10 Tips To Write And Make Money

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Ok, so I was watching a video the other day. A guy called Robert Evans who has started quite a nice movement that he’s pretty passionate about. His idea is to get thinking people on one plane… by helping them write mini-books and learn how to make money from them using an online system he’s developed (and about to launch).

Since I am an author, I was happy to run through his entire hour-long video. Here are 10 ways to make money from your writings he says.

  1. Print them as a book
  2. Do an ebook
  3. Pass them around free at clubs etc
  4. Bundle them with a cd and do extra givaway copies
  5. Build a list
  6. Use smart phone apps
  7. Link the ebook to affiliate programs
  8. Write a series
  9. Create a membership site
  10. Give out free copies liberally

Now here’s the disclaimer. As a checklist this perhaps does not make much sense. So you want to check out his hour-long video (which you can pause and forward, to hear only where you need explanation). His points are lucid and good.

What I also liked were his other videos on the mindset of a writer. For instance he urges you to find a book topic by asking 3 key questions of yourself:

1. What do you want to do or have more of in your life?
2. What do people really want and desire these days?
3. Is that something that you also want in your life?

Find a match and you have a home-run! Further, to connect with your readers check:

1. What is the journey I want to take my readers on
2. What benefits do I want to deliver to my readers
3. How can I add more value

Write a desire statement… the journey comes from there. And to reach your desire, focus on your feelings by asking 5 questions:

1. How am I feeling right now
2. What’s causing me to feel that way
3. How can this feeling serve me today
4. What thoughts words or actions can i have / take today to amplify or decrease the energy of this feeling
5. How am I feeling now that i am aware of my feelings and consciously in control of how they serve me

What these questions do is help you steer along a writing process during which you detatch yourself. You develop a specific writing schedule, keep it simple and show up at your writing table every day! It’s important, he says, to be aware of the writing environment so it fosters creativity and dispels distractions. Herein you allow things to happen… even if nothing happens! In a few days you’ll start writing and 15-20 minutes a day will result in a new book every week!

Looking at these structures I think Robert’s system might be pretty good. His parting advice to avoid writer’s block certainly was… never stop at the END of a chapter / para / sentence / word he advises! Celebrate small completion successes and you’ll always be moving forward!


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  1. It is true that there is great money to be made by distributing things online for free!

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