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Making a career choice

November 21st, 2009
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At least twice in life we reach a point where we need to consciously decide where we are going with regard to our career. The first time – obviously – is when we start it. The second time is when we take stock, around 40 years of age, where we have got thus far.  More often than not, at 40 we have not got where we thought we’d be either in terms of time, health or money. And this is a cause of stress or denial… which manifests as the mid-life crisis.

So how does one make the right choices? I quote 2 famous people here:

1. The definition of insanity is, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results (Albert Einstein)

2. Formal education will only earn you a living but self-education will earn you a fortune (Jim Rohn)

Why are these 2 quotes relevant here? Because they will help you think about the possibilities you probably never knew existed.

Here is the first thing to appreciate about possibilities. Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant. He says there are 4 ways to live life. In the E-quadrant as an Employee who has a job. Or in the S-quadrant as self-employed who has a business which requires his/her personal presence. These are the left quadrants in which we exchange our time for money. We work for someone else’s system.

Then we have the right quadrants. The B-quadrant where business owners own a system. And the I-quadrant where the people own lots of money. In the right quadrants the system / money works for us. Please clearly understand these 4 distinctions before you read on…

For example, McDonald’s is a system (B-quadrant) to make burgers and it sells more burgers in one city than all the hamburger stands (S-quadrant) put together all over the world. The system works for the McDonald’s owner and his income is ‘passive’ (does not stop even when he’s away). Contrast this with the burger stand owner who works 15 hours a day sometimes and his income ‘active’ (when he stops, income stops).

Now the question is, why are most people (90%+) in the left quadrants? And why is most of the world’s wealth (90%+) controlled by the right quadrants? The answer is EDUCATION. Most of us do not get educated by (and stay in an environment of) B-quadrant people.

Why? Because we just don’t know that we can. We think we must earn and live our lives based on the education we have. The right quadrants are too much risk, we think. This is – in fact – not true. On the contrary, since there are fewer people – and an abundance of wealth – on the right side, many people on the right are very willing to mentor people who choose to switch.

The starting point of the switch is a deep desire to achieve something. A dream. All B-quadrant people are dreamers. Bill Gates, Laxmi Mittal, Mukesh Ambani, Thomas Edison, Akio Morita… there are many examples. Step two is networking. All right-quadrant people are networked. Robert Kiyosaki says, "poor people work; rich people network." Just like we earn to work, we need to learn to network.

The quality of unlimited dreaming is often lost when we get out of college. We are taught by our left-quadrant mentors that we must dream only as much as we can achieve. We must compete for growth. Interestingly, these are completely baseless ideas for people in the B-quadrant. We compete only because there is less money and more people on the left. On the right we associate with the right people, learn and grow. Many of the people mentioned in the previous para do not even have college degrees!

On the left we have got the knowledge the limits our potential and prevents our abundance. And the secret to freedom is to break out of that mindset. The good news is this mindset can change in the company of B-quadrant people. And we can enjoy their company even while at our jobs or businesses… if we prioritize the time for it .

There must be a desire to meet and learn from them. To do something over and above our left-quadrant lives. Because the definition of insanity is, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. And if some personal growth must be attained, formal education will only earn you a living but self-education will earn you a fortune. The fortune is in the right-quadrants. Yours to tap into risk-free… when you’re prepared to learn!

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Simple blueprint for success

October 14th, 2009

Since you are at this site you probably seek some online business opportunity . But have you worked the success blueprint? Or do you secretly wish the magic fairy will wave her wand and you shall be successful? If you scoffed at the second option, rethink… because that’s how it happens… after we’ve done our bit.

History stands testimony to the fact that ‘no matter what anyone else thinks or says, personal conviction and action form the blueprint for ultimate success’ … and once the blueprint perfectly processed, success appears overnight! Here are some examples:

  • Lucille Ball worked as a hat girl and waitress for 22 years before she landed her first major acting role
  • Retired Colonel Harlan Sanders gave samples to 1009 restaurants before selling his chicken recipe… popular today as KFC
  • Alex Haley spent 12 years and was $100,000 in debt when he found a publisher for his book, Roots
  • Winston Churchill’s school reports often stated, “no ambition, poor academic work and disruptive behavior”
  • Walt Disney was told by a Kansas City news editor that his sketches showed no talent
  • Thomas Edison tried over 10,000 times to invent the light-bulb before he met success, laying the foundation for GE
  • Albert Einstein was four years old before he could speak… one of his teachers stated, “he’ll never amount to anything”

While this might be an interesting forward, sit back and reflect. Is there anything you can decide to do today… which might be boringly repetitive… and possibly non-conventional… but calls for bringing out your perseverance from within? If yes, start now. If you know someone who has also followed that path and has what you want, start now and never stop! You are holding the success blueprint !

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