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6 Reasons Online Entrepreneurs Should Invest in Virtual Offices

March 12th, 2014

Working from home is often the only practical solution when trying to get a new business off the ground with a limited amount of capital. The only problem is, a residential address is unlikely to impress prospective customers and visiting clients are unlikely to appreciate being treated to coffee at your paper-strewn kitchen table.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to solve these issues and the best thing about it is that it does not cost a fortune – music to the ears of every cash-strapped entrepreneur who is currently based at home. Virtual office space has many benefits to offer and once you have selected a location, you can order a new package in a matter of minutes. Below are six reasons why you should seriously consider doing so.

  1. First impressions really do count. As mentioned above, a residential address and a workstation in the kitchen just won’t cut it when you are trying to land blue-chip companies as clients. A telephone answering and mail forwarding package, which includes the use of a private office at a location of your choosing, could make it much easier to land that first really big client. Once your corporate cash flow is looking healthier, you can look at the possibility of renting a permanent base at the same address or establishing a new headquarters elsewhere.
  2. A friendly and professional receptionist. If you are running a small company all by yourself, it can be very difficult to travel around the country to meet potential clients without your business suffering. People that are greeted by an answering phone when they call to make enquiries are unlikely to leave a message and will probably go elsewhere instead. However, if they are greeted by a professional receptionist who knows how to handle such calls, they are far more likely to leave a number on which you can contact them to arrange a meeting as soon as you are free.
  3. A reliable mail service. If you have ever had an important contract arrive at your home, only to be chewed up by an overenthusiastic dog, you will not need telling how much easier life could be with a dedicated mail handling service. When customers complain by letter, it is vital to respond to their concerns as soon as possible or you could lose their custom for good. A virtual office package that includes mail forwarding or holding will allow you to decide what you would like delivered to your home and when. This, in turn, will make it easier to ensure that no important letters are lost.
  4. A prestigious address. Whilst any address that is not a residential one will be an improvement, as outlined in the first point, the best mail handling packages have far more to offer than an address in a non-descript business estate on the outskirts of town. You can choose from packages in almost every city across the globe. If you are running a fledging advertising agency from a small house in Ruislip, imagine what an address in Soho, London or Madison Avenue, New York could do for your corporate image. When you choose a location for your virtual package, consider your options carefully.
  5. Contacts. If you go for a package that includes the use of a private office, as well as access to drop-in business centres all over the world, you will have the opportunity to network with other small business owners when you are away from home. This could be a great benefit in years to come as you can make some very useful contacts in this manner. Building a network of contacts is vital for the survival of most firms and numerous lucrative business partnerships have arisen from chance meetings between adventurous entrepreneurs who were traveling on business.
  6. Continuity. Even if it is practical to use your home address in the early years, it is almost certain to be impractical once your business starts to expand. For this reason, it could be advantageous to use a virtual address from the very first day that you are open for business. Customers appreciate continuity when dealing with suppliers and service providers, and maintaining the same address over many years can lend an air of solidity to companies in all industries. If you choose the location wisely, you could rent serviced offices at the same address in later years, thereby giving the impression of never having moved at all.

As you can see, there are many benefits to maintaining a virtual address and telephone number, especially if you choose a location such as a prestigious business district in a big city. Don’t let the humble nature of your company hold you back in the early days by limiting your ability to appeal to larger organizations with a more illustrious history.

Guru Blueprint Review

May 26th, 2010

If there be only one online course that you take up in your life, Guru Blueprint would be the one. Why?

Because you were born special. You have some strengths only you have. And these very strengths can earn you good money online if you learn how to harness them. Guru Blueprint helps you do exactly that.

Once you have finished with the course you would know exactly what you are strong with. Exactly who requires these strengths. Exactly what types of information products can be created from the strengths. Exactly how these products must be priced for maximum profit and happy customers. And exactly how to reach the products across.

Everything is templated. Every method is proven. And personal guidance, hand-holding and mentorship is provided. So you can’t go wrong.

How can I be sure?

