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5 Best Affiliate Program Sites IMHO

November 6th, 2010

There are many sites that offer affiliate programs but the best affiliate program sites are the ones that aggregate many vendors and offer marketers a commission for the sales of any of their products.

Why so?

Simple, for a marketer to search the web for products that have affiliate programs in his area of passion is quite a tedious task. But for him to look up the site of one aggregator is so much easier. Consequently, the marketer gets to market faster… the vendor gets more marketers and therefore more sales and the aggregator gets to become an authority site with lots of e-commerce being routed through it.

Let me cite 5 examples of such sites for your exploration and study.
The first I refer to is amazon. This is perhaps the world’s largest such site which is like a mall of vendors and I am sure you have been there at least once. It started like a little book store and today you can find automobile spares here if you wish!

Commission Junction is another classic aggregator of products of the retail variety. A lot of online and offline vendors host their products through CJ and have many of the best affiliate offers that are filtered by the CJ system.

A third example is of Plimus. This company specializes in software and security systems online and many of its vendors belong to that class of service / product provider. The market in this niche is huge because that’s why most people are online in the first place!

Linkshare is a great site where professionals come together. Book publishing houses, florists, retail services, delivery companies and lot of others who could do with an extra hand in promotion online.

And finally ClickBank comes to mind. This is a ten-year old site which has dished out more than 1.6 billion dollars in affiliate commissions for digital product developers. ClickBank actually paved the path that many affiliate aggregators now follow and has been instrumental in setting standards for the industry.

Of course there are many more providers of the nature I described. The internet is an ocean but rest assured these are the best places to start. All these aggregators take the responsibility of refunds and product deliveries through their operations with the vendors. Affiliate marketers open their accounts and get their links from each vendor to start promoting the best affiliate programs on their own sites. You can too!

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