What path to Success? Business or Spirituality?

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Any self-help book will promise you great success if you work on your self. Personal development is the key it seems. But there are two main paths of personal development. One is business and the other is spiritual. Are they in conflict with each other? Watch this video…

The answer is easy to visualize if you look at yourself as a bird. To fly you need two wings. One is material and the other is spiritual. You need both in balance.

How does one balance these two seemingly diametrically opposite ends of a personal goal spectrum? That is achieved by standing at the point of convergence. And that point is by operating from a mentality of abundance.

What does abundance have to do with either you say? Great! Abundance in business means preparing a mindset to work with lots of people for lots of activity. Oil companies, telecom companies, retail chain do this all the time. And the larger they get, the more the abundance manifests. But it starts with an initial visualization… that Sam Walton or Bill Gates or Thomas Edison had.

At the other end is spirituality which always builds people up to the point of merging with the divine energy. The oneness of the individual spirit with that of universal consciousness. This is basically seeking to tell spiritual practitioners that abundance is all around and all you need do is tune your mind to be one with it.

Now neither approaches asks you to bet on horses or rob a bank. Both approaches ask you to focus on the larger, abundant picture. And that is my submission about the purpose of personal development. Work it in the direction of abundance – using either or both routes – and success is bound to be yours.

In a book called Arrive At Success on networking and spirituality the author describes this confluence in great detail. David Writer interviews him in a short video on The Success Book here.


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