Guru Blueprint comes from Eben Pagan, an internet marketing wizard who has a 29 million dollar empire online. That means he knows how to sell stuff at high prices online and that is exactly what he is going to teach you.

Sample his teaching style and knowledge for yourself. Here’s a video:

A bonus with this video is a template that will help you identify your strengths. And it is surprisingly different from the way you would have looked at them, I promise!

Want something to hold, feel and use? Here’s another video:

Along with this you get free access to a very special “Niche Intelligence Report”, which contains 29 niches that Eben has used to build his 29 million dollar empire. It’s all in the open! You also get a couple of more templates to show you how your strengths fit a market that’s waiting for you.

What else? Keep a watch at

That’s my blog where I will keep posting some specials, offers, extras and pure value content. Be with you during launch 🙂

Guru Blueprint Launch

May 13th, 2010

Guru Blueprint

After close to an year, Eben Pagan is releasing some incredible free training as part of his launch for his latest and most up to date and comprehensive training called Guru Blueprint.

Included in this course will be training videos, live calls, templates for creating your own products and running your own business as well as some amazing bonuses including Eben’s incredible Wake Up Productive time management course.

Bookmark this blog as I’ll be updating it with all the great free stuff Eben is giving away as part of this launch.

I’ve been contemplating what I could offer as a bonus if you purchase through my affiliate link and here is what I’ve come up with:

  • 12 months access to all my secrets which I use myself to generate money online – how good is that?
  • Personal attention from me – I’ll review your new or existing products and methods and I will critique them until they earn you money
  • I’ll promote you as your affiliate
  • I’ll expose your product to my network of top marketers

For more info you can check out my pages on facebook, linkedin and my site. See you inside!

Making money on the Internet

March 24th, 2010

“Who else wants to be making money on the Internet”, I asked. All hands at the cafeteria went up. Silly question. Ok let’s try again. “If you want a home based business opportunity would you be willing to invest $500?”. Now about one-third of the hands remained. Those were the people I was talking to. Not the freebie-seekers. Not the lottery mentality.

This article is for them too. Not much of an article really… just an intro. Into the world of wealth. Click on this link to Sandeep Nath’s Primary Online Business to watch my video explaining the work and take action. I welcome you on board.

Welcome! Let’s make this worth your time!

March 9th, 2010

The economy is challenging. You need ideas FAST on how to make money . Let me share a few money making secrets with you on this site. The best picks are advertised on your right. And if you’re new to Internet marketing , you are at the right place, at the right time! Read on…

Getting started online

The Internet isn’t as complicated as we think it to be. Get a hang of a few easy business ideas, and online business is fun to work from home! And my purpose is to coach and guide you.

Please click “How to do online business” here. You’ll find tips on managing time, preparing yourself, choosing good opportunities, marketing, and eventually succeeding! Otherwise pick ‘anything you like’ (left-side) and do leave comments and share! Enjoy!

Of all the online business opportunities why choose CCPro?

November 11th, 2009

There are many online business opportunities. To find what business opportunity resonates with you, read a post on how to do online business here. But know this… any online business you do will need marketing. And so the first business to get into would be where they teach internet marketing . Logical isn’t it?

The internet is booming with opportunity for making money and online businesses are the vehicle. As Carbon Copy Pro spreads to India and 160 other countries, people have the best opportunity to earn while they learn! Here are 15 short videos that will answer every question of yours as you evaluate your options. Start Internet Business with the right knowledge… and contact Sandeep Nath for answers!

  1. Why learn Internet Marketing ?
  2. Is Carbon Copy Pro an MLM or something else?
  3. Is CarbonCopyPro "direct sales" online?
  4. Scam or legal… how can you be sure?
  5. Is it into training or business or a marketing system?
  6. Can an internet beginner handle CarbonCopyPro?
  7. What is the product? What is BiB?
  8. Is residual income generated? How?
  9. How do they deliver the training?
  10. What is the leadership at Carbon Copy Pro?
  11. There are many online opps… what’s unique about CCPro?
  12. What skills are needed for success with Carbon Copy Pro?
  13. Why is there an application fee?
  14. How much time does it need?
  15. What are the next steps?

