How do niche websites, niche videos and articles work for you?

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In the process of making money from niches online you must be developing niche websites, niche videos and articles based on niche keywords, right? But what is the niche strategy you use to encompass all this?

I recommend one called the nerve-center approach. This niche strategy converges all your efforts into a self-hosted blog which aims to become the go-to place for anyone seeking information on your niche.

Your niche blog becomes the center for all your niche videos and articles to backlink to, and serves to host all the niche services vendors, who’s products make you money.

There are two major things to bear in mind as you prepare your niche blog along this strategy. One, the niche keywords must have considerable traffic flowing to them… at least 10,000 searches per month all put together, for break even. And two, you must have an autoresponder-enabled form inserted into the top part of your home page so that visitors can get onto your mailing list.

Most of your sales will happen through the mailing list because that’s when your visitors start to have a relationship with you and develop enough trust to put money into your advice. In case of impulse purchase products this might not be necessary, but it always is better niche strategy. Besides, if your niche blog just sends prospects to your vendors’ sites, you may never get an opportunity for repeat business!

So how do you estimate searches and develop autoresponder-based forms? These are technical subjects and there’s no escaping them if you want to get your niche strategy to really work for you. Watch my videos here to learn for free step by step.


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