How To Make Your First $100 Online

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As a veteran network marketer, success coach and author I run a network marketing training site. But that has nothing to do with making money online.

The interesting thing is that when I came into the online world and discovered the simplicity of making money online, I did so by adapting network marketing training for an online delivery. But that was not all. I also came upon an existing pre-built system that would facilitate duplication, for anyone to make money online.

This article is not about the system either. Because you might not be a network marketer. This article is to tell you that you can use online systems such as mine to make money online even if you are not a network marketer.


Glad you asked. You see, all marketers need tools to reach their audiences. If you work at a company you might have clients that you need to keep in contact with. A newsletter might be a good way to go about that. So a tool that facilitates the creation and distribution of newsletters in an automated fashion is what you would like to pay me money for.

Likewise, people would like to pay you money for such a tool. Right? So if you are with me, you could use the duplicatable system I use to reach these tools to various marketers and keep making money while they keep buying their ‘things of use’.

My contention is you could make your first hundred dollars online by simply coming in the middle of the buyer and seller and earning your commission. But it will happen if you are using a pre-built system that delivers. Not if you try to reinvent the wheel.

To examine my system, pop by at … see you inside!


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