Each video is just 2 minutes… you’ll be done in less than half an hour. And you’ll be ready to explore the real deal by popping your details here…


*** Your information is private and confidential. We hate spam. It will not be shared with anybody ***

Start Internet Business with Tips from Guy Kawasaki

October 26th, 2009

Learning how to start an Internet Business doesn’t have to be complicated. The secret, Guy Kawasaki tips, ‘Starting a new online business or taking an existing business online can seem intimidating or overwhelming, but like everything else, if you make a plan and take it step by step, you’ll be up and running in no time.’

In his book, "The Art of the Start", he says not knowing where and how to begin is a dilemma shared by entrepreneurs everywhere… but what does it take to turn an idea into action?

Whether you are thinking of starting an Internet business or a church group, "The Art of the Start" will provide you with everything you need to know from raising money to fostering a community. Here’s a review of the major book headings.

The Art of Starting

There are five important things any online entrepreneur must accomplish:

  1. Make Meaning. The best reason to start a business is to make meaning. Meaning is not about money, fame or power. Instead, meaning is about making the world a better place, increasing the quality of life, righting a wrong and preventing good from ending.
  2. Make Mantra. Instead of a mission statement, take your meaning and make your own mantra. A mantra is defined as a sacred verbal formula repeated in prayer, meditation, or incantations such as an invocation of god or a magic spell. Examples of mantras include Disney’s “Fun family entertainment”, and Nike’s “Authentic athletic performance.” They focus you.
  3. Get Going. Start creating your product or service and commence delivering to your customers. Forget about writing long business plans or creating complicated financial projections. Instead build your prototype and launch your website.
  4. Define Your Business Model. Define your customers and their needs. Come up with a sales mechanism that will earn you more money than what you are spending.
  5. Weave a MAT (Milestones, Assumptions, and Tasks) . Compile a list of the milestones you need to meet, assumptions that are built into your business model, and the tasks you need to accomplish to create your organization.

The Art of Positioning

With the right positioning, you should be able to see clearly why the organization was started, why it should be patronized by customers, and why good people should choose to work for the organization.

Before you begin dwelling into the art of positioning, you must first answer the question, “What do you do?” You must be able to provide an answer that not only seizes the high ground but shows exactly how your organization differs from its competitors. It is only then that you can communicate this powerful message to your chosen market.

Seize the High Ground. Good positioning must have the following qualities:

* Positive.
* Customer-centric.
* Empowering to your employees.
* Self-explanatory.
* Targets the intended customer.
* Must show the core competencies of your organization.
* Relevant to your core competencies and to the core needs of your customers.
* Long-lasting.
* Different from your competitors.

Other Positioning Tips:

* Position your product or service in the most personal manner you can.
* You must choose a remarkable name for your organization, product or service.
* Use plain words that are easy to understand when describing what your company can do for your customers. Avoid technical or insider jargon.
* Offer concrete points instead of mere overused adjectives when distinguishing your products to competitors. Instead of calling your system safe, say that your system has never been hacked.

The Art of Pitching

For an entrepreneur, pitching is almost as important as breathing. Not only is pitching a great tool for raising money, it is essential for reaching agreements. Needless to say, agreements are common to any entrepreneur’s daily life.

Here are some tips to help you make a perfect pitch:

  1. Explain Yourself in the First Minute. Every single time you make your pitch, take in mind that your audience is waiting for you to answer one question: “What does your organization do?” The next time you make a pitch, make sure that you answer that question in the very first minute.
  2. Answer the Little Man. Picture a little man sitting on your shoulder the next time you are giving a presentation. Imagine the little man whispering, “So what?” in your ear every time you make a point. Always answer the little man’s question. To make it even better, right after you answer the so-what question, move into “For instance…” and provide a real-world use or scenario.
  3. Know Your Audience. Do your research before any meeting starts. Find out who you would be pitching to and learn what’s important to your audience. You must also visit the organization’s website and gather core information about the people you would be speaking to.
  4. Pitch Constantly. The best way to achieve familiarity is to keep doing your pitch over and over again. Try out your pitch in front of your employees, relatives and friends.

