Is the stuff the Wealth Masters teach worth the money?

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In its five years of existence many people have become familiar with Wealth Masters International. Partially because the company has some amazing partners and founders who provide a very high caliber of teaching and guidance. Partly also because its associates often use the carbon copy pro system for marketing its products online, and that’s a powerful system in use by many top internet marketers.

But the real power of this company lies in its vision I believe. Which is to create success and wealth in others—one person at a time—as the world’s premiere wealth creation community.

While providing access to world-class education, tools, experts, experiences and opportunities that empower individuals to create success on their own terms and achieve true freedom in all areas of their lives, Wealth Masters serves to continuously improve and expand its product base to deliver the finest in wealth, health and wisdom.

Its founders are no less. One has been a coal  miner turned network marketer who cracked the online model. And the other is a former Wall Street guru who has structured the way money moves and developed programs to help people move the money into their hands by getting better education on this flow.

But do these teachings justify a minimum startup cost of $300… or $2000 if one is to go about it as a serious student and marketer? Further, do they justify an autoship of nearly $100 a month?

There are two ways to look a this. One, if you don’t invest seriously, neither would you learn seriously, nor would you market with gusto. Two, if the pricing was incorrect at those levels, people would not be happy… so they’re probably making the money back and more to feed their families on a 7-course Mediterranean cruise every now and then.

All else apart, I believe there’s stuff in what wealth masters teach which you can use in everyday life. That’s covered in a video on the link here. If you want to know the online compensation plan, click here.


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