3 Tips From David Wood; Master Recruiter – Online And Offline

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I first came across David Wood sometime last year when he shot through the charts and became Mike Dillard’s #1 reseller within just a few months of becoming an online marketer. He had shared that his secret had been “massive action with articles”. That was real massive, focused action which generated leads for him… and built his list…

The MLSP system (which he and I use) put David up as a speaker since he had ‘cracked the code’ with article marketing. His webinar was the platform for him to generate scores of video testimonials. This set in place an upward spiral of trust… using which he launched himself (again) into network marketing. And the last I’d heard, he was recruiting like crazy.

In Jan 2011 MLSP brought David back to do a webinar. To share the secrets that got him to recruit 450 people directly into his primary business in 9 months and 1500 into MLSP in the last year. How does this guy do the magic, I thought. And I was on the webinar. Optin and you too can access the full recording.

Here are 3 tips from the many David Wood shared…

1. Be strong about asking people to join. Most people handle the ‘asking to join’ part lamely. But you must ask, “what did you like best about what you saw?” Or “do you see yourself making money from this?” And when you get an affirmative, straight away shift gears and ask, “so how do you spell you name on cheques Joe?” Your signup is done.

2. Always have a call to action. Whether in person, through articles, or video, specify to your prospect… “here’s what i want you to do”. Tell people what to do. Show them. Walk them by the hand. If necessary, tell people they are stupid… tell them they have a problem. Jolting them that way is often what they need. Once you are strong in your desire and focus on prosperity thinking they will fall in line.

3. Define a weekly recruiting goal; say 1 rep per 10 hours of work. Without this you could be doing a lot of work with no yardstick for the results needed to satisfy you.

To get the complete 50 minutes of tips from David Wood, drop in your details. To your success!


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