The Art of Bootstrapping

Most people are surprised to learn that industry giants Microsoft and eBay are two companies that started with a bootstrap model. A bootstrappable business model has:

* Low up-front capital requirements.
* Short (under a month) sales cycles.
* Short (under a month) payment terms.
* Recurring revenue.
* Word of mouth advertising.

Bootstrapping might mean passing up profitable sales that may take a long time to collect or stretching your payments for everything you buy. This might mean a decline in “paper” profits but for a bootstrapper, paper profits are not as important as cash flow management.

If you are bootstrapping, you obviously are not sitting on a pile of money. Therefore, it is imperative that you get your product or service to the market immediately. When using this philosophy, you are opting to fix the problems of your product later rather than now.

The good news is, with this method, you will receive immediate cash flow and feedback from the real world. Unfortunately, this method might also tarnish your image if there are quality problems.

It is not easy to make this decision. If you feel that you would allow the people you love to use the product or service as it is right now, then it might be correct to ship it. If you are running out of money, it might also be advisable to ship the product and deal with the consequences later.

Bootstrapping Tips

  1. Focus on Function, Not Form. Do not focus on form when it comes to spending money. If you need proper accounting, you don’t need to hire a big name firm. You also don’t need to buy expensive stuff… just functional.
  2. Go Direct. Take the opportunity to sell directly to your customers. Only use resellers once you have ensured that your product and service is bug-free. Remember, you have to establish your product on your own.
  3. Position against the Leader. As a bootstrapper, positioning against the market leader or going against accepted ways of doing things might be the smartest thing to do.
  4. Understaff and Outsource. Overstaffing can cause you a multitude of problems. It is better to understaff and outsource. Do not outsource research and development, marketing and sales. Instead, outsource your routine management functions.
  5. Sweat the Big stuff. Save on office space, furniture, computers, and office equipment. However, make sure you spend enough on product development, sales, billing and collection.
  6. Execute. The failure to execute can be disastrous to a bootstrapper. To be able to execute, you must be able to set and communicate goals, measure progress, have a point of accountability, follow through until an issue is done or irrelevant, heed reality.

The Art of Partnering

Although good partnering can increase cash flow, accelerate revenue and reduce costs, a bad partnership can very well mean the other way around. Some tips that can help you master the art of partnering:

  1. Partner to accelerate your entry into a new area, open up new distribution channels, speed up product development and reduce your costs.
  2. Define Deliverables and Objectives. These include additional revenues, reduced costs, new products and services, new customers, new markets, etc.
  3. Cut Win-Win Deals. Both partners have to win. Do not enter into win-lose partnerships.
  4. Wait to Legislate. Don’t ask for legal advice too early. Legal experts will always give you more reasons not to go through the deal. Agree on business terms on your own before you bring in your lawyers.
  5. Put an “Out” Clause in the Deal. The assurance that both parties won’t be trapped into a partnership that is not working actually promotes longevity.

The Art of Branding

In Internet business you would first be branding YOU. People buy from YOU. Guy Kawasaki refers to this as proselytization, which is the art of converting others to your belief or doctrine.

For online start-ups, proselytization is the core of branding. You must be able to create something contagious that would make people enthusiastic and eager to try your product or service. You must be able to make other people spread the word around.

The secret to branding is aligning with a product or service that is already gold or enhancing your product and service until it becomes gold. You must be able to create or find products and services that are contagious. Contagious products and services are:

* Cool.
* Effective.
* Distinctive.
* Disruptive.
* Emotive.
* Deep.
* Indulgent.
* Supported.

