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How to spend time smartly with your blog

September 29th, 2009

If you are exploring online business opportunities you would have seen that the internet is huge as an ocean. And lot of people are writing blogs and encouraging you to do so as well. So what are the right things to do in blogging? This is a huge subject but here are the top 3 todos that would benefit you.

One , if your blog is pointing to your business (highly recommended, but ask me about this separately) your blog posts must be structured on keywords. Do you know how to find good keywords ? Click and read. Keywords are like the skeleton of your business… giving the frame for money to be pegged on. Keywords – with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques – help you to be found… and what can be found can be bought. Simple.

Two , get backlinks for your blog. Backlinks are like bridges from the mainland to an island. If you imagine the internet as an ocean and your blog as an island, you would use the links to your blogposts as ‘flares’… which you send out to catch the attention of passing ships and people on the mainland. They would then follow the direction of the flares and build a bridge. But here’s the catch! Not everyone who sees your flares would be an engineer. Which means they might not be qualified to make a good bridge over which a search engine could drive. So spend your time putting your flares (links) on sites that have these two facilities:

1. The offer back links (they are do-follow sites)

2. They have a high page rank / Alexa rating

These two concepts stumped me as a beginner, but they’re easy to understand really. Sites having page ranks closest to 10 – or Alexa ratings closest to 1 – are indications of ‘authority sites’. An authority (obviously) would build a strong ‘bridge’. But most high authorities ‘do not follow’ links. For example, Facebook is ‘Alexa 3’ but no link you post on it will be recognized by search engines. So you’ll be shooting flares all day and night and nobody will be seeing them!

On the other hand, an article site like offers an author resource box that backlinks to the (blog) site specified by the author. Since ezinearticles has a page rank of 6 and an Alexa of 162, it has a very good rub-off on your blog. So the time you spend posting articles on ezinearticles, with good links in the author resource box, is time well spent.

I must clarify here, that page rank (PR) is scaled from 0 to 10 and by and large all sites are zero. A PR of 2 or 3 means your site is in very elite company. Alexa on the other hand ranks upto 22 million or so, and any count below a million signals a respectable site. Now you see why I’m showing off mine at 587,238 🙂

To get the tool bar you see in this picture, download the SearchStatus bar free here . This bar also tells you whether the site you are on is a ‘do-follow’ or not. The best way to waste time is by posting links on a high Alexa no-follow site. A good thing to do is post comments on Alexa 1 million and below blogs, so google’s attention comes in the direction of your blog as well. Get the idea?

And three , get a diagnostic report on the health of your website in SEO terms by visiting This is a phenomenal free service that runs a scan and exposes your blog’s skeleton, tissues, fat and everything in minutes. Consequently you know exactly what needs work. Visit the site now and say wow. You can even use it to know what your competition is doing right!

That said, I’ll wind this up here. Trust you have developed your gameplan for how to market online . Else click (<) for tips. If you find inputs like these useful, pop your details here and I’ll put you on a 30 day program to have you dancing on your ‘Malibu island’ online. No worry – I won’t share the list and don’t spam 🙂 See you around!

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