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How to remove the date stamp on a WordPress 3.0 blog

January 25th, 2011

If you hop across to Toys for Kids, you’ll know exactly why you might not want a date stamp on some sites you create. Here are 3 reasons anyway:

  1. The sites stay fresh without dates
  2. They look like commercial sites, not like personal blogs
  3. They don’t betray the thought sequence of their owner

So, today I learned how to remove the date for the wordpress blog mentioned above. Of course Google was the starting point but you know what… (?)… all the discussions I found were dated. They applied to 2.x versions of WordPress. And here I was on 3.0.4 and nothing was working. Frustrating.

I found a couple of plugins and they didn’t work either. Over time I figured that these edits are theme-specific too. So all I can state with reasonable conviction is that if you’re using the theme ‘Clearstyle’ and you want to remove the date and time stamp, you can do what I did.

How to remove the date from your WordPress blog

There are 3 files you’ll have to work on in the ‘editor’ menu (under appearance) in your WP 3.0 dashboard.

  • Single.php
  • Page.php
  • Loop.php

One by one, copy the code in each of these files into separate notepad files. Save them. Now if anything goes wrong you will be able to copy-paste back the original code and your blog will run just fine.

Next, one by one, search for the code below in these files:

<td class=”clearstyle_calendar”>

<div class=”entry-meta”>

<?php clearstyle_posted_on();?>



When you find these lines of code, delete them and save each file. After you delete them in the Single.php file you will not see the date stamp in your posts. When you operate on Page.php you will remove the date from wordpress pages. And when you delete the code in Loop.php you will get rid of the date on the home page entries. That’s it… you’re done!

Now if you’re doing this with any other theme, I would like to know whether the same code and files worked. Please share your comment here. Trust this will give better initial direction anyway 😉

Two Ways To Hide Pages On A WordPress Blog

November 25th, 2010

As an online business coach I am often asked of ways to hide pages on WordPress blogs. I have 2 options in this video here.

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Get paid to blog

March 10th, 2010

Are you absolutely sick of all the “Get paid to blog” hype, losing your hard earned cash on Google Adwords and finding it hard to even make a single dollar in profit online?

I bet you are!

I often receive emails from people just like you who are struggling to make a living online. You’ve bought existing systems and courses but you just can’t seem to make it work. You’ve dropped two thousand into advertising on Google but haven’t seen any profit.

Maybe you’ve spent days optimizing your website for the search engines, only for them to ignore your site totally.

When I hear the stories I often write back…

It’s NOT Your Fault!

You see, most of the information you read online now is just total garbage and it falls into two categories. The info is either old and no longer works or it is just plain theory that hasn’t been tested.

It gets me angry that people are wasting hard earned money on untested ideas in the slight hope things will work out. The cold truth is that… It Won’t!

Most of the so call systems the guru’s push you don’t work.


There is some good news.

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Here are some words of appreciation from blogging experts:

Hi Rob,I’m totally blown away by your brand new blogging guide that is literally a dream come true for every starting/advanced blogger.

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Simply, I can’t recommend this more than enough!

Keep up the good work Rob!

Best Wishes,
Marek Brezina

Rob covers a lot of different techniques, yet uses very few words to do so (the whole book is only 50+ pages). He recommends email list building from your blog. I think this is key. Imagine having 20 blogs, all with an email list of 500 to 5,000 subscribers each. This is an attainable outcome and really spreads your income sources across many assets – I like this A LOT. Affiliate marketing is the top recommended monetization method and it’s clear this is Rob’s strong point. However he keeps things very simple by focusing only on Clickbank as the source for affiliate products and shows us what criteria he uses within Clickbank to decide which products to promote.By focusing in ClickBank and affiliate marketing, the niche selection process really is a process – there’s no “personal reflection” or anything of that nature – look for the numbers, find where the money is being made already, then set up a blog to sit in front of the buyers and take some of that money for yourself. Rob ends the book by talking about selling blogs – another tactic I’m a fan of, although really the book only touches on this subject as an afterthought.

I really got excited reading this book when Rob talked about having several email lists up to 20,000 subscribers strong in his different various blogs, which he sends regular offers to (affiliate products). While I personally have no intentions of branching into other niches until I’ve done what I want to in my niche, I can see how amazingly profitable this strategy could be when done right.

Yaro Starak
Brisbane Australia

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