Branding Tips

  1. Recruit Evangelists. Evangelists are people who believe in you and what you do. Take advantage of the customers who wish to help you and your business. Assign them tasks and expect them to get done. Provide them the tools they need to evangelize.
  2. Foster a Community. Identify and recruit customers who are enthusiastic about what you do. Hire someone whose sole task is to foster a community. Integrate the presence of your community in all your sales and marketing tools. Allow members to use your building for their events and conferences.
  3. Achieve Humanness. Target the young and don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself. Feature your customers and help the underprivileged.
  4. Focus on Publicity. To attract publicity, create something grand and get them into the hands of people. Make friends even with reporters from publications you have never heard of. Additionally, make sure you maintain good relations with the press all year round.

The Art of Rainmaking

A rainmaker is a person who generates large quantities of business. The first step of rainmaking in a start-up business is to get the very first version of the product or service out to the market. After you do this, you must observe where your product or service will sell the most.

The second step of rainmaking is to be able to sell the product or service well. Remember, as a start-up, people are not aware of your products and services. You must overcome resistance.

Here are some tips you can use to master the art of rainmaking:

* Pick the right lead generation method .
* Find the key influencer. Ignore titles. They really don’t mean much.
* Be nice to secretaries and administrative aids.
* Make your prospect talk. This way, they’ll be able to tell you what you need to do to close the deal.
* Ask customers to test drive your products and services.
* Give your customers a slow and easy adoption curve.
* Do not be fazed when you are rejected.

The Art of Being a Mensch

Mensch is a Yiddish term for an ethical and admirable person. In some cultures, it is considered the highest form of praise. To be a mensh, you must help people, do what’s right and contribute to society.

Here are some tips on becoming a mensch:

* Help people who can not help you back.
* Observe the spirit of agreements, pay for what you get and focus on what is important.
* Help society by giving money, time, expertise and emotional support.

This then is the wisdom of Guy Kawasaki on starting any business especially Internet business to earn additional income If you are new or in a job, click here for help.

Article with excerpts from:

Join The League of Extraordinary Minds – Free!

October 15th, 2009

53 Of The Most Influential, Most Respected, And Most Recognized Business Advisors In The World Are Joining Forces To Launch A Monumental Business Altering Initiative: The League of Extraordinary Minds.

Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham invite you to get the business secrets and make online marketing history. Help every business owner, start-up, entrepreneur or aspirant become more successful in 53 extraordinary ways – all for free.

Details: The League of Extraordinary Minds

More world-class business experts, mega-bestselling authors and famous icons that anyone, anywhere has ever assembled. In 36 hours of 100% content-rich, non-selling expert panel interview series. No one else anywhere has ever had access to this caliber, quality, desirable collection of famous, prominent, brilliant real-life experts assembled here. No one else has even come remotely close.

No one is selling anything in these interview sessions. All are sharing brilliant, ingenious, masterful and outright amazing ideas, concepts, strategies, recommendations and guidance never before available anywhere in any way or at any price

Two of marketing’s top players just brought 53 of the business world’s finest expert minds together for a six-week long, brain trust experiment that’s unprecedented anywhere else in the business world.

The League of Extraordinary Minds brings together power-house panels of experts all specializing in one major business building skill. In each session, these different panels will talk about the most important profitability issues, challenges and questions your business is facing and they provide the most actionable answers, ideas and solution you’ve gotten from anyone, anywhere, ever before.

One panel consists of seven world famous marketers:  Another has six celebrated mega-bestselling business authors.  Another has internationally renowned legendary mastery in dealing with business competitors.  Still, another is a legendary master icon in the field of persuasion and infamous prominent consulting-giants who charge $250,000 a day to share their prized perspectives.

Yet, each expert has agreed to participate on a specialized panel interview that will run almost two full hours long.  Every minute worth of uniquely original, highly innovative breakthrough approaches is packed with fresh new ideas for business owners, like you, to start using, right away.

The Experts in the League of Extraordinary Minds

These are the people admire worldwide – having them help YOU devise breakthrough thinking and approaches for your business is an epic opportunity.  That’s why Rich and Jay named their project, "The League of Extraordinary Minds".

So, if you want to be one of the 1000 people who DO get to listen at no charge to all nine interview sessions over the next six weeks (for nothing), you need to register (no charge) right now.

