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Though I have made many videos in the past I have embarked on an exercise last week wherein a worldwide marketing group of forty professionals are making one video every day for the next seven weeks. That’s a huge bank of videos under production and a terrific learning experience and sharing for all concerned.

Personally, after finishing with the first week I had five notes to self, which would be valuable tips for you, whether or not you’ve made videos earlier.

The first is, to speak slowly. I find I tend to mumble words when spoken fast and the purpose of making the video is defeated if the audibility is poor.

Second, the background we choose is very important. Using natural settings is perfect because it is a soothing, non-distracting background that keeps the viewer riveted on the message (rather than on the tell-tale clutter on the bed behind you).

Third, use a powerful editing package. Video editing is what makes it slick or webcam. If you have been watching many videos you’ll know what I mean by webcam. Anyway, editing is not a compensation for slippages in delivery, rather an enhancement through slides etc., for accentuating the points made.

Number four is the point about rhythm. Due to other pressing work one cannot shoot every day so one tends to keep stock and edit every now and then. But this is not a good idea as it does not allow for daily improvement based on feedback.

And finally, when you are making videos be sure to benchmark against others and comment on their videos. This is healthy for all concerned.

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