A journey of a thousand miles… begins with a single step…

… whether the journey is towards health, wealth, wisdom, relationships, spirituality or inner strength

Thank you for dropping by. This page is about the keys to success as a whole. As YOU would define it. Once you are able to do that, you have the most critical key to success. The rest is a journey to get there!

The journey will eventually take you into abundance. Abundance of time, money, health, influence… whatever. Trust, expectation and abandonment of conventional wisdom are a few other keys you would pick up along the way to success. Please understand this vividly: Your success rests in your consciousness and manifests in assets you create for your life. Of course, nothing happens overnight… but it’s an enjoyable journey for the open-minded, willing and trusting.

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The first key to success is defining it

So what does success mean to YOU? It is important to know this clearly… because you can’t get to a place that you do not define. Like you can’t buy a ticket for a journey when you don’t know your destination… makes sense?

The key to achieving success therefore lies in defining it. Think of what you imagined of life when you were a child of five… you may have thought you’d be a fire-fighter, or a doctor, a pilot or something like that. Quite unlikely a manager or an accountant… but look at how many of us have wound up that way 😉

In senior school, you may also have imagined a big house, a fancy car, a respectable position, a magical spouse… which you may have rationalized was ‘not your thing’ by the time you got into work life.

And then, for some of us, the “mid-life crisis” comes! And that’s when we cement in our minds, our reduced definition of success… with a completely inadequate knowledge of ‘how to achieve’ success anyway. To achieve is not taught anywhere… in school, home or at work. And that’s why the “crisis” comes.

But actually, let’s face it, those were your dreams. The ones in early life. And it is never to late – or too early – to pursue them.

Research shows that these are the top 8 goals people typically pick, when asked “what would you want in life”:

a/ Extra income (to buy the cars, houses, travel the world…)
b/ Financial freedom (when income through assets is greater than expenses)
c/ Good health
d/ More time with family
e/ Personal development & relationships
f/ To be able to give to others
g/ Recognition
h/ To leave a legacy

Chances are, you can pick one of these too. And you can flesh it out in greater detail. For instance, {g/} Recognition might mean an excellence award for you at your company. Now think deep… Which award? Why is that important? What skills would you need to win it? Where do you need to go for the skills? Who will mentor you? Will it require extra time/ money/ health/ grace/ combination of these (there can be no other requirement). Where will that come from? How will you feel when you get recognized? I mean how will you really FEEL? What vibrations will your inner self emit?

And so on… till you can actually attract that to you! For this, you might need a success coach… because the mind is a monkey and it will jump out of anything it feels uncomfortable about… including using a coach (Catch-22) 🙂

Achieving success

Let me start this with a disclaimer… YOUR success is not in your comfort zone… or you would have achieved that success already. But it is not far either, because you are on a guided path now. “When you know exactly what you want, you are halfway to getting it” – Sandeep Nath.

So your next simple step is to step into a vehicle that will get you to that place. And to trust your coach to pick the appropriate vehicle for you.

Here’s a link about a vehicle you can choose that will not take up much of the precious little time you may currently have. This vehicle will give you extra time and money and health and grace, so you will certainly meet your goal. I guarantee you upfront, that even after you read the first 3 pages of the link above, you may not understand (or believe) much of it. Here’s where you allow trust to kick in… and board the vehicle.

What next? Now your path to success is going to rest on how well and how quickly you can educate yourself in the B-quadrant. Why? Get educated by Robert Kiyosaki. Kiyosaki is considered a financial a genius because he states so simply the key financial concepts that allow us to prioritize our time to study success… our definition of success.

In my experience, the one essential requirement for your success to manifest is for you to be part of a B-quadrant support group. This is no surprise. Spiritual enhancement happens in support groups like ‘Art of Living’. Mental enhancement happens in support groups like ‘Mensa’. Physical enhancement happens in support groups like ‘Gyms and wellness centers’. Emotional enhancement happens in support groups like ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’. Social enhancement happens in support groups like ‘Rotary Clubs’. So why would things be different when it comes to Financial enhancement? Where do the B-quadrant guys hang out? Do you know? Can you reach their doors? Week after week? You can – only in network marketing meetings. Here’s how network marketing converges with abundance .

So, by getting close to this team – and experiencing these people (who already have what you want) – you can build your capacity for success! And this is the simplest non-invasive way for the keys to success to enter your ‘way of life’. More about this under Empowerment . First let’s look into the meanings of Wealth and Nature .

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Sidenote: TCN Worldwide is The Coaching Network – experienced mentors from across the world work with you for your success.

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