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5 to-dos to sell anything

August 27th, 2009
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You may have heard of Philip Kotler’s famous ‘4Ps of marketing’. But there are only 2Ps in selling.

The first P is ‘Process’; which means, there’s a step by step checklist of the right things to do and anyone can learn these at any age.

And the second is ‘Person’; and that means you need to evolve your own mind to display certain characteristics that are cornerstones of success. All successful people are sales people. Mostly idea sellers… but many have evolved from being product sellers.

So if you can master a Process and become the Person, you can sell anything! And here are 5 simple to-dos for that. The first 3 relate to Process and the last 2 to Person.

1/ Know their need : You can’t make anyone buy what you have. You can only make them spend on what they need. The first process is to know the difference. You may have the world’s best business opportunity. But they might be just looking for some smart people to hang out with… and though you may seem smart, they won’t see your opportunity till you align with them on their societal need. So ask them questions. Limit each question to less than 15 words. Use a lot of “Why” (eg. Why is that important to you? Why does that bother you?). Pause to take deep breath when anxious.

2/ Listen to their objections : Nobody wants to be suckered into anything. So they will like to sound intelligent and ask the routine stuff. Listen to it. Pause. Then ask, “great point… is there anything else?”. Get all their points on the table. See if any is a real objection. Answer it. Otherwise, ask again, “lovely questions, but may I ask you, do you see how you could spend you time with some of the smartest people online and make enough money to overcome these issues?” [Need + Benefit]. The trick of the process is to keep asking the questions. He who asks has control over the conversation.

3/ Siphon out the wimps : As you start asking and listening, you will find some positive alignment. Some ‘yesses’. If they are not forthcoming, you have a procrastinator on hand. Be ok to let them go. Such persons would not qualify for the time of Barack Obama (a great sales person who asks great questions). So why would he qualify for yours? Move to the next person (that’s why generating lots of leads is important). Gently move through ‘yes’ answers to a close. Here ends the sales process and starts the relationship one (a different subject altogether).

4/ Build your self-esteem : Now if you wondered how I could be comparing responses to Mr Obama and to you, on the last point, you’ve understood what it means to evolve into the person deserving of master-seller status. To earn 100,000 dollar/mo you must have the 100,000 dollar/mo attitude and the 100,000 dollar/mo habits. Study those people. Get their DVDs, read their books and copy them. And you start ‘being’ the person. When feeling angry, negative, shy… ask yourself how your role model would respond… and do exactly that.

5/ Build your energy : There is silent power in being physically fit and mentally agile. Watch this 40-minute video of Anthony Robbins with 2 of the world’s best Internet Marketers on this subject. Know that you are never asking for money… you are always asking for a decision / commitment / to see if they are the right person. Mold your tone and quality of questions to determine this. Listen for their responses. Understand their pain. Don’t over-promise and under-deliver. And money will flow.

    I trust this was useful. Your comments are very welcome!

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