About me

Sandeep Nath Hello, my name is Sandeep Nath and I live my life to create impact that changes a mass of lives for the better.

I have been doing it in the space of rural livelihood enhancement and solar energy utilization since the last few years.

And through my writings – as books and online articles – which have now got a life of their own.

And as a speaker, which I have been at a multitude of fora, through 16 successful years as a brand and marketing consultant.

And through spirituality, as an dedicated practitioner of the way of the Buddha.

And even though networking, where I am reputed as a success coach and mentor.

With over 25 years of leadership experience behind me, including 11 years as CEO of a strategy-consulting company, I bring the world a unique blend of hands-on expertise in the understanding of consumer psyche and corporate processes.

Having worked in diverse sectors such as IT; Education; Retail; Consumer Goods; and Social Development helps.

Being networked with Governments, NGOs, social groups, media and authority-institutions nationally and internationally helps further.

And an education from IT-BHU and IIM Kozhikode opens several doors… and minds. For it all starts with the mind…!

My passion over the last few years has been to mold my mind to the B-quadrant and operate my businesses and life from there. Now I am using the internet as a vehicle to transfer that passion… and the phenomenal power it brings with it! So trust me when I say, I’d love to navigate you to what you want… just write in … and let’s start creating!

My definition of success

As a success coach, this is something I like to ask of everyone. So it is only fair that you know that my dream is to uplift world consciousness. I find network marketing provides the most practical means to achieve this… by empowering individuals with education that will take them into the abundance mindset… from where the spirit can take giant leaps. Many people I know balk at the mention of network marketing. If you are one of them, I urge you for your good to read an article here 🙂

The bigger picture

It is my belief that I am merely the scribe for this blog… being directed by a higher power when I became ready to make it. Why do I say this? Because as I started my writing I came upon a pattern… which has evolved into a system … which is being delivered to the world through me. And that is what the next few paras and consequent pages are about.

As a visitor here, if you are ready, you will start appreciating the power of SNWE (pronounced ‘essenvee’). This is the route to oneness, by harmonizing three critical areas of our lives; Nature , Wealth and Empowerment ; which are keys to success … your definition of Success.

SNWE is thus a System for Oneness of Universe and Life (S.O.U.L). And a ‘System’ it is, for system is a profound word. When I studied engineering I was told that a system is a process by means of which one can derive predictable results time after time. For example when you put flour, milk and sugar into a biscuit-production system you will get a predictable quality and quantity of biscuits.

Similarly, when you understand that the keys to success are a function of Nature , Wealth and Empowerment you will predictably start drawing it to you. More about these on the other pages. Read them carefully. Apply them. And success will be yours!

Of course, as I mention in the section on Success , you would need a coach. But first, wouldn’t you like to get a hang of the role SNWE plays in your life? What is it you need to harmonize? How oneness works? Read on!


Sidenote: Online, I am also “drwhitefield” at several places. dr+white+field expresses my vision and approach to business = clinical+peaceful+boundless … in case you were wondering!



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