Why Is Robert Kiyosaki So Popular Among Network Marketers?

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I have come across many forums and discussion groups that have called Robert Kiyosaki a fraud. A person who has found a niche among network marketers and feeds that audience to make his millions.

But I have also come across many professional circles in the business community who revere the creator of the Cashflow Quadrant and claim that his principles caused them to change their entire modus operandi about business.

Which school is right?

Well, being a professional management consultant of 21 years standing myself, I am inclined to believe the latter group. Personally I could be the President of that group because of the mentorship Kiyosaki’s teachings have provided me. But then, since I have been a network marketer for about 4 years as well, I see why skeptics look upon Kiyosaki the way they do.

You see, the skeptics have completely missed the point that network marketing is a b-quadrant business. They still think its about ‘getting people’ and ‘selling products’. Now that’s acceptable to me because they are right given where they are at. But should they want to grow (or rather evolve) as entrepreneurs, understanding the b-quadrant becomes a necessity.

The b-quadrant is about networking. All big businesses network. Pizza Hut networks with a Cola giant. Fedex networks with two dozen other courier companies. Airlines and telecom giants network with each other for profit. Since this happens high above the visibility of the ordinary chap doing his job, nobody gives it attention. They just go on working.

But when it comes to network marketing, the need is to learn networking (not just working). And this is where the growth and evolution happen.

Personally, I start people off at a site we use to build leadership systematically using b-quadrant principles. You might like to visit and comment on this video I have on my mentor Kiyosaki as well. Click on it to open in Youtube…


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