Internet Marketing Webinar by Indians [Recording]

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Generally when you attend a webinar on Internet marketing, the successful presenters and hosts are Europeans, Australians or Americans, right? Not this time. Here’s a webinar by Indians, Ashutosh Vyas and Sandeep Nath.

The topic of this webinar: “Internet Marketing: Can you make money with it?”

Please note the first 5 minutes are missing due to audio issues at the start. Not that you will miss much due to this.

What you will learn here, among lots more, is:

  • What is the profile for anyone to be successful as an Internet marketer?
  • What are the 5 different ways to make money online?
  • Which is the simplest way to start (and the CLIMB advantage)?
  • What can be the expected investments and returns of online business?
  • What is the ABCDE of using a System (isn’t everyone selling Systems these days)?
  • Why do you receive so much mail from so many “Gurus” (and what to do to be on the right track)?
  • Do you really ever see the money … (and if yes, in what form)?

All this plus live walk-throughs of:

  1. Ordering processes (with one great tip to be sure your credit card stays secure)
  2. Ways to set up as many as 20 different capture pages, do self-branding, make money from over 20 different income streams, and promote using videos, articles and innovative cutting-edge media (you can learn all this in one week at one place)
  3. Physically withdrawing money to your bank account (and 2 critical tips … bet you don’t know!)

Watch this raw and uncut, full 40-minute Webinar now… click here and it will open in a new tab…

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  1. Arthur says:

    Actually hard to find advised people for this matter, nevertheless, you sound like you know what you are dealing with! Thx

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