this category.

2. Affiliate

Somewhat similar to direct sales, affiliate-ships help you to a web page that could be customized with your name and some details. They typically work for:

It is easy to see that you would need some or many of these as you go about your online business professionally, so bookmark this page.

3. Multi-level

The genius of distribution modeling, multi-level networks pay off pretty well for people who do not quit. The biggest problem with MLM is, it is easy to get in and so it is easy to get out. But if you work a networking business professionally – like you might if you had your life-savings invested in it – nothing can pay better. Here’s a must-read article to grasp what you might be missing .

There are many off-line network marketing opportunities, for which online means are great to communicate, establish relationship and keep contact. And there are many pure online MLM business too like chattotext , gdi , evp , me2everyone etc.

Anywhere you hear the word ‘x-by-x matrix’, you know it’s an MLM. If you are open to understand this, nothing does it better than the videos here . Be patient there are lots of them… but in a few minutes a day, they will set your concepts good for sure (and for free because this is the creator’s tribute to the industry).

4. Systemic

What a system is needs to be understood and the article here will help . All I’ll say is, systems do more than just lead marketing mlm , and a business opportunity seeker in mlm can lead effectively as an internet marketer / online business owner. Many systemic online businesses are found in finance and day trading also.

5. Data-based

The opportunities here are more c2b than c2c, so customers can do data entry type work for companies to get paid. Surveys, transcriptions, translations, mturk, writing opportunities, form-filling works are the type of ventures that fall into this category of online business. Less business and more work actually, but that’s what keeps a large number of people in their comfort zone 🙂

Prevention: … is better than cure … says it all

Instead of creating Quadrant I crises, preventing problems can give you more time for other Q2 stuff. Online, this would mean better education for instance. Use of systems . Belief in your coach . All of which serve to ‘sharpen the axe’ and prevent losses.

This last reference is obviously to the story of the woodcutter who spent a full day cutting one tree. The wise man told him to sharpen his axe… "by doing so you will cut four trees in the same time." But our man did not do that. Why? He thought he had no time to sharpen his axe!

Are you thinking that way? Are you mostly fire-fighting for survival and therefore minimizing your productivity? Maybe you want to review 🙂

Relationship building

This is where the rubber meets the road. MK Gandhi said, "A customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so."

You build relationships online and relationships build your business. Period. Of course you can advertise… all the talk about craigslist classifieds, banners, pay-per-click (PPC) and stuff. But all that only leads to the start of the relationship. And that is the business owner’s main focus.

On Web2.0 (the interactive c2c web), there are many forums and chat places… there are also huge hang-outs like facebook and myspace. What do you do here? Build relationships! Imagine these as social parties. You get into the room, make some friends and invite them to your home (your blog) or to office (your business site). Simple. Just as you would behave off-line, behave online. Again, I wonder why many people don’t. Perhaps it is the Q1 addiction taking over. And that brings me to the last point.

Personal development

Nobody trained most of us for business. Especially not for big business, which the internet is perfectly capable of. So I urge you to start this journey with Robert Kiyosaki. His book, Cashflow Quadrant, is the most profound treatise on how to think for life – with or without a business. And if you are going to be with it, even more critical to know 🙂

Building both, vision and relationships, requires reading. ‘Skill with people’ by Les Giblin; ‘Questions are the answers’ by Alan Pease; ‘The magic of thinking big’ by David Schwartz; ‘Secrets of the millionaire mind’ by Harv Eker; ‘You can heal your life’ by Louise Hay; ‘Personality plus’ by Florence Littauer; ‘eMyth’ by Michael Gerber; ‘Piano on the beach’ by Jim Dornan; ‘Made in America’ by Sam Walton; at least start with these.

Books will stretch your mind to the level of the author. Why compress it with inane negative newspaper input when you can blossom with books and make your business bloom alongside effortlessly?

So practically, where do you start? Click here and get on to a fantastic journey! All the best!

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