Why and How to Add Your Website to Search Engines

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Before I tell you how, let me make sure we both understand why. Why to add your website to search engines? Because if you want people to know about you online you can’t depend on your brochures and sales literature to have everyone know. You can’t achieve much through your online presence unless you are searched for and a constant stream of search based traffic finds its way to you.

So why is that important? Because the rule of the web jungle is, more traffic equals more readership equals more inquiry equals more conversion equals money on autopilot. Now it’s a different matter altogether if making money on autopilot is no concern of yours. But if it excites you, here’s how to add your website to search engines.

The first step is to understand that search engines look for good quality stuff that is updated often and meets their norms of providing authentic information. These norms are determined by many factors including how many people stick to your site after clicking on it and how many press the back button (because you fooled them). I won’t get into the other factors because they are many and ever-changing (otherwise everyone would follow the algorithm and come up on top).

Step two is to have the search engine know that you exist. The first time round it needs to be able to serve your site and get its results to determine whether or not you are a worthy information provider for its searchers. For this, I have come upon a great tool called submit express. It is convenient to use and everyday one can submit five sites (or pages) for free. I use this to submit links to my articles and videos also because they in turn are linked to my sites. When the entire web carrying my information is thus added to search engines, its chances of growing in popularity are enhanced.

Now once you enter your site link to submit express at step three, it will automatically inform all the major search and several other sites that keep track of new developments online. This will make sure your site gets the visibility it must for other sites to reference back to it.

Thus in three steps you would have rolled out a process to add your website to search engines. The more often you do this with article and video pages that lead to pages on your site, the stronger a backlink network you create.

To follow this subject and the way I do this practically, watch the video below and add your comments. For more tips on SEO this is the place to go!



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