Witnessing the Creation of the YouInc Star Challenge As a Participant and Co-Creator

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It isn’t often that you are part of an idea that changes the way things are done around you. For example, it probably wasn’t your time when Mike Dillard masterminded his network marketing training… or perhaps you weren’t present to see Seth Godin fool around with Squidoo, which became a game-changer.

But now, my friends Richard Bravo and Joyce Penner have seeded an innocuous idea to post videos on Youtube and help newbies (and veterans) create a bank of videos that will be rated, voted for, commented upon and cherished. There’s a challenge and a contest thrown in, with prizes and feedback from high-profile commentators.

So what’s the big deal (?) you say. Right! Nothing really… seems like a little subset of a forum having its own fun. But if you peel the onion a little, you find that in seven weeks, with forty participants posting daily, you have close to two thousand videos on the YouInc Star Channel. Of these, at least two hundred will be on each of six specialized subjects; including how-tos, personal development secrets, marketing strategies, business opportunities, great mentors and viable product lines.

Now, if you assume only one tenth of the lot would be good enough quality and content, that’s still 120 videos on these subjects that form a massive intellectual bank. A marketable property. An asset. A lead-magnet (to proffer as a freebie in exchange for qualified contact details).

But that’s not all. This is just Season 1, with less than two months work in getting the system in place. When participants of this YouInc Star process see their own personal development and lead sources increase… due to the nearly-fifty videos they each have broadcast… they would be spokespersons for the system. What does that mean? That means endorsements! Free testimonials on the value of being a YouInc Star Challenge contestant. And with that, Season 2 (or later) could be a fee-based participation. Voila! A business vehicle has just been erected.

And there’s more. Given the popularity of Youtube – and the rapidly growing search for ‘making money online’ – the emergence of these new ‘video gurus’ season after season could well turn into something on the lines of the American Idol phenomenon.

Maybe the last part is a stretch, but you can never look at a seed and tell how tall the tree would grow. My gut, starting with my first Youtube video above, says it will grow big.


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