Promoting a cash gifting business

October 10th, 2009
Cash Money
Image by jtyerse via Flickr

You can find abundant cash gifting scams. “Is cash gifting legal” is a question everyone wants to know… but any cash gifting expert will confirm, those who make cash gifting illegal also call currency exchange online a scam. They’re not exposed to much.

What is cash gifting?

It is an activity that involves looking at cash as the end-product. Since people across society need cash to operate, gifts of cash are passed on within a by-invitation-only community.

Let’s say you join the community by paying the administrator $50 and volunteer a gift of $1000 to your inviter. You would then be in a position to invite many new people and get various amounts; $100, $500, $1000… back from each new member.

Various cash gifting communities have various operative systems that allow for residual income through continuing subscriptions… and 2-tier gift sharing… but these are community-specific details.

At a consciousness level, cash gifters break out of the barriers of limitation thinking ‘at one go’ because they commit to send cash to strangers with no hope or expectation of return. This is a great achievement in tune with the universal ‘law of giving’.

Having a system and a mentor to guide and coach on the steps involved is important. This is because to do this right, one has to understand the cash gifting business mentally, emotionally and financially. Meet a cash gifting expert here.

Cash gifting postcards

If you’re searching for cash gifting postcards , you’ll find them in the abundant living system here. If you are looking for a more innovative means to promote affordable cash gifting in your neighborhood, check out dollar business cards . They work like gang-busters overnight! Write to me after you pick your lot. I’ll send you 7 mind-blowing tricks for huge response. Free!

To your success!

Carbon Copy Pro spreads to India

September 21st, 2009

CarbonCopyPro, ranked among the top internet marketing education companies, based in USA, has established its leadership in India. Through CCPro’s India representatives Carbon Copy Pro is now in 162 countries worldwide enabling budding entrepreneurs to learn internet marketing as they work from home.

Home based business opportunities are many, especially on the internet, but Carbon Copy Pro’s online business model is unique. The company has a proven business system for anyone from corporate executives, college professors, teachers and work at home moms, to doctors, accountants, architects, business owners and corporate CEOs. Anyone can plug themselves into the online business system which operates at 3 levels.

The starting point (level 1) is the application kit which enables serious applicants only to be members of the ccpro community. For applicants a 30 day student program opens out online, to study the basics of web2.0 marketing. With the help of their business mentor they can develop their business strategy and internet marketing plan. Applying is a risk-free investment of about $50. If the application is disapproved the money is credited back. Also if the applicant is not satisfied with the student program online and / or the material received by courier, they can opt out with a refund.

Level 2 is where entrepreneurs can earn while they learn. With an investment of $500-700, Carbon Copy Pro and its affiliated companies issue materials to practically apply the internet marketing education using the ccpro business system known as Business-in-a-Box (BiB). A BiB owner learns to use internet to market any product worldwide. The BiB investment gives:

  • a customized website with branded domain name
  • access to top tier internet marketing coaches
  • access to a huge online back office and support
  • an automated site response management system
  • a relationship and database management system
  • access to over 500 man-years of online business techniques
  • multiple streams of income through various affiliate products

The subscription to all these services is about $200 per month. Obviously revenue generation is substantially higher since Carbon Copy Pro’s entrepreneurs have found it a highly profitable business operating system since 5 years.

At level 3, the ccpro business owner can associate with WMI, Wealth Masters International, which is the world’s top-tier wealth education company. With the knowledge of internet marketing of the quality CarbonCopyPro delivers, its associates can market anything online. However WMI’s M1 consulting products  – in financial planning, tax planning, asset management, credit repair and associated areas – are in high demand in the current recessionary times.

WMI also arranges offline speaker conferences for specialized investing training, addressed by the who-who of global business and industry. These are M2 and M3 consultant engagements. It has a compensation plan for its associates that helps generate passive residual income through leadership empowerment without being a multi-level marketing plan. For any entrepreneur planning high return on investment, WMI’s M1 consulting status is the starting point. BiB is only preparatory. An appropriate investment outlay is $3000-4000.

Carbon Copy Pro internet marketing education and WMI’s financial planning products & services can be accessed at

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